A Roundup of Major Aldi Warranty and After-Sales Support Companies

Last Updated on January 30, 2022

Aldi does a great job of creating a unified look in its packaging, both in its food and non-food items. With a lot of the non-food ALDI Finds (Special Buys), for example, you’re likely to see a familiar-looking blue manual, along with after-sales support information on both the manual and possibly the product packaging, too.

All that standardized packaging might make it look like Aldi manufactures all its own products. It doesn’t. Instead, the grocer sources its products from an army of suppliers, both in the United States and overseas. Aldi insiders have told us that suppliers compete hard for a spot in Aldi’s limited shelf space, and they are expected to fulfill a number of responsibilities, including developing packaging that fits Aldi’s unified style and managing after-sales support, including warranty work, when needed.

In other words, Aldi contracts out other companies to handle warranties and other after-sales support issues. Sometimes after-service support is handled by the product’s manufacturer, while other times it is the company that ships the products from suppliers to Aldi. That doesn’t mean you can’t contact Aldi if needed (more on this in a moment) but your first stop for a warranty issue is going to be what’s on the product box.

Most people hopefully never have to use the warranty companies, but we’ve reviewed enough products over the years that we have used warranty service sometimes. What follows is a roundup of the major companies Aldi US uses for its after-sales support. (If you are an Aldi UK or Aldi Australia shopper, these same companies may or may not have operations in your country.)

Three observations before we begin:

  • Aldi does a great job being transparent with after-sales support. The grocer keeps a robust list of after-sales support information on its website, including e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and even physical mailing addresses. Aldi clearly feels like it’s important that customers know who to contact if they have trouble.
  • If you have trouble with an after-sales support provider, Aldi can help. We’ve learned that, if a warranty company isn’t helping you, you can contact Aldi for additional help. We have been in situations before where a warranty company wasn’t responding (more on this below), but when we contacted Aldi that changed quickly. So if you find yourself not getting anywhere with after-sales support, you still have other options.
  • There are many after-sales companies not listed here. While we’ve listed some of the major after-sales providers here, there are a number of other providers, too, many of them for a specific product or just a few products. For example, some of Aldi’s tents are serviced by tent company Wenzel, while one of Aldi’s air conditioners is serviced by air conditioning manufacturer Danby. This list doesn’t deal with those specific companies; instead, I’ve focused on companies that seem to provide support for a number of different Aldi products.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the major after-sales support players.

Wachsmuth & Krogmann

Website: https://www.wk-usa.com/

E-mail: help@myproduct.care, customer-service@wk-usa.com

Phone number: 1-888-367-7373

Address: 1015 Hawthorn Drive, Itasca, IL 60143

Example products: Ambiano 4 Slice ToasterEasy Home Robotic Floor Duster

Thoughts: Wachsmuth & Krogmann was founded in 1797 as a shipping company in Hamburg, Germany, and has since evolved into an international trading company headquartered in Hong Kong. Its U.S. operations are based in the suburbs of Chicago, in an office building it shares with Crane USA. This is not a coincidence, as Crane is not only a regular supplier of Aldi products but is a subsidiary of Wachsmuth & Krogmann. However, in another twist, most Crane-branded products sold at Aldi are not serviced through this contact information but through other after-sales service companies.

While we have purchased and reviewed our share of products made by this company, we have not yet had a reason to test the warranty service.

Eurocentra (Wuensche USA)

Website: http://eurocentra.net/ or http://wuensche.us

E-mail: service@801service.net

Phone number: 1-866-558-8096

Address: 801 Circle Ave., Forest Park IL 60130

Example products: Easy Home LED All in One Lamp, Auto XS Portable Tire Inflator

Thoughts: The Wünsche Group describes itself as a family-run group of companies involved in the areas of “food, fashion, electronics, non-food, e-commerce and service.” Like Wachsmuth & Krogmann, this company has connections to Hamburg, Germany, as it is the company’s current international headquarters. The company is involved in supplying a number of Aldi products across multiple brands.

We’ve had one interaction with the company’s after-sales support number, when we tried to order replacement blades for our Visage Pro Series Electric Rotary Shaver. While we were unable to get new blades (we’ll let you decide whether that is a knock on the company or not), the after-service company did reply to our e-mails promptly.

Fulfillment Services USA (Mailbox Rentals USA)

Website: http://www.fulfillmentservicesusa.com/

E-mail: info@fulfillmentservicesusa.com

Phone number: 1-855-248-7826

Address: 44 Madison Avenue #7890 New York NY 10016

Example products: SOHL Furniture FutonSOHL Furniture Life Concepts Folding Computer Desk

Thoughts: Located just a few blocks from the Empire State Building, Fulfillment Services USA — or Mailbox Rentals USA, as it calls itself on its website — claims to offer a range of services, including mailboxes, notary, and product fulfillment. Aldi has maintained a relationship with this company at least since 2014 and primarily uses it for furniture in the Gardenline and SOHL Furniture brands.

We have had one interaction with this company, when we decided to look into replacement parts for our SOHL Furniture Writing Desk. You can read our full odyssey here, but suffice to say that it took weeks of repeated contact by e-mail and voicemail, along with enlisting help from Aldi’s own excellent customer service team, before we were finally able to get any help from anyone. The entire process was one mishap after another, from unresponsive e-mail inquiries to a voicemail we couldn’t leave messages on because it was full. We eventually got some compensation, but it took months and a lot of wasted time to get there.

