Sundae Shoppe Frozen Fruit Bars: Strawberry, Caribbean, Pina Colada

I’ve mentioned in my past reviews that I enjoy ice cream. I’ve reviewed several Sundae Shoppe products so far, including mini Oreo cookies and ice cream bars. Sundae Shoppe is an Aldi private label that includes various ice cream product and frozen desserts.

This time, I’ve decided to try some frozen fruit bars from Aldi.

Sundae Shoppe Frozen Fruit Bars

Sundae Shoppe Frozen Fruit Bars are an Aldi Regular Buy, which means you can find them in stores all the time. At the time of this post, these cost $2.65 a box, and each box contains four fruit bars. That comes out to about 66 cents per bar. There are currently three flavors: piña colada, strawberry, and Caribbean.

Sundae Shoppe Frozen Fruit Bars

Strawberry (left), Caribbean (middle), and piña colada (right)

In my opinion, the Caribbean flavor is the best. Both the Caribbean and piña colada flavors are stringy, owing to the fact that they contain pineapple. Strawberry is my second favorite flavor. It has some chunks of frozen strawberry in it.

These are all good, though, and they’re sort of exotic, considering I’ve never heard of any normal popsicles that are tropical. Maybe they’re slightly healthier than your average dessert, considering they have real fruit in them.

I think I like these a lot better than some of the other frozen desserts I’ve reviewed from Aldi, including mini Oreo-style ice cream sandwiches and chocolate-covered ice cream bars. I like tropical fruits, and two out of three of these bars are tropical. I still think strawberry is better than piña colada, even though piña colada is tropical.

In terms of nutrition, the piña colada bars contain coconut, and they may contain milk, soy, almonds, and eggs. The strawberry bars may contain milk, soy, almonds, eggs, and coconuts. The Caribbean bars contain coconut and may contain milk, soy, almonds, and eggs.

The piña colada bars have 3.5g of fat, 19 carbs, and 18g of total sugars. The strawberry bars have 21 carbs and 19g of total sugars. The Caribbean bars have 21 carbs and 20g of total sugars.

Sundae Shoppe Frozen Fruit Bars

Nutrition information and ingredients: strawberry (left), Caribbean (middle), and piña colada (right). (Click to enlarge.)

The Verdict:

I would recommend these, especially for an outdoor gathering in the summer when it’s hot. These are sort of exotic. You might be able to get similar frozen fruit bars somewhere else for cheaper, but there are also probably places where they’re really expensive. These are also regular buys, so you can get them year-round.

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  1. Maybe my memory was wrong but I swear they didn’t used to have any added sugars, they are tasty but not as healthy as I though

  2. These are All absolutely the best and are GLUTEN-FREE for all the Celiacs out there!

  3. These bars are a favorite in our house; we too like the Caribbean & strawberry, and give the pina colada a pass after trying it once. I’d be thrilled to pieces if they would come out with a concord grape flavor. 😋 🍇

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