Ambiano Single Serve Coffee Maker

Last Updated on July 9, 2023


  • We have a new review of the 2022 model posted here.
  • Updated below with a 1-year status report.
  • The 2019-2022 models of the coffee maker appear to be mostly the same as the 2018 model. There are two differences, though:
    • One, the 2019 model has an 8 ounce setting rather than a 10 ounce setting.
    • Two, prices have steadily increased — the 2019 model was $24.99, the 2020 and 2021 models were $29.99, and the early 2022 model was $34.99. However, a model sold in late 2022 was only $29.99. 

Special thanks to Jon, who likes coffee more than we do, for help with this review.

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One of the great sensations of the coffee-drinking world the last few years has been the Keurig, a device that turns little plastic containers (K-Cups, or what Keurig more formally calls “K-Cup Pods”) into single-serve beverages. Keurigs are most famous for making coffee, but the devices can also make other drinks, including tea and hot chocolate. What they lack in the pure joy of a French press, they make up for with speed and efficiency, and they are increasingly common in offices and break rooms as the go-to device for an easy cup of joe.

At the time of this post, Keurig brand machines retail from $65 for the so-so Keurig K-Mini, to the $200+ Keurig Office Pro. Combine that with the cost of the K-Cups themselves, and Keurig life can start to add up, convenience or not.

Aldi is in the business of making things cheaper, so it’s not a surprise that the grocer has entered the Keurig fray by selling its own K-Cups for coffee and, on occasion, hot cocoa. Still, we were more than a little surprised to see Aldi trot out an actual Keurig-style machine. Could Aldi really duplicate the Keurig experience at a fraction of the cost?

Ambiano Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Ambiano Single Serve Coffee Maker, an Aldi Special Buy (ALDI Find), retailed at the time of this post for $19.99. The price alone deserves notice, as it is less than a third of the cost of the cheapest Keurig we’ve seen short of some insane Black Friday sale, if that.

Among the features:

  • Is compatible with “standard cups” (i.e. K-Cups) or can use grounds with a removable brew basket
  • Comes with a reusable filter for ground coffee
  • Has multiple brew buttons for 10 oz. or 15 oz. brew sizes
  • Comes with an adjustable cup rest and can brew directly into a cup or travel mug
  • Comes with a removable cup rest and cup rest plate
  • Has a water level indicator
  • Does not require filtered water
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty

The package includes:

  • The main unit, which includes the reservoir
  • A brew basket
  • A pod holder for K-Cups
  • A reusable filter for coffee grounds
  • A base plate that can be put in two different positions
  • A manual
Ambiano Single Serve Coffee Maker

The reusable filter, pod holder, and brew basket. (Click to enlarge.)

Setup isn’t hard, although it does take a few minutes. The instructions advise gently cleaning the unit first (with warnings not to submerge the unit in water), then filling up the reservoir and running the unit a few times without any coffee to clear out any contaminants. After doing that, the unit should be ready to go.

The unit takes a couple of minutes to heat the water up first, with the power button flashing until the water reaches the necessary temperature. At that point, you can insert a K-Cup into the pod holder (which has a small probe to poke a hole in the bottom of the K-Cup) or put coffee grounds into the filter, then press the desired amount button.

How It Compares To a Keurig

The Ambiano is a lot cheaper than even a cheap Keurig, so you sort of expect that it’s not going to perform quite like a Keurig. Still, it’s good to know exactly what the limitations are. And there are some.

One is your options for drink sizes: 10 ounces or 15 ounces. A Keurig, by contrast, usually offers smaller amounts, so if you’re looking for a small mug of coffee, you’ll have to manually stop the Ambiano, which is a hassle.

Another consideration is speed. The 10-ounce cup takes about 2 minutes to make, while the 15-ounce cup takes about 3 minutes. From our conversations with Keurig owners, this is longer than the 1-2 minutes the Keurig takes, not including the water-heating time on the front end with the Ambiano. The Aldi machine is still faster than a coffee pot, but it’s not as fast as your typical Keurig.

