Aldi US Issues Statement on “Diversity and Inclusion”

Aldi US has quietly released a statement reacting to the death of George Floyd and the ensuing protests. At press time, the company has not promoted it through social media or through email, and we’re not sure when it was first released, although we believe it was in the last week or so. The statement is currently promoted on a banner at the top of the company’s website under the title “Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion,” and the full statement can be found on that website. We’ve also reprinted it below.

Commitment to Lasting Change

The senseless killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis has outraged us all and has once again put a focus on the racial injustices that exist in America.

The peaceful protests taking place across the country, and around the world, have been incredibly powerful to witness and are the spark of what we hope is a lasting change for our society.

We all have a responsibility to look in the mirror and do more to be inclusive and promote racial equality. Diversity and Inclusion has always been a guiding principle at our company, but we must do more.

Effective immediately, we are committing to change. We are developing ways to facilitate conversations and trainings on the importance of diversity at ALDI, ensuring our offices, warehouses and stores are inclusive and respectful to all. As part of these efforts, we will enhance recruitment and development for minority employees. We will continue supporting communities of color across the country and are exploring other ways to make an additional impact.

This is an extremely high priority for our company. We will provide updates as our plans develop and are put into action.

Source: Aldi US

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