FACT CHECK: Is Aldi Discontinuing Lacura Face Care Products?

Last Updated on May 6, 2024

EDITOR’S NOTE: See our update on Lacura face creams with new packaging toward the end of this post. 

Sometime in early April of 2024, we started seeing rumors on Aldi fan social media pages claiming that Aldi is discontinuing its private label Lacura facial care products, or possibly all of its Lacura personal care products. Aldi is known to tweak or even discontinue certain products with no notice. We weren’t sure if that was the case with the Lacura products, so we did a little research to see what information we could find.

First, Lacura is a general personal care product line at Aldi. Lacura is not a company. Instead, it’s the name Aldi puts on the personal care products it carries, which it sources from various suppliers. The Lacura private label has encompassed a variety of everyday Regular Buy products including shampoo and conditionerbody wash, and sunscreen. Aldi also rotates limited-time Aldi Find specials into stores at different times, and those products have included Lacura-branded mascara, eyeshadow, and lip balm.

Lately, rumors have swirled on social media that Aldi is discontinuing its line of Lacura products. Is that true?

The short answer is that Aldi is not discontinuing the entire Lacura line, but Aldi has temporarily removed some individual products while it changes the packaging.

Let’s dig into exactly what that means.


The current speculation on social media seems to center primarily around the Lacura Face Care Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream and Lacura Face Care Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream that Aldi has sold as everyday Regular Buys for years, and also possibly Lacura H20 Advance Aqua Gel. We’ve personally used the night cream for a long time. The rumor also sometimes extends to all Lacura products, with some people expressing concern about face wipes or facial cleansers going away as well.

We’re not sure how the rumors got started or where they originated, but the posts we’ve been seeing on social media look like this:

Aldi Lacura

This was posted on Aldi Insiders, the Facebook fan page that Aldi manages. The day cream and night cream in question are in the small stacked boxes on the left, while the H20 Advance Aqua Gel is in the single small box in the middle. Credit: Facebook.

We’ve also seen people asking where this rumor came from, including in the screenshot below showing a post on the Aldi Aisle of Shame Community Facebook page, which is an independent Aldi fan page.

Aldi Lacura

This was posted on the Aldi Aisle of Shame Community Facebook page. Credit: Facebook.

In the comment thread for the post shown above, more than one person posted a screenshot (shown below) taken from the Aldi US Facebook page, which is the official Aldi Facebook page in the United States. The screenshot shows Aldi saying that Lacura face care products are not being discontinued.

Aldi Lacura

This screenshot from Aldi USA’s Facebook page was shared in the comments on a post on the Aldi Aisle of Shame Community Facebook page. Credit: Facebook

But then there’s a twist. Farther down on that same post asking where the rumor started, someone posted a screenshot of correspondence with Aldi US on Facebook Messenger, which shows Aldi stating: “The current Lacura anti aging products are no longer in stores. But don’t worry, they will be back in May with a new look.”

Aldi Lacura

This screenshot was posted in the comments on a post on the Aldi Aisle of Shame Community Facebook page. Credit: Facebook.

Taken at face value, it looks like we’re seeing two different responses from Aldi. Sometimes Aldi says the Lacura face creams are not going away, and sometimes it says the products have temporarily gone away but will return with a new look in May.

We did some further digging by visiting the website for Aldi US, went to the Products tab, and selected the Personal Care category. From there, we selected Shop All Body & Skin Care, which took us to a page that shows several personal care products, including Source bar soap (Source is another Aldi house brand), and several name brands such as Olay body wash, Old Spice body wash and deodorant, and Secret deodorant. This page shows a few Lacura products, including Lacura body wash, Lacura Cleansing Exfoliating Scrub, and Lacura Foaming Gel Cleanser. However, at the time of this post, the Lacura anti-wrinkle day cream and night cream for faces is missing. The fact that those face creams don’t show up on the product page might be evidence that they’re discontinued, but we don’t know for sure.

We reached out to Aldi directly and heard back. Aldi stated that the Lacura day cream and night cream face care products will “definitely be back, but they might have a new look.”

Aldi Lacura

Here’s what Aldi told us directly when we messaged them through Facebook.

Update (May 6, 2024):

Lacura face cream 2024

We found this single case of Lacura face care products in a local Aldi store in early May 2024.

In early May, we found a single case of Lacura face creams packaged in boxes at our local Aldi store. It had been at least a month since we’d last seen them in stores. There was no price sign for them on the shelves, and on the outside they appeared to look identical to the old face creams, and they seem to have the same ingredients and formula. We bought the night cream, which was always a personal favorite.

Lacura Face Care Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream 2024

The Lacura night cream in a plastic container that we picked up in early May of 2024 in our local store.

Upon opening the box of night cream at home, we discovered a noticeable difference compared to the old face creams. The night cream we bought came in a plastic container instead of the old glass jar with plastic lid it’s been sold in for years. Is this the “new look” Aldi told us about? And why the move to plastic instead of glass? We don’t know any certain answers to these questions. We’ll continue to keep an eye on stock availability at our local stores and will update this post with any potential new developments.

Lacura Face Care Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream 2024

Night cream in a plastic container.

Closing Thoughts:

Aldi has confirmed to us that it is repackaging its Lacura anti-wrinkle day and night creams and that they will eventually be back, but they’ll look different. At the time when we published this post, we were not seeing these products in stores or on Aldi’s website. That’s not unusual for Aldi, which is known to rotate products in and out of its Regular Buy stock.

After an absence of about a month, we found a single case of the day and night creams and aqua gel in one of our local stores, and the night cream we purchased came in an all-plastic container instead of the old familiar glass jar with plastic lid it’s been packaged in for years. We’re not sure why the packaging change occurred — it could be a supplier issue, or something else we don’t know about.

However, we don’t see any evidence — not yet, at least — that Aldi is discontinuing the entire Lacura line. Aldi has never said it is doing so, including to us.

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  1. Has anyone seen the Lacura Oatmeal Body Lotion in the store? I love this lotion but haven’t been able to find it lately.

    • I found the oatmeal lotion in my local store the other day. It doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, but some people may be panic-buying Lacura products in general right now due to rumors, so I wouldn’t be surprised if certain products are temporarily out of stock in some stores.

      • By contrast, I haven’t been able to find either the oatmeal lotion or the Source soap bar for a couple of months. The face creams just disappeared last week.

  2. This was the reply I received from Aldi re Lacura Facial Products: Case # 00835196

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, this product is not currently available, and we do not have any additional information as to if or when it will be in stores. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. We will forward your feedback to our Buying department.

    ALDI Customer Service

    • I’ve been using Lacura night creme for many years. It’s the only moisturizer I’ve found that doesn’t cause eczema on my face. Hope it comes back soon.

  3. Aldi states the Lacura face creams “will be back in May with a new look”. Why?

    Did Aldi get in trouble for selling facial creams made in Germany that might not have met certain U.S. FDA standards?


    Did Aldi, like a lot of other manufacturers, decide to cash in on a popular product by repackaging into smaller sizes and using cheaper packaging, while also raising the price…using “inflation” as a reason?

    It will be interesting to see what the “new look” will be, because let’s face it, it really was too good to be true that those creams were priced so low for the amount in the jar (glass jar, too).

    • Hard to say. It might be a little premature to assume the worst, but we won’t know for sure until the new product hits stores. We’ll certainly write about it when it happens.

  4. I purchased the lacura mascara and have found it to b dried out and not the same as it was last year. It was the regular mascara not the waterproof one. Has something changed in tbe manufacturing of this product or was it just old. I was so disappointed since it was so wonderful last year.

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