A third limitation is the reservoir. While it has some positives (more on this in a second), it is not detachable, so you have to pour water into the whole unit rather than pulling it out and putting it under the sink.

Ambiano Single Serve Coffee Maker

The (fully attached) reservoir. (Click to enlarge.)

A fourth consideration — and this is minor — is that the base was a bit finicky to get on quite right. Once we did it, it was fine, but you have to be careful that you’ve got it set correctly.

Ambiano Single Serve Coffee Maker

The base in the upper position. (Click to enlarge.)

Ambiano Single Serve Coffee Maker

The base in the lower position. (Click to enlarge.)

All that said, the Aldi machine does compare favorably to the Keurig in a couple of ways. For one thing, it runs about as quiet as Keurigs we’ve seen, which is nice. Another is the way K-Cups go in: it’s not exactly the same as a Keurig, but it works well enough. And the fact that it runs on tap water is also a plus, with instructions in the manual on how to decalcify the device if you need to. Yet another positive is how it’s large enough for most travel mugs.

Most importantly, the Ambiano produces a good cup of coffee. It’s plenty hot — a bit hotter than our tester’s drip maker — and the coffee is as strong as you would expect it to be. You can make a decent cup using any K-Cup, but but you can also make an very good cup using the filter and your own coffee grounds.

One more note: it doesn’t just make coffee. You can make, say, tea using a tea K-Cup, but you can also serve up a nice single-serve cup of tea by pouring two tea bags — you’ll need two because of the way it steeps — into the filter.

Update (February 2019): After a year of moderate use (twice a week), our 2018 coffee maker continues to work as well as it did when we first tested it.

The Verdict:

It’s not a Keurig, but the Ambiano Single Serve Coffee Maker is a decent imitation of one, especially for the $20 price tag. It’s not as fast as a Keurig and it does lack some of the bells and whistles, but if you’re looking for a device that can turn a K-Cup into a hot cup in a reasonably fast period of time, this is an interesting option. The three-year warranty is a nice bonus.

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  1. having difficulty trying to remove brew basket, don’t want to break tabs…….help? ambiano model cm-202

    • You lift the silver tab at the top of the device, which unlocks the brew basket. Then you pull it gently out. Hope that helps.

      • I’m sorry but I consider it junk. It lasted for a full 12 cups of coffee and than made an explosion sound, water ran out the bottom. Like I said, junk.

  2. Most of the negative reviews of non-Keurig wannabe single-serve coffee makers (and even some cheaper Keurigs) say that the machine died/began leaking/otherwise malfunctioned/etc within a few months or even weeks. I would love to hear some updates about how well your Ambiano is performing a couple of months from now. I love Aldi but I don’t want to buy something that will go into the trash in six months.

    • Our tester is curious about this, too. We’ll be keeping you posted … and I have a feeling that if there are mass failures, we’ll probably see more comments pop up here, too. The three year warranty does add a little peace of mind.

      • Also keep in mind that Aldi stands behind their products. On a side note, I put mine through the test hard last week and couldn’t be more pleased. It’s exactly what I was looking for and brews a good cup of coffee. The only thing I noticed was that although it’s marked to pour 8 oz. It really produces 10. No problem for me at all but I remember some earlier comments about 10 oz being too much. Overall, I’m very pleased.

        • I have had mine and brewed course and fine coffee in the brew basket and it is a horrible mess afterward. It drips outside the basket, grounds into the mug, spits quite a bit toward the end of the cup cycle. Anyone else have this issue? Have yet to try pods,or kcups. Already threw away packaging and receipt so returning is not an option. I want to redeem this machine cause I love the concept.

      • I love my coffee maker Ibought mine last year use it every day and still working great I have the tea pods and the chocolate love all of Aldo’s products,

      • I love my Aldi ambiano, yesterday I was offered a Keurig for free and I said, no thanks, mine is smaller, doesn’t take up so much room and fits under my cabinet….bad news, today my chia tea latte, didn’t come out, tried a Dunkin’ donut coffee, didn’t work. I just want to buy a new one. My Aldi’s in Florida and in Iowa, doesn’t sell them. I know it has a 3 year warranty, but for 19.99, I got my use out of it and I will gladly buy a new one for 24.99. Just tell me how I can get one or 2 preferably!

