This Week at Aldi: The Ad for July 3, 2019

Each week we highlight a few of the more interesting items in the upcoming Aldi ad. Note that, in our area, the ad takes effect on Wednesday, but in some areas it may take effect as early as today, Sunday.

This week’s theme is retro products and food, bathroom accessories and organizers, and kitchen gadgets and storage options.

The Most Interesting Thing We Saw:

Coca-Cola 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker


  • Coca-Cola 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker, $29.99. It’s an ice cream maker with the Coca-Cola logo on it. What more can we say? This isn’t an Aldi exclusive product, but it’s cheaper at Aldi than at other places.

Special Buy (ALDI Finds) Highlights:

Other retro products include:

  • Easy Home Motion Lamp, $12.99. This is Aldi’s version of a lava lamp.
  • Easy Home Retro Cosmetic Case, $7.99. This is like a Caboodle, a favorite among many girls growing up in the 80s and 90s.
  • Nickelodeon Slime Kit, $8.99. The kit allows for making several types of slime, including glitter, glowing, neon, scented, and foam.
  • Pokémon Specialty Tin with 3 Card Packs, $9.99. Each tin contains 3 card packs, with 2 new characters on the outside. The cards are all randomized. This looks like a pretty good price compared to other retailers.

Retro foods include:

  • Little Debbie Star Crunch, $1.49 for 13 oz.
  • Sunny D Tangy Citrus Punch Gallon, $2.79 for 128 oz.
  • Frostie Orange or Root Beer 4-Pack Soda, $2.89 for 4 12 oz. bottles.
  • General Mills Trix Cereal, $2.49 for 10.7 oz.
  • Hostess Twinkies, $2.89 for 13.58 oz.
  • General Mills Bugles Multipack, $4.79 for 8.75 oz.

Bathroom items include:

  • Easy Home Bamboo Bath Caddy, $16.99.
  • Easy Home Bamboo Spa Bench, $24.99.
  • Easy Home Bamboo Bath Mat, $9.99.
  • SOHL Furniture Bamboo 4-Tier Tower, $29.99.
  • Easy Home Bamboo Cosmetic or Swivel Organizer, $7.99.
  • Easy Home Woven Storage Basket with Bamboo Rim, $12.99.
  • Easy Home Bamboo Step Bin or Toilet Brush, $10.99 each.
  • Easy Home Bamboo Toilet Paper Holder, $12.99.
  • Visage 3-in-1 Personal Groomer, $19.99.
  • Huntington Home Signature 24″ x 36″ Microfiber Spa Bath Rug, $9.99.
  • Visage Bathroom Scale, $12.99.

Kitchen gadgets and storage items include:

  • Crofton Cut Fruit Bowl, $6.99.
  • Crofton Sandwich or Divided Snack Container, $2.69 each.
  • Crofton Beverage Dispenser Assortment, $4.69.
  • Crofton Reusable Straw Assortment, $3.99 per pack.
  • Crofton 8-Piece Glass Storage Bowls with Multicolor Lids, $9.99 per set.
  • Crofton 4-Pack Water Filter Replacements, $8.99 per set.
  • Crofton 3-Piece Snap Together Cutting Mats, $6.99 per set.
  • Crofton Mandoline Slicer, $6.99.
  • Crofton 3-Piece Peeler Set, $4.99.
  • Crofton 11″ Stainless Steel Fry Pan, $19.99.
  • Ambiano 4-Slice Toaster, $19.99.
  • Crofton Drip Bowls, $3.99 per set. For placement under stove top burners.
  • Crofton Silicone Steamer or Splatter Guard, $5.99.
  • Easy Home Over-the-Door Organizer, $24.99.
  • Easy Home Slide-Out Cabinet Basket, $19.99.
  • Easy Home Dish Drainer Assortment, $9.99.
  • Crofton Extendable Sink Colander, $9.99.
  • Easy Home Pull-Down Spice Rack or Basket, $9.99.
  • Easy Home Kitchen Sink Accessories, $4.99. Includes soap dispenser and sponge holder.

Other miscellaneous items for around the house include:

  • Easy Home Spin Mop, $19.99. Read our review here.
  • Easy Home 20″ Box Fan, $14.99. Read our review here.
  • Easy Home 12-Pack Microfiber Cloths, $4.99 per pack.

Fresh Meat Special Highlights:

  • Simply Nature Fresh Organic Grass-Fed Ribeye Steaks, $9.99 per lb. USDA organic.
  • Thomas Farms Fresh Lamb Loin Chops, $7.99 per lb.

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