The WORKZONE and FERREX Tools and Accessories Roundup

Last Updated on June 25, 2020

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a running post on Aldi’s WORKZONE product lineup, updated periodically.

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Throughout the year, Aldi stocks a rotating selection of tools and work accessories under the WORKZONE private label. These are ALDI Finds, which means they’re limited-run items, and once they’re gone, they’re gone, at least until the next time they come back. Aldi seems to run WORKZONE products at sporadic intervals, so there will be times when several WORKZONE items are in store and, more often, times when there are no items in store.

We try to note who manufactures Aldi products when we can, but it’s not always clear. Some, but not all, of Aldi’s WORKZONE products are sourced through Wachsmuth & Krogmann, which also sources a number of other Aldi brands, including Visage, Ambiano, and Easy Home.

Here are our thoughts on what Aldi sells in the hardware department. If you have experience with any specific product(s), feel free to let us know in the comments. We figure that, for the most part, WORKZONE tools are meant to be equivalent to generic counterparts found in other stores. In other words, these are probably not designed for professional use. (But, hey, if you’re a professional and you use these, let us know!)

FERREX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill


  • 12V: $24.99
  • 20V: $39.99 (2020)


Thoughts: Previously sold under the WORKZONE label, Aldi sells a variety of drills throughout the year, including both a 12V light duty model and a more robust 20V drill. The 12V includes the drill, a charger, 6 twist drills, 6 screwdriver bits, and 1 bit holder. As of 2019, it’s backed by a 3-year warranty.

WORKZONE 6-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

WORKZONE 6-Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum


Cost: $39.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: Aldi’s take on a Shop-Vac comes with a 1/4″ x 6′ hose, two extension wands, three nozzles (floor, crevice, gulper), a foam filter, a disposable filter bag, a reusable dry filter, and a clamp ring. It’s also got a 1-year warranty.

WORKZONE 45-Piece Screwdriver Set with Storage Rack

WORKZONE 45-Piece Screwdriver Set with Storage Rack

Cost: $12.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: Aldi sells a variety of screwdriver sets throughout the year, from smaller 18-piece sets to this large 45-piece set. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

WORKZONE Rechargeable LED Worklight

WORKZONE Rechargeable LED WorklightCost: $16.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: It comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, along with a charger. It’s backed by a 2-year warranty.

WORKZONE 4-Step Aluminum Ladder

WORKZONE 4-Step Aluminum Ladder

Cost: $34.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: This ladder has a capacity of 250 pounds, which makes it a lighter duty model. It does not appear to come with any sort of warranty.

WORKZONE Torque Wrench

WORKZONE Torque Wrench

Cost: $19.99

Manual: 2015

Thoughts: It’s a basic torque wrench that comes with an extension and four sockets. We’ve tested it and it seems to do the job adequately.

Full Review: here

WORKZONE Connectable Moving Dolly

WORKZONE Connectable Moving Dolly

Cost: $16.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: They’re dollies, and they connect. Simple enough, right? They have a weight limit of 330 pounds each and come with a 1-year warranty.

WORKZONE Foldable Hand Truck

WORKZONE Foldable Hand Truck

Cost: $19.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: We don’t know much about it, other than the fact that it comes with a 1-year warranty.

WORKZONE Foldable Sawhorse 2-Pack

WORKZONE Foldable Sawhorse 2-PackCost: $19.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: They’re your garden variety plastic expandable sawhorses.

WORKZONE Trigger Clamps

WORKZONE Trigger ClampsCost: $9.99 per set

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: These trigger clamps come either in a 4-piece set or a 2-piece set.

WORKZONE Tool Chest & Rolling Tool Cabinet

Cost: $99.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: this measures 22.4″ x 11.6″ x 41.7″ and includes a tool chest with a small drawer and two large drawers as well as a rolling tool cabinet with two drawers and a bottom cabinet. The top tray has a 15 pound capacity, each of the small drawers has a 10 pound capacity, each of the large drawers has a 20 pound capacity, and the bottom cabinet supports 30 pounds. The set also comes with a lock with keys, a cabinet handle on one side, and wall mounting accessories.

WORKZONE Multi-Drawer Cabinet

WORKZONE Multi-Drawer CabinetCost: $9.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: For those who need to separate nails, nuts, bolts, or other small items. You can get either a 17-Drawer Cabinet or a 33-Drawer Cabinet. Both come with drawer separators.

