Aldi is Bringing Back the Range Master Electric Smoker

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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If you shop at Aldi with any regularity, you know that, as the summer moves in, so does the grillling equipment. From full-sized grills to the tools to cook with them, there’s a good chance that, if you wait long enough, whatever it is that you’re looking for will show up.

One useful companion to the grill is the smoker. The smoker is a slow cooker for meat, allowing it to be heated over a long time in a smoky environment, infusing it with that unique kind of flavor. Aldi has been selling an electric smoker in one form or another for several years now, all under the Range Master brand. The grocer did not sell a smoker in 2020 for various reasons, but they appear to be back on shelves for 2021.

What We Know:

The Range Master Electric Smoker With Window (Product Code: 47125; Model Number: RMU505BAE) is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. At the time of this post, the smoker costs $119.99. That’s $20 more than it was in 2019, but still less than most others out there. Smokers typically run from $189.99 and up — and the cheapest ones don’t have windows — so if you’re in the market for a smoker you’re not liable to do better than this one.

The smoker comes with a 2-year warranty, serviced by the GHP Group. GHP makes the Dyna-Glo line of grills and smokers, and it has become a big supplier for Aldi in that department as of late. That’s a change, as previous smokers were made by other manufacturers.

According to Aldi, the smoker measures 23.3″ x 20.8″ x 39.1″ and includes the following features:

  • 505 square inches of cooking space
  • a side access wood chip loader
  • an enameled steel water bowl and wood chip box
  • three chrome-plated steel cooking grates
  • an insulated, double-wall firebox and door
  • a built-in temperature gauge with “Smoke Zone” indicator
  • a tempered glass window

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tested this smoker ourselves, so we don’t know how easily it assembles, how well it operates, or how durable it is.

Do you have experience with this smoker? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. This type of smoker has been around for a couple of decades. It seems like a great idea but the electrode doesn’t produce enough heat on cooler or windy days.

    I moved up to pretty much the same box, but gas-fired. Day and night difference, no more fighting to get the temp up. The BTUs produced by the gas unit must be several times that of the electric.

    • Just want to say I bought one of these a few weeks back. It is fantastic. I use Trager pellets in the wood chip tray and it makes the best smoked salmon and ribs I have ever had. I have not done brisket yet but will soon. I can’t find any fault other than I wish the water pan and wood chip tray was a bit bigger. The water pan needs refill after about 2.5 hrs at 225 and the wood pellets last about 4 hrs.

      • Just read your comments about using pellets in the Range Master Smoker. I know it’s an old post but did you light those pellets in the wood chip tray? Just curious.

    • Gas-fired and electric (including pellet-based) smokers are weaksauce. The best smokers use wood chunks, period. Even an inexpensive bullet smoker will give better results (and be more “authentic”) than any lazyman’s gas/electric smoker. You never see gas or electric smokers at any reputable barbecue joint or competition. There’s a reason for that.

      Aldi should offer a simple woodburning bullet or offset smoker. Maybe someday….

  2. I have a small propane one that I have trouble keeping the temp consistent with. But this is larger and I’m interested in it.

    I assume this is not digital and so may have some drifting temps with changing wind and outside temps.

    I have a smoking pellet tube that i can use. Can get them for <15.oo. It smokes for several hours so if their wood burner doesn't work well I still can get good smoke.

    I am commenting here mainly so I get updates on this thread. Right now I am leaning toward getting one.


      This is a link to a forum that I could post a picture on of how I am getting more smoke with an inexpensive little modification.

      • Blakely farmer Terry

        Not impressed with this smoker, i would give it 3 stars out of five.
        Yes it cooks any meat however, regardless of what type of wood chips you choose , this smoker doesn’t produce ” smoke like a traditional smoker should ”
        When you open the door to check the internal temp. Of your meat the temperature will literally drop from 280° to zero in seconds, i have used every type of wood chips useable for cooking and still no smoke, its about the same as baking something in the oven.
        The assembly isnt to difficult if you dont mind reading instructions and actually following them . It took about an hour to assemble.

        • The pellet tray is not touching the heating element. The water tray does . Switch. Put your pellets or chips in the water tray. Wah-la! Problem solved.

        • Apparently electric smokers, even those costing 200 and more, have the problem of producing smoke or producing it for long enough periods to not have babysit them to add fuel in regularly.

          So I am pretty satisfied with what I got especially for the price.

          If you look up “modifications on electric smokers” you find people using mailboxes outside the smoker connected with ventilation tubing. So it is not abnormal to have the issue.

          I use a thermometer that can do 6 probes in the meat if I want. I never have to open the door to check meat temps.

          I use one of the probes to check smoker temp. I took out on of the screws on the back “vent”. I slide the probe into that hole.

  3. I just got a masterbuilt electric smoker 30 inches and new, they are about $200. It does hav3 a digital readout. For any of these smokers , you should get a dedicated digital temp probe.

  4. Peter Christmas

    Just finished putting it together. Simple job but the burner screws are a pain due to position. I used a deep well socket and chewing gum to hold the nut so I could secure it.

