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Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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Aluminum foil is a useful tool to keep in the kitchen. I like to use it for covering food that’s going in the fridge, since I find it easier to work with than plastic wrap. I also like to use it when lining certain things if I want to cut down on the mess.

Some people also use it for lining baking sheets, and foil does work effectively that way. I used to, too. I don’t as much now because there are some concerns about whether high heat can cause aluminum to leech into food. Instead, I mostly use parchment paper (which Aldi does not sell) to line my baking sheets. For grilling or camping purposes, though, parchment paper isn’t good enough, so in those cases I use foil.

Aldi sells a solid heavy duty foil as an Aldi Find that I like for camping. For home purposes, or when I need foil and the heavy duty foil isn’t available, I go with the Aldi general purpose foil.

Boulder Aluminum Foil

Boulder Aluminum Foil is an Aldi Regular Buy, which means you can find it in stores all year. At the time of this writing, the foil costs $2.35. The roll is 75 square feet — 12 inches (1 foot) wide by 75 feet — which comes out to 3.1 cents a square foot. That’s cheaper than the bulk Amazon foil (3.9 cents a foot) and about the same as similarly sized Walmart foil. You can get Walmart foil for cheaper, but you have to get more foil to get there. Overall, then the Aldi foil is a solid price.

The foil has a couple of features common to foil boxes. One, there is a serrated cutting tool along the inside of the box for tearing purposes. Two, there are tabs along the side of the box that can be pushed into the roll to hold it in place. Together, these do a good enough job of setting the foil up to be torn off. Our box did separate a little at one end, but it hasn’t hurt use much.

I would say this foil works fine. It’s serviceable for covering dishes, and it holds up well enough for those times when I have to use it in the oven. I wish it was wider like Aldi heavy duty foil, because some dishes need me to layer two pieces of foil, but beyond that it does what I need it to do.

The Verdict:

I’ve found Boulder Aluminum Foil to be a decent everyday foil. It’s inexpensive, tears off the roll easily, and works for the things I need it to work for. I like wider foils when I can get them, but for most kitchen uses this does just fine.

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  1. I bought this boulder foil and it is all stuck together like glue it’s a pain in butt how can I contact the company to get my money back its aweful.

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