      • I have had my ambiano for a year now and have had non problems. Works as promised with both the k cups and ground coffee.

    • We have had ours for 2 years without one single problem

      • Philip Rockefeller

        I have been very pleasantly shocked. I will never buy another Keurig. I love the coffee out of this machine. I am buying one for my College son who’s Keurig has been acting up. I have had my Aldi machine for about 2 years without issue. For $20, I will be getting another one for my home office. I could purchase 6 of these for the price of one Keurig. 5 stars

    • You asked a while ago and see someone responded recently and I saw a notification so thought I’d add my nickel. It may be rather a moot point for making a purchase decision now because as with items of this type from Aldi, it is only available for a few weeks. But, it could always be re-released.

      Well, after just a few weeks I did have a problem, the water pump apparently failed. It made noise but virtually no water. I tried some basic things (unlikely it was clogged since it was so new), and didn’t seem easy to disassemble to see if it was something simple, and being under warranty, contacted the company.

      It was an interesting exchange, it was all handled online, and I hesitate to go thru some of the details for brevity, but the bottom line is that it was replaced at no cost to me. Took a bit of a while to receive, but done deal.

      So it has been a good 5 months since then, I use the machine for one cup every day, and so far so good.

      I guess the only issue I’ve had with it is that even for the smaller cup setting it does appear to produce more than it should. I just turn it off or use a bigger cup.

    • Mine has worked very well, for probably around a year and hundreds of cups. I do 10 oz cups, and the fill level isn’t always consistant, but close enough. The first cup I ever made, the k cup was overpressurized and popped at the end of the cycle, but that never happened again. Mine has been a swell bargain, and my larger full pot coffee maker, a cuisinart, now lives in the back of a cupboard. I see these will be on sale again this\next week, and I would buy one again if needed. Tho the warranty service should be pretty good with aldi brands.

      • Thanks for the details. I am in the process of furnishing a second home and wondered if this might be a nice supplemental unit. I love my full size Keurig and use that everyday. I also have a Cuisinart coffeemaker/grinder that I only use with whole bean coffee. This one sounds like a nice alternative that won’t fall apart right away. I love Aldi and have full faith in their products but this was the first time I looked at an appliance. Now I feel better about the purchase. Now I just have to get there before they sell out!

      • I have a single serve coffee maker which I really like. However I have lost the insert for the k-cup. Is it possible to purchase a replacement?

    • I’ve had my Ambiano almost a year now and no it’s not a Kueric, if u can not afford a Kueric then the Ambiano is the next best thing. I only fill the water reservoir up to what my coffee cup holds, then no problem with it spilling over or shutting it off after each cup.

    • My family bought this a week before Shelter-in-place and we have run 100s of cups of coffee and have had zero issues; no leaking only great coffee. Going on month 3 of using Ambiano from Aldi.

    • We love ours! Been almost 1 1/2 years now. No issues

    • I bought two of these and neither lasted six months.

    • Marilyn Rodriguez

      I have used this coffee maker for years. I like all of the features and have never had any problems with it. Was even able to order a new basket when it was accidentally thrown away. Returned several Keurig machines before purchasing my Ambiano.

  3. I received mine as a gift-I have no receipt-the pod holder cup is missing. the box was unopened. can I order the cup

    • Double check to make sure it wasn’t nestled in with the brew basket and filter. In the absence of that, call the number on the box.

      • I called the number on the box because my machine was missing the pod holder cup and so far no one has returned my call I’ll call them once more and then I’ll see if I can return it without the receipt because it was a gift .

      • Well, I finally heard back from the company and it seems my machine was missing part #9 the k-cup holder. It was not in the unopened package. Spoke to a very nice representative named Leslie who helped me determine this. They are sending me a replacement part # 9. So if you have a problem and need help call the # on the box 1 888 367-7373. I will let you know how it works out after I receive the part.

