Auto XS Trunk Organizer With Cooler

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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Back in 2016, I purchased the Auto XS Trunk Organizer with Cooler. Like a lot of people, the things we kept in our trunk kept sliding around, and we had been looking for something to hold it all together. The Auto XS organizer proved a great solution — it had enough space for what we needed and the anti-slip base helped keep it from moving around. We haven’t used the cooler function much, but it’s nice to have around.

Our 2016 model continues to hold up well after five years, but this year, we decided to add a second one to our second car. We also thought it was an opportunity to see how the trunk organizer has evolved over the years.

Auto XS Trunk Organizer With Cooler

The Auto XS trunk organizer is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a limited time. We’ve seen a few variations on this trunk organizer over the years: different shapes, and some with or without a cooler. The ones without a cooler are a little less expensive: one without a cooler went for $9.99 earlier this year, while the most recent one with a cooler — the one we’re looking at here — currently costs $12.99. Both are well below the prices I’ve seen at other places online. Aldi seems to sell different versions of this at different times of the year, so if you miss out now, you might find another version in a few months.

This trunk organizer with cooler is 100% polyester. Full opened, it measures 25.6 inches wide, 13.3 inches deep, and 13.5 inches long. The packaging indicates that it’s made in China, but otherwise doesn’t indicate who makes it. There is no listed warranty.

It is held folded with Velcro straps, and when those straps are removed the organizer expands out. Once opened, it stretches into an organizer with three compartments of equal size. There are three hard pieces that can be placed at the bottom of each compartment to help the organizer keep its shape.

Auto XS Trunk Organizer With Cooler

At left: the 2016 trunk organizer. At right: the 2021 organizer, with the removable cooler next to it.

The cooler deserves some special mention. In the past, the cooler was a part of the organizer, but in this model it’s a removable cooler. That has some advantages, because you can fill up the cooler, seal it up, drop it into the organizer, and then remove it. The cooler fits in any of the three spaces on the organizer. In addition, if you don’t need the cooler, you can use the organizer without it.

The organizer has a couple of other features of note. There are mesh pockets on on end and along one side for storage. There is also Velcro along the bottom to help keep the organizer in place so it doesn’t slip around. And there are reinforced handles at the top that can be used in both the folded and unfolded positions.

The Verdict:

The Auto XS Trunk Organizer With Cooler is a versatile tool for the trunk. It folds and unfolds easily, and has a nice suite of features, including three storage areas, carry handles, Velcro on the bottom for preventing slippage, mesh pockets, and a removable cooler. We haven’t tested it for durability yet, but given our past experience with other versions of this organizer, we’re hopeful this one lasts us for years to come.

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  1. So the ‘cooler’ is simply a drop in insulated liner? No ice packs or electric cooler?

  2. Thank you. I’m a big fan of these and have one or two in each of my vehicles. When I used to shop an hour from home, I carried a cooler as well. I’d really like to see an insulated organizer with a cooled bottom that was powered by a solar panel that was magnetically secured to the top of the trunk. We already have solar panels and trunk organizers. Just need a DC cooling pad to go in the bottom of the organizer.

  3. Any indication if its washable?

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