Barissimo’s Seasonal Blend Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee

Barissimo’s Seasonal Blend Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee 1This is a guest post by Claire.

Aldi definitely doesn’t disappoint the pumpkin lover when it comes to their seasonal finds. Barissimo’s limited edition Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee is back on the shelves for the near future.

While nothing can beat a true pumpkin spice latte, I thought it may be worth trying out a flavored black coffee for the days when I feel like being economical or just don’t feel like consuming a pound of sugar.

This 100% Arabica coffee comes in your standard 12-ounce bag and is listed at $4.09 on Instacart. (It may be cheaper in stores.)

For your typical pot of coffee, they recommend adding 2 rounded tablespoons for every 6 ounces of water. Not wanting to have a heart attack at 8 a.m., I brewed my pot of coffee with 1 rounded tablespoon for every cup of water and then added one for the pot.

For a cold brew, they suggest the following:

  • In an airtight jar, combine 1 cup of ground coffee with 4 cups of cold water.
  • Steep for 12-24 hours.
  • Strain the coffee grounds through a cheesecloth or use a French press to filter.
  • Add additional cold water to the cold brew to desired strengths.
  • Enjoy black, or add milk and sugar to taste.
Barissimo’s Seasonal Blend Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee 2

Instructions. (Click to enlarge.)

If you like your coffee iced, they recommend brewing your coffee “double strength” by using 4 rounded tablespoons for every 6 ounces of water. This feels more like “kryptonite strength” to me, but by all means.

Once brewed, let cool and pour over ice. Flavor with milk and sugar as desired.

The ingredients of this specific blend consist of 100% arabica coffee and natural and artificial flavoring.

Barissimo’s Seasonal Blend Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee 3

For this review, I took my coffee black to get a sense of the flavor. The pumpkin spice notes are very mild but aromatic. It’s a light and smooth blend. If I were to make it again, I would likely add an extra scoop of coffee since the flavor is so subtle along with a bit of almond milk and stevia.

Barissimo’s Seasonal Blend Pumpkin Spice Ground Coffee 4

The Verdict:

While this is a smooth fall blend, it may disappoint pumpkin spice aficionados who frequent Starbucks’ drive through lanes on a regular basis. The pumpkin flavor is very muted yet pleasant and is a great breakfast coffee. If you’re a coffee lover who enjoys subtle hints of flavor that don’t smack you in the face, this is a great option for you.

Claire Tadokoro works in publishing in New York City. Her writing can be found at She’s on Twitter and Instagram @ClaireTadokoro.

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  1. I love this coffee. When I next tried to buy it at Aldi, there was none left. Is there any way to still get some?

  2. I buy, and look forward to, this coffee every year. This may have been my last. In the past, the intensity of the flavoring was strong, so I used one measure of this blend with 3 measures of a regular blend. Excited to get my new bag this year, I made my first pot. Nothing. No pumkin or spice flavor. I increased the amount used from the Pumpkin Spice bag with each pot. Nothing. Worked my way up to 100% Pumpkin Spice Blend. Just the tiniest hint of what? I’m not sure. Every morning I’m disappointed. Too cheap to throw it away, I’ll use it up. But I won’t forget this added insult to the disappointments in 2020.

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