  4. Thank you for a timely post! I saw the in the Aldi ad and immediately wondered how good it would be. I’ll be buying one because of your review.

  5. I bought one of these yesterday and absolutely love it. So much that I put away our regular coffee maker. I would make a pot and most of the time 3/4 of the pot would go to waste. This is perfect and produces great cups of coffee. I use Folger’s ground coffee in the basket because I’m not paying $15 to $34 for K-cups. I asked the Aldi cashier if any have been returned and she stated no. I shop there all the time so they pretty much know who I am, so I take what they say as truth. Totally worth the $19.99 price tag.

  6. How do you use k cup I put in moth ways and nothing happens

    • I received my Ambiano brand new unopened box and the cup to hold the coffee pods is not in there I called the number on the box and they have not return my call so possibly you’re missing the k cup holder like mine is. Waste of $. Mine was a gift I don’t have the receipt and aldis won’t take it back

    • Kim, there should be a pod holder that has a silver metal spike in it. If you push the K-Cup down into the pod the spike should puncture it.

  7. Really like Aldi so when I saw the single serve coffee maker for $19.99, I decided to give it a try. Took a bit of time to figure out the setup but got a good first cup of piping hot coffee. Checking the website, I was pleased to find your review. Thank you. Why does the power light keep blinking when it’s not being used? Pushing the power light just starts all the lights blinking.

  8. I bought one last weekend, and it makes a nice hot cup of coffee, but after a couple uses it started putting out too much water. Overflowing my cups. I used a measuring cup and it is putting out 13 oz. for the 10 oz. button and overflowing my 2 cup measuring cup on the 15 oz. button. I took it back and exchanged it for another one. which is doing the same thing. Is there a way to adjust the amount of water it puts out?

  9. I put a travel mug A tall one instead of a regular coffee mug and let her rip and then I just pour from the travel mug into the regular mug so that’s one way to avoid Your problem

  10. Thanks for your review. In my opinion I think the Ambiano is more comparable to a non Keurig machine. More like a stripped down Mr Coffee or Hamilton Beach or even an off brand machine. The selling point to me is the reservoir. Usually for a machine like this you don’t get the reservoir; it will only hold enough to make one cup. The major drawback of this machine to me is that it sputters a lot of water and coffee out while brewing. I’m not sure I’m keeping it yet!

  11. I bought one the other day,and been using it for a few days it seems to work well as of now. Am very happy with it. And the price piont was what made me try it. So far so good.

  12. Has anyone had good success with your own grounds in the reusable filter cup? I have tried twice, but both times it sprays the grounds towards the back and dumps grounds into the coffee cup. It was a mess to clean up both times. It seems like there should be a top or lid on the reusable filter to keep the high pressure of the hot water from splashing the grounds back up and out. Is there another step in the brewing process to prevent this from happening?

    • I use my own coffee and have had no issues. I do know the filter is big,so i use about half the filter to make coffe and works fine. Hope this helps you.

    • I have had my ambiano for a little over 6 months. Ii was thrilled with the way it worked, was mostly using pods in it, but also used grounds and filter. All of a sudden over the last month it’s been dumping grounds. I found especially when I use Starbucks k-cups the foil comes loose on 1 edge, and makes a mess. I’m also finding that using more than 2 tablespoons of ground coffee in the filter means grounds end up in the cup. I’m not happy with the mess I’m having to clean up almost every time I make coffee now.

    • This is a really old question but I was browsing by here so thought I’d answer. I had that problem at first when I was putting the coffee grounds in the plastic K-cup holder, then kinda realized that you do NOT use that piece, put the grounds directly in the filter basket. After that, works fine, easy to just invert the cup afterward and run water over it to clean it out.

      Using grounds does cause the water to dribble out a little longer, but found I could jostle it around a bit which gets the last water to drip out faster.

    • Similar experience here.
      Loaded basket with grounds for a 16 oz cup, leaving about 1/4″ space from top of filter and maker still leaked some coffee on exterior and grounds stuck to area above the basket – had to clean with running water under faucet.
      Using any less grounds for 16 0z will make coffee too weak for me.

