Why Do Some Chobani Products Say “Food Bank Batch?”

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In the last week or so, I’ve noticed a few people on social media point out some Chobani Yogurt 4-packs they’ve seen at Aldi that have the words “food bank batch” stamped on them. This has led some people to wonder what this means. Is Aldi selling products intended for a food bank? Are these products only for specific people?

The answer is no.

Instead, Chobani is running a campaign called Food Bank Batch. In a partnership with Chicago-based charity Feeding America, Chobani is donating 100% of all profits from sales of its limited-run 4-pack PB&J Yogurt to the charity. The company is pledging a minimum donation of 800,000 meals, or $80,000. So when you see “food bank batch,” that’s what it means.

This campaign is not limited to Aldi. It applies to all stores where Chobani PB&J Yogurt is sold.

The campaign runs from July 29, 2020, through August 29, 2020. According to Charity Navigator, Feeding America has a 4-star rating, the highest rating the site gives.

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