Crane Ladies Fitness Tights

I used to leave the house to go to work five days a week, mainly wearing dresses with blazers, reserving my more comfortable clothes for the weekends only. But then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and, like many people, I’ve been working from home and dressing comfortably ever since. So I’m always on the lookout to refresh my “athleisure” collection of leggings and soft shirts with pieces that are inexpensive and durable.

Crane Ladies Fitness Tights

Aldi has picked up on this trend and has increased its casual clothing selection under its Crane label, including a Ladies Fitness Tight (leggings), which was on sale at my local Aldi for $9.99 at the time of publication. These tights (leggings) are an Aldi Find, meaning they are available for a limited time only, and Aldi does not offer shipping.

Crane Ladies Fitness Tights



Aldi sizing is notoriously inconsistent. I find that sometimes a Small fits me perfectly and other times I need a Medium. The type of clothing doesn’t seem to matter, either. I’ve bought tops and bottoms in both sizes, and some are just cut more generously than others.

These tights only come in three sizes: Medium (8-10), Large (12-14), and Extra Large (16-18). I tried the Medium since that was the closest to my normal size.

They fit me perfectly, which tells me that they run a bit small for a Medium, considering I have other pairs of Crane leggings in a size Small that also fit me well. So if you’re uncertain about which size to get, I advise sizing up.


The tights (seriously– why aren’t they called leggings?) are 65% polyester and 35% spandex. The polyester makes them lightweight and durable, while the spandex adds lots of stretch. The material is thinner than the athletic leggings I normally wear (maybe that’s why they’re “tights?”), so these will be good for warmer months. They would be much too thin for winter here in the Midwest, although they might be good to layer under jeans or other heavier pants.

The tights come in a small variety of colors and lengths. I picked up a full-length pair in purple and a mid-calf length pair in green. The colors are vivid and attractive and will go well with my spring tops.

Although lightweight, my underwear did not show through (no dreaded “panty line”), which can be an issue with leggings.

The package states that they are machine washable but should not be put in the dryer, ironed, or dry-cleaned. I washed mine and hung them up to dry, and they dried quickly. I don’t know who would iron or dry-clean leggings, but if that’s you, please stop. You’re making the rest of us look bad.


The tights advertise a wide elastic waistband as well as “moisture transport,” “fast drying,” and “cooling effect.”

I haven’t worn these in hot enough weather to tell you where, exactly, the tights will transport my moisture (sweat), but I’ll be curious to find out once summer hits. I hope it’s “into the air” and not “running down into my ankles,” but time will tell. They do dry fast, and they feel cool, so far, but again, the true test will come in a month or so.

The elastic waistband is another consideration.

The model pictured on the label shows the waistband ending just below her belly button. But I’m short-waisted for my height, so it comes up a little over my belly button, standing or sitting. The elastic panel on the waist itself is about 3.5 inches wide. By contrast, my go-to athletic leggings (from Amazon) have a 5-inch-wide elastic panel. I like a wide, smoothing panel over my stomach, especially for working out, so I wish this one was as wide as my other leggings. However, it’s still comfortable and flattering.

Both pairs also have a drawstring waist, which seems unnecessary given that they are meant to be form-fitting and shouldn’t need to be tightened further. But it’s fine.

Pockets differ between the two pairs: the long pair has one zippered pocket that’s large enough to hold my oversized iPhone. The shorter pair has two side pockets that are also deep enough for a phone or wallet. This is a plus versus my Amazon leggings, which have one really tiny pocket on the waist that can’t hold anything bigger than a credit card.

Working Out

These are fitness tights, after all, so I wore them to my local gym to try them out. They were very comfortable and didn’t slip, droop, or bunch as I exercised. The lightweight material kept me from feeling hot or uncomfortable during my workout. I’ll definitely continue to wear both pairs (not at the same time) in my future workouts.

The Verdict:

Both pairs of tights are lightweight, attractive, comfortable, and flattering. I like the colors, which are a nice change from my usual gray or black, especially for spring. They would be great for spring/ summer travel, since they pack small and dry quickly. They’re equally good for going to the gym, the store, or sitting through a Zoom meeting. And at $9.99, they’re not a big risk, financially.

If you like athleisure leggings, I recommend you get a pair. Or two!

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