      • We had a similar problem. After several years of use we started to get water/grounds all over the place. Found that since the filter is so fine, after a while would not clean. Bought a new filter (a couple bucks) and works great again.

    • Yes….same problem here and I use it because I like the way it makes my Starbucks ground coffee taste, but the clean up is brutal, and I agree 100% with April D’s comments. I did buy 2 machines, one for home and one for my business, they are great with the K-cups. Only one thought in regard to the problem comes to mind, had a similar problem with the “Mr. Coffee” type auto-drip with too fine of a grind on the coffee, and the water backing up in the filter, a coarser grind solved the problem. A coarser ground coffee in the reusable filter might allow the water to pass through as intended, as opposed to compressing down as I think is what happens with the finely ground coffee, loose vs. compressed/impassable . Going to try, otherwise very happy with machine and happy to own!

  13. Do they sell replacement k cup attachment?, seemed to have lost it.

  14. You may not have lost the k cup holder /because that is part nine and my brand new Ambuano in a sealed box did not have the K cup holder in it /i called the number on the box I was told they would send me the part that was 10 days ago I’m still waiting call the number on the box tell them it’s missing and hope for the best

  15. Can you buy a n ambiano single serve kcup coffee maker in mi. Yet. I was in fla. and they were on sale , wish I would have picked one up

  16. Love it! After my 3rd Keurig quit, I brought out the old percolator. Makes good coffee but a hassle to clean. Then I saw the $20 Ambiano at Aldi’s. I asked the cashier how many had been returned and she said none. So I bought one. Works great! Much more compact than the Keurig! Pods work perfectly. Tried loose grounds this morning and works great. I put 4 Tbl spoons of coffee in the filter basket and was able to get two 10 oz cups out of it. (Actually 3 cups, but the third cup was a little weak.) Not as fast as a Keurig, but hey, use that time to top off the reservoir and you’ll not even notice!

    • you’re one of the lucky ones. mine was missing the pod cup holder, I called the company-supposed to send me one-still waiting. using the ground coffee filter function. works ok.

  17. Bought one of these for my wife’s classroom. Lasted all of two days before someone threw out the plastic piece that the K-cups go into, apparently not realizing it’s part of the machine. It requires some effort to remove the spent k-cup from the plastic holder. The manufacturer (W-K) wasn’t responsive to email inquiries to order the replacement part, so I bought another machine and returned the one with the missing piece.

    Bought another for my office while I was there. That machine appears to have had a defective thermostat. When set up according to the instructions, it consistently filled the K-cup with boiling water, causing the plastic cups to unseat from the needle drain, whereupon the K-cup would flood with boiling hot water and burst the lid open, shooting hot coffee grounds out the front of the machine.

    We have an actual Keurig at home, which still works flawlessly after several years, and is far more common nvenient to use. I’d seen enough, and returned it for a refund.

  18. OMG!!! I bought this for my mom who needs something very simple. he fell in love with this coffee maker and so did I. ALDI’s has the best prices on food and products. I am mad I didn’t purchase one for myself. This is a must buy for your home or office. I give it a 10!!!

  19. 10 oz is way too much for a lone senior, who is limited to a 7 oz cup at breakfast. Does anybody know what control the dosage? Is there any way to modify whatever (pot, resistance,etc), for an electronics savvy engineer? Warranty voided,of course!
    That is besides filling the tank every day with 7 oz water, which is below the minimum specified.

    • From the article:”so if you’re looking for a small mug of coffee, you’ll have to manually stop the Ambiano, which is a hassle.” What happens if you fill the tank below the minimum specified…will it harm the machine?

      • I don’t see anything in the manual to suggest that it would. That might be a possible hack for the machine — I’d be interested to see how the coffee turned out if someone tried it.

      • I asked myself the same question.
        When the machine stops dripping for lack of water, it starts grumbling for about 60 seconds, and then stops, so it is safe.
        But is the noise an indication of damage? It would be if the noise is due to a pump with a plastic impeller getting dry, But I doubt it since I have done it quite a few times.

