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Last Updated on November 26, 2023

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EDITOR’S NOTE: See our update toward the end of this post on how this kettle performed after a couple months of use. 

My husband and I drink a lot of tea. Okay, I personally drink a lot of tea.

I don’t exactly remember when I started the habit. My mom always kept tea in the pantry when I was growing up, and I enjoyed it occasionally, especially if I was sick.

When I went away to university, I sometimes made tea using the hot water dispenser on the water fountain in the hallway outside my dorm room. Then my grandmother got me a travel mug for Christmas during my freshman year so I could take tea to my English classes.

After graduation, I kept tea-making supplies at my desk at the newspaper where I worked as a copy editor. Working late nights polishing articles and putting photos, headlines, and stories on the newspaper pages required fortitude. Some people preferred coffee, or Coca-Cola, or Snickers bars, or a combination. Tea was the magic elixir that kept me going.  Black tea. Earl Grey. Chai. Herbal. I wasn’t picky.

I still drink at least one cup of tea a day, sometimes more. I like boiling water for tea in a kettle on the stove, but I’ve also used different electric kettles. I like electric kettles because they heat water much faster than a kettle on the stovetop.

Aldi recently sold a gooseneck electric kettle, and I decided to put it to the test.

Ambiano Gooseneck Electric Kettle

The Ambiano Gooseneck Electric Kettle (Product Code: 707605) is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time. Each store receives one shipment, and after that sells out, it’s gone unless Aldi decides to bring it back at some later time. Aldi does not offer online ordering for products not in stock at your local store. Ambiano is not a company. Instead, it’s the private label Aldi uses for various kitchen and home goods.

The Ambiano Gooseneck Electric Kettle cost $29.99 at the time of publication. That’s less than most other electric gooseneck-style kettles on the market.

Ambiano Gooseneck Electric Kettle

The back of the box. (Click to enlarge.)

Here’s more information about the kettle:

  • Available in Matte Black or Matte Blue (I purchased the blue option)
  • Features an ultra clear LED display
  • Kettle detaches from the base for cordless operation
  • Offers precise temperature control setting (104 °F–212 °F)
  • Gooseneck design allows for precision pouring, offering control over speed and consistency of water flow, and is ideal for pour over brewing
  • Maximum capacity: 900 mL/ 30.43 oz.
  • 1200W

This comes with a three-year warranty serviced by Protel, a common Aldi warranty service provider. For service, call 1-855-754-8297 or email

Unboxing the Kettle:

Ambiano Gooseneck Electric Kettle

What comes inside the box.

When you open the box, you’ll find the kettle itself, a lid, the base with cord, a user manual, and a warranty sheet.

Before using the kettle for the first time, the manual states to wipe the exterior surface of the main unit with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Dry the exterior surface with a soft cloth. Only use a dry cloth to clean the base. Never immerse the base in water or other liquids, and make sure that no water or other liquids penetrate the housing. Do not use aggressive cleaners, brushes with metal or nylon bristles, or sharp or metallic cleaning utensils such as knives or hard scrapers, as these could damage surfaces.

The manual also recommends descaling the water tank when white limescale has formed. Fill the water tank half full with fresh water and then add the juice of one lemon. Boil the solution three times with a 15-minute rest between each boil. Pour out the solution and rinse the water tank thoroughly with fresh water. (I did this after I’d owned the kettle for a month and a half, and it worked great at getting the inside nice and clean.)

Using the Kettle:

Ambiano Gooseneck Electric Kettle

To set up the kettle, place the base on a flat and stable surface. Keep the appliance a safe distance from walls and cupboards to avoid damage from rising steam.

Fill the water tank with fresh water. The water level must be between the minimum and maximum markings on the kettle. Place the lid on the kettle, making sure it securely snaps into place. Place the kettle on the base. Connect the plug to an outlet. All indicators on the display will light up before displaying OFF. The appliance is now ready to use.

To boil water, press the power button The display will show the set temperature and the set indicator. Rotate the control wheel clockwise or counterclockwise to increase or decrease the set temperature. The temperature can be adjusted from 105 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit in 5-degree increments. The last adjustment is from 210 to 212 degrees.

After approximately 3 seconds, the display will show the current temperature and the boiling indicator. After approximately 1 second, the appliance will start the boiling cycle. Once the water reaches the set temperature, the appliance beeps two times and stops heating automatically. The boiling indicator will disappear from the display and only the current temperature indicator will remain. After about 3 minutes, the appliance will switch to standby mode. The display will show OFF for about 1 minute before switching off.

To boil water with the keep warm function, press the keep warm button. The set indicator will light up on the display. Press the keep warm button again, and the indicator will light up on the display. Rotate the control wheel to your desired temperature. After about 3 seconds, the display will show the current temperature, the boiling indicator, and the keep warm indicator. Once water reaches the set temperature, the appliance will beep two times. It will automatically cycle on and off to maintain the set keep warm temperature.

