Wahlburgers Fresh Dill Chips

Last Updated on December 2, 2021

We’ve written plenty lately about the Wahlburgers business and the Wahlberg family associated with it. In short, Wahlburgers is a burger chain founded by several celebrity brothers, and their restaurants have a growing-but-still-limited presence. I live in a major metropolitan area, but the nearest Wahlburgers is more than an hour and a half away from my house. But I can buy some of their products in my local grocer, and sometimes Aldi even carries Wahlburgers foods.

Most recently, Aldi stocked a slate of Wahlburgers goodies for a limited time, including their well-known burgers along with Wahl Sauce, hot dogs, bacon, and even dill pickle chips. Today, we’re looking at the pickles.

Wahlburgers Fresh Dill Chips

Wahlburgers Fresh Dill Chips cost $5.49 for a 32-ounce container at the time of publication.

You’ll find these in the refrigerated Aldi Find section at Aldi. Because these are an Aldi Find, they are only in stores for a short time.

These pickles are vegan, gluten free, GMO-free, certified kosher, and contain no preservatives.

Ingredients are simple: cucumbers, water, vinegar, salt, fresh garlic, and fresh dill.

Wahlburgers Fresh Dill Chips

Wahlburgers Fresh Dill Chips nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

A 1-ounce serving has 5 calories, 180 mg of sodium (8% DV), 1 gram of total carbohydrates (0% DV), and no sugars.

Wahlburgers Fresh Dill Chips

A Wahlburger with all the fixings, including Wahl Sauce, Wahlburgers bacon, and Wahlburgers pickles. With a side of Aldi crinkle cut fries and garlic aioli.

We piled these pickles on our Wahlburgers, complete with Wahl Sauce, Wahlburgers bacon, cheese, and sliced raw onions. All together, these make a restaurant-quality burger. The pickles are fresh and crisp, with a mild salty dill flavor and plenty of garlic. When we set out this container of pickles for burger night, we often find ourselves snacking on the pickle chips straight out of the container. They’re that good.

The Verdict:

Wahlburgers Fresh Dill Chips are part of the Wahlburgers product line that includes burgers, sauce, bacon, and hot dogs. We’ve tried it all and love it, and the same holds true for these pickles. They have just the right amount of dill garlic flavor and a nice crunch. If you want to build a great burger, check these out.

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  1. How can I purchase some of the dill pickles chips

    • As the post above mentions, the pickles were a limited-time special at Aldi, so once Aldi sells out, they’re gone. If you still want the pickles, they are not exclusive to Aldi and you might be able to find them at other grocery stores.

    • Does Aldi’s have Wahlburgers Pickle Chips now in August? I am very interested in purchasing them.

    • The pickles have no snap and not even crisp, they are soft. Sorry but these pickles to me are not worth the money and the packaging is clumsy. Sure buy it cause it says Wahlburgers but seriously come on. I prefer a pickle with a crunch and a snap to it.

  2. Jennifer Jackson

    I would by a case of these if I could find them.
    They are amazing!!!

    • They are delicious and I bought the last container at Aldi’s. My first time in the store and now they don’t have them anymore. Very disappointing.

      • Aldi has been rotating Wahlburgers foods back into stores for limited times the last few months. Give it a couple of months and the pickles will probably be back.

  3. Do you know what other grocery store sells Wahlburgers pickles

  4. I bought them at Hy-vee a grocery store chain in Iowa. They are awesome!

  5. These pickles are coming back to Aldi the week of August 25th, 2021.

  6. I just bought the Walburger Pickles!!! Can I say ❤️❤️❤️❤️ !! These have just the right amount of dill & garlic. The ingredients are as minimal as possible, which is another thing I appreciate.

  7. I need these. Located in bucks county Pa. where can I find these?

  8. come on Donnie get those pickles in the stores,I have been craving them and can’t find them,even though your site says we have them in illinois

  9. I believe Wahlburger’s pickles are made by the the Grillo’s pickles people only the Grillo’s product is much more crisp. Same plastic container, same ingredients minus grape leaves and same basic taste as Grillo’s.
    I like the crunch blast that Grillo’s delivers. More indicative of a “fresh” style pickle.

  10. Please I need these pickle bad.

  11. I love these Wahlurger Fresh Dill Chips! Perfect crunch, flavor, and all natural ingredients. Bought 9/14/22 at Circleville, Ohio Aldi.

  12. Way too garlicky and the pickle insides were mushy. Not crisp and snappy like a good dill pickle should be.

    Stick with Grillo’s or Ba Tempte if you want dill pickles done right.

  13. Annette Zegiestowsky

    They are the worst pickles I ever had would not recommend unless I had a bad batch!

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