Summer Waves 10′ by 30″ Quick Set Pool

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EDITOR’S NOTE: In 2020 Aldi sold the Intex Easy Set Pool, which looks nearly identical to the 2019 Summer Waves pool.

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In late spring, Aldi sells a number of swimming-related items, including swimming pools. Among them is a mid-sized name-brand pool at a cheap price.

Summer Waves 10 Foot by 30 Foot Quick Set Pool

The Summer Waves 10′ by 30″ Quick Set Pool is an Aldi Find, meaning it’s only in stores for a short time. This pool is not an Aldi exclusive — it is available at a number of other outlets, including hardware stores, big box stores, and Amazon.

According to Aldi, the pool’s features include:

  • A 1,052-gallon water capacity
  • A filter pump
  • 3-ply puncture resistant material
  • PVC construction
  • A “SkimmerPlus Filter Pump” for a “powerful cleaning action.” Dirty pool water and debris (leaves, insects, other impurities) enter the SkimmerPlus Filter. Large debris are caught in the removable built in skimmer.

The pool costs $39.99 at the time of publication. [EDITOR’S NOTE: In 2020 the Intex pool cost $49.99.] The Aldi price is as cheap as we can find anywhere else.

Walmart also sells this Summer Waves 10′ by 30″ Quick Set Pool for $48 at the time of publication (although it was out of stock at the time of writing). [EDITOR’S NOTE: In 2020 the Intex pool cost $58 at Walmart, and is still out of stock.] Walmart’s site states the pool’s filter pump also includes a cartridge with built-in chlorinator, and that the filter cartridge should be replaced every two weeks.

A quick glance at the reviews of this pool on Walmart’s site, though, gives us pause. It has three out of five stars, and a large majority of reviewers complained about the pool leaking, both from the inflatable top ring and/or from the lower section, and many times the leaking happened the first time they used the pool. Some people bought patches, but often the patches did not solve the problems.

Reviewers on Walmart’s site also talked about how important it is to set up the pool on a perfectly level surface, and how difficult it is to achieve that. A few also mentioned the pump seems a bit on the small side for the size of the pool. But the sheer number of complaints about this pool leaking are, by far, the biggest deterrent to my family purchasing it. A quick look over at Amazon — 35% of the reviews there are 1 star — shows similar complaints.

The Verdict:

The Aldi Find Summer Waves 10′ by 30″ Quick Set Pool is not exclusively sold at Aldi. Other outlets sell it, including Walmart and Amazon, although Aldi has the best price. However, based on the majority of the pool’s reviews on Walmart and Amazon — with many users complaining of multiple leaks that patch kits are unable to fix — I will be staying away from this pool. If you have experience with this pool, please leave us a comment and let us know how it’s worked for you.

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  1. Mine was setup and filled with water at sunrise. In the morning we realized that the pool was leaking from two areas under the pool. It was placed on a concrete patio with thick clear sheeting under it. They jerks made me waste 1100 gallons of water. Every year we buy a new one just to stay cool. Each year they’re made cheaper and cheaper. Never again will I buy another Summer Waves 10′ x 30″ dough pool or any other product from Polygroup. It waste of time and water. I would have loved to take that 1100 gallons and poured it on their heads in their office.

  2. I purchased this pool from Aldi and unfortunately have had problems with the inflated rim…it has leaked since day one and I have to pump it up sometimes 2-3 times a day. It’s a great sized pool and I love it except for the leaking and small filter

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