To adjust the keep warm duration, press the keep warm button so the indicator lights up on the display. Press the keep warm button again and rotate the control wheel to set the temperature. After about 3 seconds, the display shows the current temperature, the boiling indicator, and the keep warm indicator. Press and hold the power button for about 4 seconds. The display will show the current keep warm duration. Rotate the control wheel to increase or decrease the keep warm duration. After about 4 seconds, the display will show the current temperature, the boiling indicator, and the keep warm indicator. The keep warm duration can be adjusted from 1 hour to 24 hours at 10-minute intervals.

The manual mentions this appliance has a memory function that stores the previous settings after the main unit is removed from the base. Place the main unit on the base to resume the keep warm function or the boiling cycle.

The manual also lists recommended temperatures for various drinks:

  • 160 degrees for delicate teas
  • 169 degrees for green tea
  • 180 degrees for white tea
  • 189 degrees for oolong tea
  • 200 degrees for French press coffee
  • 212 degrees for black tea, instant cocoa, oatmeal, or noodles

The manual also states this has a dry-boil protection. If the error code E0 displays, it means the appliance exceeded the maximum temperature and switched off automatically.

The manual doesn’t say anything about this, but I heated water and emptied it from the kettle a couple of times before making my first cup of tea, just to make sure I’d cooked off any manufacturing residue.

Thoughts on the Kettle:

This heats water quickly, as expected. When I filled the kettle to the maximum fill line, it took about three minutes to heat. The temperature adjustment option is nice, but my husband and I both agree it’s not all that important to us.

The controls take a little time to get used to and to figure out, but they’re okay. This doesn’t seem to hold as much water as some other electric kettles I’ve used, and I found that filling the kettle to the minimum fill line was not quite enough to fill up a medium-sized tea or coffee mug. There is enough capacity in this kettle to make two cups of tea or coffee, though. The smaller size might suit you well if you’re only making hot drinks for one or two people, but this won’t heat large quantities of water at once for a crowd.

If this kettle has a noticeable flaw, it would be the fact that if you tip it too far when pouring, hot water will leak where the lid seals, because it’s not a very tight seal. I debated returning this kettle to Aldi because of the leaky lid, but other family members didn’t think it was as big of a deal, especially if you aren’t overexuberant about pouring your water out. As I’ve used this kettle over the course of a week, I’ve come to like it, and I’ve learned how to pour it so it doesn’t leak.

I’ll be keeping this kettle, and I’ll update this post with any potential new developments.

Update (11/26/2023) — After using this kettle for about a month and a half, we started to notice a strong hot plastic smell every time we used it. The smell appeared to be coming from the heating elements either in the bottom of the kettle itself or in the base that the kettle sits on. We were concerned about safety and whether our kettle was going to burn up on us. We decided the safest move was to stop using the kettle.

This is disappointing because it’s the second Aldi kettle we have retired for safety reasons. While we could contact the company that provides warranty service and possibly get a new kettle, in our experiences with other replacement Aldi appliances, the replacements often have the same problem as the original. So, we’re back to boiling water in a traditional kettle on the stovetop.

The Verdict:

The Ambiano Gooseneck Electric Kettle offers adjustable temperature control, an LED display, a keep-warm setting, and a gooseneck spout for precise pouring. We thought this kettle was all right for the first month and a half that we owned it, but then it started producing a burning plastic smell from the heating elements every time we used it, and we retired it due to safety concerns. For that reason, we can’t recommend this kettle.

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  1. Unless you want to always be extra careful, I don’t recommend this.
    Because the lid is square, it easily falls into the kettle… Which is not fun if the water is hot.

  2. This kettle is too small for those of us who make pots of tea.

  3. Help! I keep getting error code E1.
    I have turned off, unplugged etc.
    nothing has worked!!

    • You can return it to Aldi (although they probably don’t have replacements in stores at this point), or contact the company that services the warranty.

  4. I’ve updated the post above but also wanted to mention here that we have stopped using this kettle because it started producing a strong burning plastic smell every time we used it. We retired it out of safety concerns. It’s disappointing because we actually liked using it.

  5. Such a pity that the problem developed. I wanted to get one as 1) the style – very attractive and 2) the lighter weight. My Aldi (NYC) showed it as available for three weeks, but never when I tried to order it.

  6. Darn Shame, I was contemplating whether I should buy it for a white elephant gift. Good thing I read this review.

  7. I’ve been using mine daily for almost two months and started getting that plastic smell and smoke every time I use it.

  8. We got our kettle in November 2023 and it’s been working well up until about ten days ago. Just as you have indicated, Rachel, it has a strong burning-plastic odor, especially at the end of the heating cycle. Twice we have seen smoke coming out of the base of the kettle! Sadly, we will be returning it to our local store. We really liked it while it lasted.

  9. I bought my kettle in November 2023, and it stopped working in February. I contacted and they sent me a new one. I hope this one lasts.

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