The Aldi Cheese Block Roundup

Last Updated on February 26, 2017

One thing Aldi doesn’t lack for in variety is cheese. It carries sliced cheese, string cheese, and shredded cheese. Over in the Special Buy section, you can even sometimes find upscale-looking cheese wedges.

But we’re not going to look at those here. We’re instead going to look at cheese blocks that inhabit the Regular Buy section. All of them carry the Happy Farms label. We love all of them, but we also know people have their own tastes, so feel free to offer your own commentary on these cheeses below. And don’t be afraid to try them out: since this is Aldi we’re talking about, you won’t pay much.

Aldi Cheese Blocks

Extra Sharp Cheddar

This block is one of the harder ones to cut, but it’s worth it. It is a delightful cheese with a robust, deep flavor. The first bite will probably make you pucker your lips a bit — that’s the sharp part. It goes away after a few bites though, and I think it actually gets better with each bite.

Mild Cheddar

It doesn’t make me draw my lips in like the extra sharp does, but it also doesn’t quite carry the same depth of flavor for me as the extra sharp. It’s a really good cheese, though, and is a particular treat for me when paired with butter crackers. It cuts fairly easily.


Colby is a little sharper than mild cheddar, but not quite as sharp as extra sharp cheddar. Sort of an in-between cheese to me. It’s fun to nibble on, but it is probably my least favorite of the Aldi cheese blocks.

Colby Jack

It’s got a lighter flavor than Colby and I prefer it over its similarly named cousin. Goes good with crackers and sausages as a change-up to the traditional mild cheddar route.

Pepper Jack

Pepper Jack is cheese with a little kick. If you’re strictly a mild food person, stay away. If you like something more in the medium territory (I wouldn’t call it hot), you’ll love this stuff. It cuts very easily and can be put to use in any number of recipes. It’s also perfectly good just by itself.


A staple on any pizza, mozzarella is just as fantastic cut into small cubes. It cuts easily, has a simple but delightful flavor, and can be put to all kinds of uses, including all by itself.

The Verdict:

They’re all good in different ways, although we don’t like standard Colby quite as much as the rest. You can put them to use in recipes or simply cut them into cubes and serve them on a tray. Or just eat them yourself. Recommended all-around.


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  1. they also sell a really good monterrey jack cheese in the block as well. worth the buy. love when its $1.48 at my store in tx.

  2. Sorry to report Aldi’s Happy Farms Extra Sharp Cheese did not meet expectations… In preparation for Super Bowl, our neighborhood meets and preps appetizers hours/days in advance… Tonight we compared Aldi’s Happy Farms Extra Sharp Cheese versus Walmart’s Extra Sharp Cheese while we worked on our Game Day menu. Out of the 17 volunteers, only one preferred Aldi’s HF cheese – 16 felt it did not smell like sharp cheese… definitely did not taste like extra sharp cheese… and the texture did not resemble any type of real cheese. Sadly, this tailgating gang gives a Thumbs Down on Aldi’s Happy Farms xtra sharp cheese…

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