Benton’s Fruity Marshmallow Flavored Unicorn Crème Cookies

Aldi has released a variety of unicorn-themed treats, one of the most recent and memorable for me being the Sundae Shoppe unicorn ice cream cones. So it wasn’t surprising to find these cookies with a unicorn theme on the shelves. I usually find the unicorn-themed items fun and interesting, so I picked these up hoping they’d live up to the other unicorn treats.

Benton's Fruity Marshmallow Flavored Unicorn Creme Cookies

The Benton’s Fruity Marshmallow Flavored Unicorn Crème Filled Cookies are $1.99 for a 15.25-ounce package and are an Aldi Find, so they are only around for a limited time, though these cookies haven’t sold very fast. We’re still seeing them in our local store at least a month after they came out. Once they’re sold out at your store, you can’t order them online.

These have the look of Oreo knockoffs. From time to time, Aldi likes to sell Oreo-style sandwich cookies like these with different flavors, including Neapolitan, lemon, latte, caramel apple, hot cocoa, and more.

There are around 30 unicorn cookies per package, with about 15 servings per container, and one serving is 2 cookies. You aren’t going to be surprised that these cookies are extremely unhealthy. There are 140 calories per serving. There are 6g of total fat, 3g of saturated fat, 21g of total carbohydrates, and 13g of added sugars. As for allergens, these cookies contain soy, wheat, and possibly peanuts.

Benton's Fruity Marshmallow Flavored Unicorn Creme Cookies

Nutrition and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

As for the taste, the packaging says they have a fruity marshmallow taste. This is half accurate. They definitely have a marshmallow taste, but they’re not really fruity. The filling almost tastes like the marshmallow in Lucky Charms. I would prefer normal crème filled cookies even without the unicorn theme.

Some people in my family liked them, and some didn’t. One person said they have almost a grainy texture in the crème, like soft filling with bits of sugar. Most people in my house ate them, though.

Benton's Fruity Marshmallow Flavored Unicorn Creme Cookies

The Verdict:

With these cookies, I feel like the idea is cooler than the real thing. The flavor wasn’t really what I expected compared to the other Oreo-inspired cookies Aldi has sold. I wasn’t a huge fan, though the rest of the family thought they were solid, and the taste was fine, so it’s a matter of preference. I would still recommend them, and I think most people would enjoy them.

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  1. These cookies are good! Bring them back please….

  2. These cookies taste just like Grandma vanilla cookies but 10 x’s better. Due to them being unhealthy, I promise I will eat these in moderation. Please bring back!!

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