    • I just bought a new one this week and noticed they’ve reduced the 10 oz size down to 8 oz in this newer model. It’s now 8 oz and 15 oz. Perhaps that was in answer to others who felt 10 oz was too much.

    • Considering the low cost, about throwing 3 oz down the drain?

  20. Can you tell me where I can find replacement parts?? The part where the coffee pod in accidentally got thrown out. HELP

  21. What kind of pods do I have to use on the manchine? I bought the Keurig coffee pods but it won’t work on them !

  22. Sounds like an isolated manchine problem. 😉 Contact the manufacturer:If you have any questions regarding the operation of this coffee maker please
    contact our service center at:
    Tel: 1-888-367-7373
    Business Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00am – 5:00pm EST

  23. I just bought this machine to replace one I bought from Aldi years ago. My question is, Is it supposed to melt the bottom of the k cup to a rounded bottom? My old one didn’t change the shape of the cup and the Keurig at my work doesn’t either. I don’t like the idea that this is melting plastic while making something I will drink!!

  24. I love this coffee maker bought my first one Nov of 2017 and hasn’t failed me yet and I use mine everyday at least 6-9 times a day since there’s 3 people in my home that drink coffee , can use any k-cups with it or fresh ground coffee I think it’s just as fast as a Keurig and no special filters needed!!! I just purchased my second for my daughter’s home. Definitely will keep purchasing products from Aldi’s

  25. I bought a single serve from a dollar store that worked better. This is loud and obnoxious. The stream of coffee comes out hard and splashes my whole counter. I push the power button then have to wait for the light to stop flashing for a min then I can brew This is ridiculously weird and pisses me off. I dont want to stand there and wait

  26. ambiano-single-serve-coffee
    Hi does anyone have a problem with the kcups not being pierced
    my kcups are exploding and shooting water all over the kitchen
    and there is no hole in the bottom so its not poking a hole in bottom?
    any suggestions?

    • Has this happened right from the beginning or just recently? I’m looking at mine, and there is a hollow spike sticking up maybe about a quarter inch from the bottom inside of the holder that pierces the cup. If that is gone or appreciably shorter, I’d venture to guess it broke off, it’s all just plastic. If that’s the case, I wouldn’t see any easy way to repair it, try to get ahold of the manufacturer (listed a few times here), I’d think that would be considered under warranty and they could send you a new holder.

  27. Can you replace a missing part? The pod holder is missing?

  28. I got one as a gift. Like anything it requires a little set up. I cleaned it with a vinegar brew, let it sit 30 minutes then ran again with clean water, then sat overnight. Brewed a single pod in the morning and it tasted okay. I prefer more coffee than less first thing and brewed a fifteen with ground coffee next. Good, but not real strong. Works like it should. I read the instructions first so no one would throw out the pod holder, so they would lift the silver retainer for the brew basket, and found K cups slide in and out just fine if you push it down onto the puncher in the holder. I do not use K cups, but had a couple. I buy Eco Pods from those coffee companies who have them, like that City by the Bay coffee (hint). I will use this for a strong single cup when I want one, but am still a full pot brewer because I like STRONG coffee. Single serve coffee is never strong enough. But, for $25 bucks I like this. Thanking my brother for the gift and the French Roast Eco Pods.

  29. I love mine.
    But I accidentally threw out the pod holder for brewing and have not been able to find a replacement.
    Any suggestions anyone?

  30. I’ve been using the Ambiano at work for customers in the waiting room of a auto repair shop so it gets used daily. Had it for about 4 months and so far so good. Currently on the hunt for extra reusable filter, pod holder, and brew basket so each customer has a nice clean one to use.

  31. How do I get a new Pod Holder??

  32. I am having a issue getting the maker to stay on to brew the coffee.
    I have to press the lever down through the hole cycle to get a single cup of coffee. I had to remove the rubber gasket around the stem where the hot water comes out to get it to work at first. Now even with out this rubber gasket removed the coffee marker handle has to be held down through the whole cycle to brew a whole cup of coffee.

