Easy Home 13.3-Gallon Touch Top Waste Basket

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated May 2017 with info about the product’s name change. Updated June 2017 with info about how the waste basket performs with long-term use.

In 2015, I purchased the Hefty Touch-Lid 13.3-Gallon Trash Can from Aldi as a Special Buy. In 2016, that trash can was replaced by the Easy Home 13.3-Gallon Touch Top Waste Basket, and in 2017, the Easy Home model got a slight name tweak, now called the Easy Home 13.3-Gallon Touch Lid Waste Basket.

From a visual standpoint, the 2016 and 2017 Easy Home trash cans look identical to each other and to the Hefty Touch-Lid … identical enough that we have to wonder if the Easy Home versions are the re-branded Hefty garbage can.

Something looks awfully familiar...

The Easy Home waste basket comes in two colors: black or white. It holds standard-sized trash bags. We use Aldi’s Boulder Large Trash Four Flap bags; the trash bags fold over the top of the garbage can, and the lid fits over the top.

Our trash can is functional, looks fine, and is a good size for a home kitchen. The spring-action lid pops open easily by pushing a large button on top, either with your hand or with your elbow, as I have done when my hands have raw egg or banana bread batter on them.

The trash can is easy to clean. I spray Lysol in it when I change the bag, and I wipe down the whole waste basket and the inside and outside of the lid with cleaning wipes from time to time. I use Aldi’s Freshine Disinfectant Wipes.

I like that the lid hides the contents of my trash can. My only initial complaint was that the lid does not fasten or snap securely onto the top of the trash can. It simply sits on top. I have never had trouble getting the lid to stay on, but if you have toddlers or young children, or even pets, who may get into the trash, this garbage can may not be for you.

After about 1 1/2 to 2 years of use, the lid on my trash can does not stay closed well anymore. I’m not sure if something is wrong with the spring mechanism (it is rusting a bit after many spray-downs with Lysol, and exposure to all the sometimes-moist things that get tossed into a trash can probably doesn’t help either), or perhaps there is a problem such as a chipped piece near the plastic closure tabs on top of the lid. So I’ll probably be looking to replace my trash can, or at least the lid, soon.

The Verdict:

There may be slight differences between the Hefty Touch-Lid waste basket that I own and the Easy Home 13.3-Gallon trash cans, but by all appearances they look identical. Mine is a decent waste basket, with a convenient pop-top on the lid, but the lid itself doesn’t snap on securely to the body of the trash can. Check the lid on the most recent model in stores to see if it’s improved; if it isn’t, and if you need a kid- or pet-proof waste basket, you may want to look elsewhere. Also, after a year and a half to two years of use, the lid with its spring mechanism no longer stays closed well on my trash can. It frequently pops open immediately after I’ve closed it, or it pops open by itself at random times.


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  1. Where can I buy the springs for the lid of the Easy Home 13.3 Gallon Touch Top Wastebasket that ALDI currently sells?

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