Aldi Reviewer Turns Two

Two years ago today, we started a blog dedicated to Aldi product reviews, news, and features, in large part because we realized we couldn’t find reviews of Aldi products ourselves. So we decided to try.

Two years and over one million pageviews later, Aldi Reviewer (or, AR, as we’ve come to call it) has far outperformed what we thought this blog could accomplish … and we’re still not sure where the ceiling is. Between the many visitors, comments, social media messages, and emails, we know there’s plenty of interest in learning about — and talking with others about — Aldi’s various Regular and Special Buys (ALDI Finds).

In year one, we wrote about a variety of products, added new features, and wrote an eBook. In year two, we’ve added a discussion group, continued to pilot even more new features, and even made a video or two

We’re as excited as ever about what’s next, and we hope you are, too.

Here is a recap of some of the second-year highlights:

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