  33. Just wanted to add a thumbs up for this brewer – I’ve had mine for over a year now, and use it every day at work. I’d say it does brew a 10 oz portion on the ‘8’ oz button, but since I’m using a travel mug, it works out.

    Anyone running across the review? If Aldi offers this machine again, don’t hesitate to get it. I bought mine for $25, and it was worth every penny – and I’m a Keurig user at home who is on her third (!!) machine.

    Thanks, Joshua!

  34. Back to Kelly M comments on amount produced, I want to say that for us strong coffee drinkers, the machine tends to produce a beverage too diluted!
    But building a machine with infinitely adjustable output,while not impossible, would be costly challenge.

  35. I add extra coffee for the 15 Oz cup. I think it makes excellent coffee. My green lite stays on. I just unplug it to save on electricity.

  36. Sorry, I need another pod holder. I accidentally threw it out cleaning the machine. Right now I resorted to opening the pod and pouring it in the coffee holder. Seems like it works ok.

  37. So far the machine brews a great cup of coffee. My one observation is that once a pod is brewed it comes out melted/shrunk, has anyone else noticed this result?

  38. Have had the Ambiano Single Serve Coffee Maker for a couple weeks and it was working fine. Until today. Now when I brew a cup of coffee when I select the 15 oz button it only brews about 8 oz and shuts off. Same with the 8 oz button brews about half the amount ans shuts off. Thought maybe the top pin was getting clogged but put a needle up in there and felt nothing clogging it.

  39. I been trying to reach someone for a replacement part. Not sure how long it will be, I understand the situation not in a hurry, just dont want to get forgotten. Or can I order the part needed online?

  40. Randall Williams

    i need a filter basket, can not find a web site to order one. Please e-mail me where I can get one

  41. Sad day….our Ambiano Single Serve Coffee Maker quit working after enjoying it for 2 years. The water quit pumping through. We use distilled water, so it wasn’t a corrosion problem. And our Aldi only has these available for about a week each year. Guess it’s time to invest in a Keurig. :'(

  42. I’ve never owned a Keurig, and I guess now after having the Ambiano Single Serve Coffee Maker I never will. I love it!! I like cold coffee mostly, so I brew 4 -5 cups, one after the other, and then store it in my carafe in the refrigerator. I’ve had no problems doing this each week. What a good little machine for a wonderful price!!

  43. I need to find out how I can order the pod holder for the Aldi brand Ambiano Single Serve because ours got thrown away by accident. Can we order just this piece?

  44. I need to replace the k-cup basket. Are replacement parts available.
    If so, please direct me to the correct source.

  45. I’m a bit perplexed about the coffee making part using ones own coffee grounds.
    I filled the coffee grounds up to the MAX mark and made sure a good supply of water was in the container.
    After the lights were on– I had a choice of 8 oz or 15 oz coffee.
    How does the machine know when I press the 8oz button– the coffee will the same strength– as if I pressed 15oz? Wouldn’t the 8 oz be stronger considering there is less water used?

  46. Where I can buy a pod holder for K-Cups, need replace.

  47. How do you turn your single serve ambiano coffee maker off after brewing.

  48. I have purchased an Ambiano single serve coffee maker and don’t know how to shut it off. The power button stays on. Help! Other than that I love the machine.


    Hey, my pod holder cup is missing ! How can I get it ? Please help.

  50. My unit issues are the same. Inconsistent and overflows the 12 oz.
    Two things i have to do to get a proper cut is use 10oz then turn it on and off to bloom the grinds (k cup or basket) then use 10oz button.
    With basket i use small filters one below and one in top of grinds. And also a small stainless drain insert to redirect the flow. Otherwise i get a hole in there grinds where water just passes thru.
    With k cups i have to puncture the cup and then turn the k cup 90 degrees and punctures again. First time does not puncture enough. No clue why.
    Then i get a decent cup.

  51. Dregs in my coffee, how do I filter out the fine coffee grounds from my cup.

  52. Tried to find part #9 . called and emailed . Any ideas ?

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