Adventuridge Camping Cot

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since we first wrote this piece, Aldi decided to go with a different style of camping cot under the same name. We still encourage readers to share their thoughts on the cot they bought in the comments.

When it’s time to go camping, there are a range of bedding options. On one end, there are camping mats, which are light, slim, and right on the ground. For those wanting more padding, air mattresses (provided they don’t have holes) provide a more bed-like feel.

But cots are something else altogether. Single-person portable beds, cots fold into a full frame with tightly pulled fabric on top, providing more comfort than a mat and more durability than a mattress.

My first experience with a cot was from a military surplus store. It was light, but it was also a bear to assemble, and on at least one occasion the braces fell out of the cot’s pegs. Modern camping cots, by contrast, use a pre-installed frame that can’t do that.¬†Aldi sells a modern camping cot like that each spring as part of its camping lineup.

Adventuridge Camping Cot

The Adventuridge Camping Cot, which retails for $24.99, is a single-person sleeping product. The package comes with the cot, a storage bag, a manual, and a warranty card. (The warranty is good for 2 years.) Fully collapsed, the cot measures 37 inches long, 7.9 inches wide, and 5.9 inches high. Once set up, those numbers expand to 6.2 feet long, 2.4 feet wide, and 1.41 feet high.

Adventuridge Camping Cot

The cot, folded. (Click to enlarge.)

The cot is not terribly compact when folded, and when you add in the not-insignificant nearly 18 pounds of weight, I found this to be a bit of a load to carry. The cot’s bag does come with a carry strap, but the weight is such that I’m not entirely confident the strap will survive a long time carrying this thing. The flip side, though, is that the cot feels sturdy. Accordingly, it’s rated for up to 265 pounds.

Setup is a little awkward the first time thanks to the weight and bulk of it, although that’s true of many cots like this one. It’s helpful if two people unfold it from either end, but if you’re solo you can get by with just one person with some practice. Be careful, though, as the joints can pinch your fingers if you’re not cautious, and make sure to leave plenty of space around you for initial setup. (The manual does give some advice, but it’s text rather than any graphics, so if you’re not one who can imagine things in your head, you may have some difficulties interpreting those.)

Adventuridge Camping Cot

The cot, fully assembled. (Click to enlarge.)

Once set up — the process finishes up with two crossbars that slip into notches on each end — the bed is tight and firm. One big positive is that I am very confident this cot will support me. The aluminum frame feels sturdy, and while there is a little bit of movement, it’s pretty minor.

We took it camping for a few nights, and our kids liked them. They set up easily enough and provide some space both in the side pocket and below the cot for storage. The cot was stable on the tent surface. The cot’s sleeping surface is firm but you can soften it a bit by putting a sleeping bag on top of it. In cooler weather, you might want to consider a sleeping bag; it ventilates nicely from below but that can make it a rather cool sleeping surface when temperatures drop.

One downside is that both the bag and the bag handle showed some wear after packing them back up. The weight and the metal edges on the cot joints both take a toll on the bag, and, as we mentioned earlier, it makes us wonder how much punishment these bags can take.

The Verdict:

It’s a bit heavy and a little awkward to set up the first time, but the Adventuridge Camping Cot feels sturdy. It’s a firm surface that should do what it claims to do, and at a price lower than most other cots. We’re not sure the bag will hold up in the long haul, though. A two-year warranty is a nice perk.

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  1. I have one! Love it. Used in car camping and also when we camped by kayak. The weight is significant but with a pillow and a quilt, I was a happy camper! Recommend. I wish there was a gadget to help me is putting the final brace bar on as it can be a struggle

  2. Mine is not made right. We ( 2 friends, one a bodybuilder) cannot get one of the end bars in. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone. I will have to disassemble the brackets and cut the ends shorter to make it work. I really hate buying junk products.

    • It has a 2 year warranty, contact the compant and they will have you send pictures then send replacement parts to you. I bought the tent a couple of years ago and after a week of camping in VA with some storms on its first use, several of the poles were splintering. I emailed them, sentall of the pictures they requested and they sent new poles.

      I also had the electric element on their griddle crack, same thing, emailed, sent picks and they replaced the part I needed. No cost!

    • Same here! Miner I got from aldis is NOT LIVE THE ONE IN THIS VIDEO. The bars that act as legs do NOT fit. They are significantly too long and do not bend to fit in the holes. It’s crazy!!!

    • I concur this product is difficulty to assemble. We could not bend the steel bar to fit in connection slot … I’m going to welder to see if he can loosen it to fit in the grooves. Hopefully it will fit.

  3. Cot works great – we have 3.

    You just need to make sure that you pull tight enough on the end pole before sliding it down over the pin. Its obvious once you do it once, just be careful the first time.

    Bags are all fine – 3 years in.

  4. We bought 3 of these cots several years ago… More than 10(?) and have enjoyed them very much. No problems. Needed to use them as daily beds for my grandchildren beginning back in January when I had to provide emergency housing to my daughter and her 3 kids. Worked very well until the 2 younger decided to break one of legs and now the boys have permeated the other 2 with their atrocious odor. Hope that Aldi brings them back once again in the NEAR future so my husband and I can go camping this summer without spending an arm and a leg on a couple of cots. 10 plus years though was a GREAT investment!!

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