Belavi Kinetic Wind Spinner

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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Spring means many things, but more than anything else it means getting outside. After a long cold winter, spring is being able to sit out on the porch and enjoy the return of warmer temperatures and outdoor activities. But not too warm: spring is that time when a light jacket or even short sleeves are enough to be comfortable, before the heat of summer might chase you back into your home’s air conditioning.

For quite a few people, spring means tidying up the outside as well. This can be both aggravating (mowing the lawn seemingly every week) and exciting (getting to experiment with new seeds in the garden). Adding new little touches can be nice, too, from landscaping to small accent décor. I’ve always had a soft spot for wind vanes, wind chimes, and other wind-powered extras, so when Aldi recently sold a wind spinner, I decided to take one … well, for a spin.

Belavi Kinetic Wind Spinner

The Belavi Mini Kinetic Wind Spinner (Product Code: 701033) is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a limited time. As of this post, the wind spinner cost $14.99. That seems on par with mini wind spinners I’ve seen online, so it’s at least competitively priced, if not a little cheaper than many others.

According to the packaging, it’s “rust resistant.” It is made in China and does not come with any kind of warranty. At the time we reviewed it, it came in three versions: rustic, bee, or flower. We went with rustic.

The spinner comes out of the box with the parts to either hang it up or stake it in the ground. The instructions are pretty simple to follow, and there are no tools required — just hand-tighten everything into place and put it where you want to put it. I was able to assemble everything in about five minutes. I started by removing a bolt holding the two spinners together, then went from there.

Belavi Kinetic Wind Spinner

The instructions.

The standing dimensions are 15 inches wide, 5.5 inches deep, and 52 inches tall, while the hanging dimensions are 15 inches wide, 5.5 inches deep, and 22 inches tall.

Belavi Kinetic Wind Spinner

We tried out the spinner in both the staked and hanging configurations, and both seem to work adequately enough. I found the spinner didn’t seem to spin all that much, even in a breeze. I tried adding some WD-40, but it still didn’t do a lot. It was a moderately breezy day when we tested it and we moved it around to places getting more crosswind, but I still didn’t see a lot of movement. It’s still cool looking, but it’s not a windmill.

Belavi Kinetic Wind Spinner

We took video during one of the rare exceptions.

Also, one of our supporting ground stakes broke. Part of the reason is that we moved it around several times and probably wore it out, but it’s also a cautionary tale. Be very careful if you intend to move this around a lot.

Belavi Kinetic Wind Spinner


The Verdict:

The Belavi Mini Kinetic Wind Spinners are cute spinners at a good price. They don’t spin as much as I would have liked — and I also learned the ground stakes can only take so much abuse — but as a lawn ornament they’re not bad.

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  1. We purchased the one with the bees/flowers design and put it on our front lawn. It looks really nice out there! It was easy to assemble, though we can see it isn’t the sturdiest metal. We have it staked to the ground, and it does lean one way or another a lot, but overall still stays put. I can see how it might break, as the article mentions. The spinner itself looks more durable.

    This bee spinner does SPIN! A LOT! We must have found the ideal spot for it. For the price, it was worth it.

  2. Mariana Harriss

    We purchased the rustic one and are also experiencing a lack of spinning. It’s cool looking but would be a lot better if the spinning part actually worked. Wish it I had read this review before purchasing.


    It looked great in the package. I purchase one and upon working on assembly the posts and one cap for the spinner were not in the box. how do I get the posts or should I simply return the spinner (Belavi wind spinner) two spinner mount.

  4. I thought I was going crazy! I bought the peacock one last week and it sways side to side but never all the way around. Where I live I get TONS of wind. It’s cute up, but some spin would be nice

    • I too have problems with spinning. When hand spin, it seems like its got a “heavy” spot and settles into that. Even tried to bend the spokes, still wants to settle.

    • Hi, we have the same one but can’t fit the peacock heads on so leaving them off as no room for it to screw on

  5. We bought the Bee spinner it is missing one locking cap how do we get one ?

  6. I got no locking caps either sad day.

  7. My spinner also does not spin and it is definitely not rustproof but it must have been one of the last in stock and taking it back will not get me a new one. Disappointing to say the least. Take the word spinner out of the description and just use decorative.

  8. Stephanie Moore

    I was very excited to purchase my Garden Spinner only to return from vacation to find out the box was missing pieces…… two bottom stake no top……Disappointing……

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