Belavi 36 Inch Lattice Steel Fire Ring

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

If you want to build a fire in your backyard or on your property, you have two basic options. One is a fire pit, sometimes called a fire bowl. A fire pit is a device that sits off the ground. You burn your fire in the pit, and when you’re done, you put the fire out. Fire pits are portable, and while they won’t spare the grass beneath them, they do confine the damage.

The other alternative is a fire ring. A fire ring sits directly on the ground, with the earth being the floor. Fire rings are not portable like fire pits, but they do have some advantages. One, metal fire rings are usually much less expensive than metal fire pits. (On the other hand, if you craft a fire ring out of landscape bricks, you’ll pay a lot more.) Two, metal fire rings are often wider than pits or bowls, especially for the price.

Starting in 2020, Aldi started selling a fire pit, first under the Gardenline label and then under its new Belavi label. In 2021, Aldi brought the Belavi fire pit back, but it also introduced this fire ring.

Belavi Fire Ring

The Belavi 36 Inch Lattice Steel Fire Ring is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a limited time. Once it’s gone, it’s gone, at least until next year.

At the time of this post, the ring costs $29.99. This is a solid price for a ring. Our local hardware store does sell rings for around this price, but they’re smaller, so the Aldi one is a good deal.

The ring comes unassembled with the following:

  • Four ring pieces
  • Nuts and bolts for assembly
  • A manual
  • A warranty card
Belavi Fire Ring

The parts. (Click to enlarge.)

The ring comes with a 2-year warranty, backed by Dong Fang Jun Ma Trading Company. I couldn’t find a company website, but it appears the company is an importer of products from China.

Belavi Fire Ring

The warranty card. (Click to enlarge.)

While assembly isn’t too hard, it’s not a bad idea to look at the instructions before getting started. For example, you’ll benefit from having something to hold the nut and something to turn the bolt, such as two wrenches, one wrench and one open wrench, or something to that effect. You can hand-tighten the bolts, but it’s going to be an easier and longer-lasting job if you use tools. Another tip is to make sure you use a consistent pattern overlapping the pieces, such as making sure each piece is layered under the piece to the right of it.

The instructions say that assembly takes 10 minutes. That’s about how long it took me.

Belavi Fire Ring

The ring feels pretty solid and has good space for building a fire. The lattice work is well-ventilated, so it’s suited nicely for building a fire.

One thing I can’t speak to is longevity. This ring is powder-coated steel, which may or may not last a long time outside. Rings I’ve purchased in the past tend to break down after a few years, so time will tell how long this one holds out.

Belavi Fire Ring

In action.

The Verdict:

The Belavi 36 Inch Lattice Steel Fire Ring is a low-cost option for building a fire in your backyard or on your property. It’s wide enough for a good fire while also allowing for a lot of airflow. It’s not as portable as a fire pit, but if that’s not a concern this is worth a look. I don’t know how long the powder-coated steel will last, but the 2-year warranty is nice to have.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your review.
    I tend to think outside the box. So I’m thinking this might work to keep my neighbors dog from tipping over my trash cans. I think I can find a way to stabilize them, then all I would do is set the trash cans inside.
    They are decorative too.
    What do you think?


    • It would be hard to say without trying it. It’s pretty wide and moderately tall, but it would be hard to say how will it would stabilize a trash can until you placed it inside. (As a fire ring it works pretty good, though.)

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