We came away from the experience feeling like the company was lean and even a little sketchy, and while we appreciated the fact that Aldi helped us out, we are most definitely not fans of this after-service company.

Tempo USA (Customer Care USA)

Website: https://www.tempo.org/

E-mail: info@customercareusa.com, serviceusa@tempo.org

Phone number: 1-866-235-5029

Address: 3570 NW 53rd Court, Fort Lauderdale FL 33309

Example products: Ambiano Egg Cooker, Ambiano Deep Fryer

Thoughts: The Tempo Group is, as best as we can tell, an Australian-based company specializing in sourcing and supplying companies around the world. Tempo has a presence in multiple countries, including China, Germany, and the United States. Tempo’s physical address in Florida is the same as J.M. Field, a logistics, inventory, and marketing company. I don’t know if Tempo and J.M. Field are the same company or just share the same space.

I’ve had two experiences with Tempo. In May of 2018, I contacted the company after the cord in my Bauhn Foldable Headphones stopped working. The company responded within 24 hours, and while they could not replace the cord, they did refund me completely for the price of the headphones.

A second interaction happened in September of 2018 when I asked about replacement filters for the Easy Home Upright Bagless Vacuum. Once again, I heard back within 24 hours, and was given information on how I could order filters and what the cost will be.

Long story short, we’ve found this company quick and responsive, and we would not hesitate to call on them again if we needed to.

Merotec USA (Sumec)

Website: https://www.merotecusa.com/

E-mail: support@merotecusa.com, support@sumec-na.com

Phone number: 1-866-902-9690

Address: 3655 Kennesaw North Industrial Parkway Kennesaw GA 30144

Example products: Gardenline 3-in-1 Gas Lawn Mower, WORKZONE 1850 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Thoughts: Merotec USA is a division of Sumec, a Chinese-based manufacturer of garden tools, lawn equipment, power washers, and power tools. (Sumec is, in turn, a subsidiary of the Sumec Group, which is involved in everything from construction to financial investment.)

We’ve had just one interaction with this company. Shortly after we posted a review of the Gardenline Cordless Trimmer, readers contacted us about replacement line for the trimmer, which is a nonstandard size. While we saw replacement line on the company’s site, both the line and the shipping costs were expensive, so we reached out to the company to see if there were any off-the-shelf options. In their reply, they simply pointed us back to the listing for replacement line its site. It wasn’t really helpful, although I also can’t totally fault the customer service people in that case.

Protel Service (Hegele Logistic)

Website: http://protel-service.com/index-en.html

E-mail: Aldi-US@protel-service.com

Phone number: 1-855-754-8297

Address: 1001 Mittel Drive, Wood Dale IL 60191

Example products: Bauhn Alarm Clock With USB Charging, Maginon Wi-Fi Extender, Gardenline Walk-In GreenhouseEasy Home 4-Tier Chrome Shelf

Thoughts: Protel is a German-based after sales service company, founded in 2000. However, the physical address listed by Aldi in the United States is for Hegele Logistic, a logistics company. (NOTE: at some point after this post originally went live the company appears to have renamed itself Simon Hegele Healthcare Solutions, although as of January 2022 still appears to service Aldi products.)  It looks like a similar situation to the Tempo / J.M. Field arrangement above, but just like there, I don’t know what the relationship is between Protel and Hegele Logistic. Based on what I’ve seen on warranty cards, I suspect they are the same company, but I’m not certain.

Protel services a wide variety of products, from Adventuridge backpacks to Visage bathroom scales. We interacted with Protel regarding the warranty for our Gardenline Walk-In Greenhouse when the cover tore, and we hoped to get a replacement cover. Their service was prompt and polite, but they didn’t have parts in stock and only offered us a refund.

If you’ve interacted with an Aldi warranty company, feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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  1. I found PROTEL excellent , great phone service & very prompt warranty parts supply

  2. I had a pleasant experience with Tempo USA, based out of Florida. I located the number on the back of the box of the product – a relatively new space heater – and I gave them a call. The call was very short, but efficient. The agent that I spoke with advised that the product that I was calling in reference to was actually discontinued – bummer – so the only remedy that they would be able to offer was a full refund for the purchase price. I was happy with this, because at least I was able to get my money back. The agent provided me with an email address, and advised that I needed to send in a clear photo of the receipt/proof of purchase, along with my checking and routing information. I did all of these things, and within 3-5 business days, I saw a credit for the full purchase amount + tax in my checking account. All in all, the process was relatively hassle-free, and if you are like me and obsessively keep receipts and product booklets, having Aldi honor their warranties should be pain-free! -MS

  3. Went to Pro-Tel to find a replacement for the paper filter on my Aldi/Huntington Home Stick vacuum. No one has a clue as to who makes it, or where to purchase it. So, when this paper filter wears out, the vacuum is worthless. Ugh. Never again buying a household appliance from Aldi.

  4. I attempted to get some #10 connectors for the walk in greenhouse that was missing but the manufacturer said they were out of stock and couldn’t help me. My son threw out the receipt

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