Household Cleaning Products, Aldi Style

Household cleaning products, Aldi style

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated March 2019 to reflect that Radiance Disinfectant Wipes have replaced the Freshine Disinfecting Wipes. Also updated to include new Radiance cleaning sprays.  Aldi carries a small selection of household cleaning products, all near the laundry section of the store. I frequently use Aldi’s disinfecting wipes and their…

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Dish Washing with Aldi

Reeva Dishwasher Powder Pacs

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aldi has discontinued the Reeva line of dish washing products. Supplies for washing dishes can now be found under the Radiance label at Aldi. Visit this link to read about the new products. Aldi offers a small selection of products for dish washing. It’s not as vast as…

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USDA Choice Strip Steak

We’ve put a lot of Aldi red meats through the paces this year. We’ve profiled the bacon-wrapped chuck filet, the top sirloin, and our personal favorite, the ribeye. (We’ve also reviewed some of Aldi’s burger lineup.) In this post, we turn our attention to another component of the Aldi beef lineup: the strip…

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