WORKZONE 2000-watt Portable Inverter Generator

WORKZONE 2000-watt Portable Inverter Generator

Cost: $369.99

Manual: none online yet

Thoughts: One of Aldi’s more expensive products, this 2000-watt generator is manufactured by Pulsar Products and is a rebranding of this model, which has decent reviews on Amazon and, as of fall 2019, costs $60 more. The WORKZONE generator is $20 more in fall 2019 than it was the last time it was sold, but the brand version is $30 more, so overall this remains a good price. The Aldi generator is equipped with two 120V household outlets, one USB outlet, and one 12V outlet for battery charging. It puts out about 59 dB of sound by way of an 80cc 4 stroke engine that runs on gasoline. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

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  1. Require advice on safety feature of shutting blade on the WORKZONE multi function pocket knife.

  2. Any idea where I can source a battery charger for the Workzone 12V li-lon drill
    either PN: 44217d or ly77-1350-1800u charAny idea where I can source a battery charger for the Workzone 12V li-lon drill
    either PN: 44217d or ly77-1350-1800u . I have called and emailed the contact info in the manual to no avail:
    [email protected]


  3. Last fall I bought a workzone circular saw at Aldi. Used it a few times no problems. It was stored in the garage in the box dry and safe. I was going to use it again today but when I removed the battery from the box the battery came apart.
    guess I won’t be buying any more tools at Aldi.

  4. I bought a saw. I opened it and it fell apart. Took it back and Aldi said it wasn’t from there . I didn’t have a receipt but I know I bought it there. I will never shop there again

  5. I am a diesel mechanic and about 2 years ago I bought a work zone 1/4 inch ratchet kit. I have abused that thing hit it with hammers to break bolts lose that a 1/4 inch drive should never even be turning and it hasn’t broke yet. I would love to have a 3/8 inch set and a 1/2 inch set if they even make them I have had really good luck with them!

  6. The Work Zone 1/4 inch ratchet set is the best set of tools I’ve ever used. I’m a small engine tech. and have abused it routinely. It hasn’t failed me yet, over two years. Also, the Tire Inflator ranks right up there with the ratchet set in functionality and reliability.

  7. Where and how can I purchase Workzone tools other than at Aldi? It’s hard to get them when Aldi only gets a small number of them. Might I suggest that Aldi have a tool sales organization with a fifty-dollar minimum order to make it profitable? The customer should also pay taxes and delivery charges. That way you could had a three-page Internet catalog and sell tools at a profit while learning where the demand for specific items is.

    • Marcyanna ferriter

      I need to purchase a 20V battery for a FERREX leaf blower–part number ABP1815HW1–please advise. thanks for your help.

  8. I bought a finish sander 15 years ago at Aldi’s for 10 bucks and still use it, i have a set of Allen wrenches that are above average quality[made in Germany].Some of the tools are great.

  9. Several years ago, I bought at Aldi a 15.5 gallon Work Zone, plastic stackable bin (“tote”), with a hinged lid, for my garage. Since then, I have not seen a comparable product like it anywhere, and would like to purchase another. Can anyone tell me if Aldi, or any of its suppliers, still offers this product? I live in Akron, OH. Thank you.

  10. Hi I’ve got a workzone16v battery drill been really pleased with it . However I’ve lost the part that plugs into the battery for recharging. I have the plug and cable. Any idea where I might get one. Also would like a spare battery. Thanks.
    Tom D

  11. Robert Fletcher

    Some time ago I purchased a Work Zone Tile Repair Kit from Aldi, Orion Shopping Centre in Springfield Qld. and there was no instruction booklet with it. Is it possible to get this instruction booklet?

  12. I bought two Work Zone 5 shelf wire shelving units, both on clearance. One was missing the entire bag of clips. To replace all the clips would cost more than the unit costs. How can I get a replacement clips of the plastic cylinder clips that hold the shelves up. The items number of the product was 55365. They no longer are carrying that store.

  13. got the power tool kit Workzone 18 volts Drill and impact drill ,just want to buy another Battery,one of the battery is not working any more,the battery is dead,where can i purchase another battery,this is a very good tool kit

  14. I have a workzone sawzal and can’t find 20 volt battery

  15. I bought a workzone 4 steps ladder from Aldi 92841 I only used 4 time for Lytle jobs, on the fifth time I was on the top steps end the bottom right leg sneped of end I drop to the ground, eny one had a problem with the item???

  16. I bought the workzone 20v cordless drill thats the brushed motor one,the chuck pulled right out of the drill body due to the retaining circlip and groove was too shallow / weak design fault ….refund. Next time got the 20v brushless version 1/2 inch chuck and powerful lasted one year and the chuck pulled off, circlip failed again when the drill bit gets stuck in the job … a gentle pull should not pop the circlip off. I am going to attempt to modify / repair my self as i like the drill, Dremel + a slitting fiber saw for a bigger deeper stronger groove / circlip , if that fails it will be a $300 makita instead.

  17. where can i get spare parts for the ferrex wet and dry vac 15 lt model

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