    Not the heaviest plate steel and Chinese screw and nut plates will work for a period of time. Good entry level smoker. Yes, I know about some mentioning temp control on electrics but for $119.00 I think it’s good

  5. Just picked one up at the local Aldi and I’m excited to learn how to use it. Most of the smokers we’ve seen have been pretty much cost-prohibitive on a limited budget, so this one was really a find, and I hope it works out! 🙂

  6. How many watts does it have?

    Doesn’t say on the description but would in the manual.

  7. The assembly was real easy…. However there is a flaw in the door where the clasp going on tho keep the door shut. The built in nut is. It in the door and I can’t keep the door closed. I will be calling customer service on Tuesday.

    • It’s adjustable.

      • I get the latch is adjustable,however where you screw in the stop to the door… there are no nuts…. The only way to attach the stop is to take off the silver inside panel and use washers and nuts ….

  8. Just got through putting it together. Same problem with the door. There’s no nuts to screw in the latch that keeps the door shut. Going back tomorrow.

  9. I took the inside silver plate off and used 2 nuts and lockwashers and put it back together. Works great now.

  10. Put mine together yesterday, pretty straightforward and easy build. But there is a problem we noticed that the whole bottom seeming to the walls of the unit there’s a gap you can clearly see air through. The best temp that I can get on it is 217 degrees with any kind of meat in there. When seasoning the box for first use it did reach over 500 degrees, but of course that’s empty with just pellets. Learned the hard way that you need to put in a drip pan (other than what it comes with) for whatever you’re going to be smoking. The drippings don’t end up going into the drip cup in the bottom (that is a total joke). Trying it out for a second day, have a turkey breast in there this time hoping that I can get it to come out correctly after learning all my mistakes yesterday with ribs. Fingers crossed 🤞 😁

    • We just used ours for the first time yesterday. My father in law has been using his since 2019 and gave us some really good advice about making sure all the meat is as close to room temp as possible. As a previous commenter said, any small change in ambient temp will majorly change how effectively this smoker holds its temp.

    • I also had a high temp when running it dry and empty. Smoking now and temp is lower. About 240 or so on the door thermometer. I have another thermometer inside the smoker as well.

      Wonder if have water in the pan is effecting that?

      But it is smoking well and Im pretty satisfied with my purchase.

  11. Does anyone have a good lead on a smoker cover that will fit this grill? I am comparing the size listed in this post to covers on Amazon and it seems most of the 40 inch covers fall short by a few inches?

  12. Ive read that there are devices that you plug the smoker into fhat will turn the power on and off like a thermostat. set a high and low setting and put a probe in the smoker.
    I am trying to find out more about this. Lots of different devices. Some pretty pricy. some have only low temperature ranges.
    I dont think i need the expensive ones but am unsure what device will work for this.

    any thoughts?

  13. Got mine together.

    When putting the heating element in, it may be easier to put one screw in backwards and snug it down to hold the element still while putting the other one in as directed. The snug the second one down, take out the first one, then and put it the correct way.

    Also the air vent is going through a double wall. don’t tighten to much or you’ dent the metal.

    I had no problems with the door.

    seasoning it now and hope to use it later today.
    I wiped it out first and put then put a light coat of oil it it to season.

    started smelling smoke in less than 15 minutes

  14. Easy to put together. Will test it in a couple days. Happy with purchase so far.

  15. Assembly was easy…no problems at all.

    I bought Masterbuilt cover but it comes up a few inches short. Will try some of the other suggested covers.

    Used it today for first time. I had a hard time maintaining the temp. If you open it to check temp of meat, it takes a long time to get temp back. After 6 hours, my ribs, 2 whole chickens and 6 small Italian chicken sausages were not done.

    Be sure to use warm water if you are putting water in it so that you don’t slow the cooking process.

  16. Used mine for baby back ribs with cherry wood chips and it worked perfect. I dont like a heavy smoke taste so this worked well for me. It kept temp right at 225-250 no problem only had to adjust once. Temp outside was 74degrees f

  17. Easy enough to put together. Door does not have a good seal—smoke coming out at top near the door hinge.

    • i noticed the smoke to

      I think that other smokers have vents and this one only had that small hole in the back. Maybe it is designed that way?

  18. I have noticed a problem with the Thermostat Control.

    It will turn off when it it is set on high but is not up to temperature. If i pull the cord upward the light comes back on. It is as if the control is not making a consistent contact with the element.

    This is disappointing and needs to be resolved or returned.

  19. We’ve used the smoker 3 times now. The temp will get up to 300 empty but after putting food in it barely gets up to 200 degrees. All three days have been hot out. Any one else having this problem?

    • I know that colder food will eat up heat. Someone mentioned letting the food get closer to room temp helps.

      Water in the water pan will too. I’ve read that putting hot water in it helps with that. I am not using the water pan.

      I read that putting sand or fire bricks in the water pan (not with water) will help stabilize the heat. If you open it there will be heat given off by the sand/bricks to get the temp up more quickly.

    • That’s how the electrics are. Gas is best for this type of smoker.

  20. Having an issue with smoke, can smell smoke but do not see smoke until the temperature is turned up. Chips won’t even begin to burn until temp is turned up to 300? Any suggestions?

    • I’ve read that wood chips start burning at 250 degrees.

      If you put your chips in at the beginning, then the element is going to be on a long time as the smoker gets to temp.

      If you put them in later, then the element will be in the on off on off phase of maintaining the temp.

      So to add chips later you probably need to turn the controller all the way up until the chips catch. Ive found maybe 15 minutes needed.

      This morning I tried a smoke tube with chips in it that i elevated with some firebricks (usually pellets are used by people) Wish I could post a pic. I got an hour and 40 minutes of smoke.

      I plan to set it up with pellets and see how that goes.

      Im experimenting a bit with this.

  21. Dark gray, then white will kill the taste of your meat. Your want to see a very light blue to clear. I found that pellets work better.

  22. Sounds good I will give it a shot and see what happens. Just getting frustrated. I don’t even get a burn until 300 degrees. I cooked a brisket the other day at 225-230 and the chips did not even catch

  23. I found that the thermometer may be off a bit. I put an electric one in and it read 10 to 20 degrees lower than the one on the smoker depending on how high I had it turned up.

    I had my electric one pretty close to the one one the window.

  24. I first used wood chips with no luck then switched to pellets. I am just placing them in pan no where else.

  25. I first used the Walmart chips, then used Home Depot pellets. If I remember correctly when I seasoned the smokier had plenty of smoke

  26. I read some comments about a Master Built smoker that had been smoking but some months later didn’t. He said that the chip pan should rest on the heating element and his was not. He rigged it so it did and it fixed the problem.

    So I looked at my Range Master. The water tray was sitting on the element but there was a gap between the element and the chip tray. The element was angled downward a bit.

    So I took some foil and made a couple squares and set them under the legs on the element so the element now contacts the chip tray.

    I’ve done only a quick check. I put a few pellets in the water tray and chips in the chip tray . I’m getting more smoke than I was from the chip tray.

    As I read forums there seems to be a lot of tweaking and experimentation people do with the electric smokers.

    Thought I’d pass this on.

    I am may be trying to cook with pellets (just 10 or so) in the water pan and chips in the other pan next time.

  27. Will have to give it a try, thanks. I put pellets in the water pan today and got a lot of good smoke.

  28. Mine never got hot enough to even get the wood chips warm, let alone produce any smoke. I just chalked it up to a bad product and put it on the curb with a “free to a good home” sign on it. Sat there for two days before somebody felt sorry for it. Then again, maybe I’m just untalented when it comes to smoking meat and was only meant to burn hot dogs on the gas grill.

  29. This is a dyna glo without the glass door.
    Same thing I think.
    I have been using my Aldis version 2x week and have been learning how to coax what I want out of it.

    I had a couple of chip smokers box and take out the tray. I slide it under the grate and it sits on the element. Better smoke. Change it out when it needs more chips.

    Been trying a pellet smoker tube with so so success.

    Many people make a “mailbox modification” for other electric smokers. So it’s that nature of the electric smokers to often need help smoking well. look up mailbox modification for some examples.

    Also i plan to get some lava tape to. help seal the door.

    All in all I think this is a good buy and it can be improved inexpensively and at my leisure.

  30. This is a dyna glo with the glass door.
    Same thing I think.

    I have been using my Aldis version 2x week and have been learning how to coax what I want out of it.

    I had a couple of chip smokers box and take out the tray. I slide it under the grate and it sits on the element. Better smoke. Change it out when it needs more chips.

    Been trying a pellet smoker tube with so so success.

    Many people make a “mailbox modification” for other electric smokers. So it’s that nature of the electric smokers to often need help smoking well. look up mailbox modification for some examples.

    Also i plan to get some “lava tape” to help seal the door.

    All in all I think this is a good buy and it can be improved inexpensively and at my leisure.

  31. I love it! Great smoker for people starting or that cant use gas or charcoal. I’ve had it for a couple years now. The only couple things I would change on it is a door seal and element protector. Other than that, I will continue to use it.

  32. I love my smoker that I purchased at Aldi about a year ago. It is the first smoker I purchased & the first smoker I have used. I usually do a search on my phone for instructions & advice for whatever I am going to smoke. I love smoked meats and I have also smoked scalloped potatoes & smoked baked beans in cast iron skillets.
    I love the glass in the door & the side dumper for adding wood chips. I use a small watering can to add water quickly so I don’t let much heat out.
    This was easy to put together. I use 9×13 aluminum foil pans with cookie cooling racks on top of the foil pans to allow for smoke & heat to circulate around the meat & catch the drippings. I do not clean the inside of the smoker except for cleaning the glass on the door so I can have a look without opening the door!!
    I am so glad I purchased this smoker from Aldi!!

  33. We purchased this smoker and it caught fire after a few hours of smoking at 250 degrees. Thank goodness our deck didn’t catch fire and burn our house down I would post pics if I could. I would not recommend this brand and trying to get through to the company is a joke!

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