Serra Ladies’ Fall Ankle Length Jeggings

Last Updated on December 16, 2017

I love jeggings. Love them! They’re a fall/winter staple for me. I wear them with tunics and boots, sweaters and boots, casual dresses and boots… you get the idea. So of course I was intrigued when I noticed my local Aldi selling jeggings under its Serra line for $9.99. After seeing them for a couple of weeks, I finally caved and bought a pair.

Serra Jeggings


The material is thick and soft, and the color is good. They’re very comfortable to wear and don’t have the “show through” thin quality that really cheap leggings can have. They look convincingly like denim. The color is a dark wash but definitely more blue than black. It’s a nice, neutral color that you can dress up or dress down.


I’m normally a 4 in jeans, so I bought the S (4-6) size. The fit is a little big on me, so I’d say it’s closer to a 6 than a 4. They look fine with my clothes, though, and I’m wearing them today with a fitted tunic-style shirt. There’s no bunching or obvious gaps or baggy knees, etc.  But they feel looser than I would like in the waist and crotch, and I worry they could get looser with time and wear. (The downside of stretchy material is its tendency to stretch out.)

The Verdict:

I like the way these leggings feel, and I’ll appreciate the extra give after the past week’s Thanksgiving feast. But I don’t think I’ll buy them again since the fit runs bigger than I hoped. If you’re in the market, I’d say that it’s safe to assume that the larger size in the size range on the package is the accurate one.

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  1. I found these to be ill fitting. Maybe it’s just my body. I bought a pair last year that fit better, but I did learn then to buy a size smaller than I normally wear.

  2. I bought a twin pack, the blue and black, the fabric is so soft, they are generous in size,, the colors pretty,i love the comfort and fit, i am going back to buy every color, great value,

  3. They fit perfectly for my body. I’m a L and I went back to get some more but they are gone. I hope Aldi bring more in later because I asked the clerk and she said it is one of those weekly sales.

  4. I have two pair and love them. Would like to get more if you tell me where

  5. A week ago I bought a pair of knee length roll up woman’s Serra shorts with a tag and button . Size 14 . They are a perfect fit and I so desperately would love to buy another 2 pair . I went back to my local store and there were none in site . I don’t care what colour may be available . Could you help me with my search please .

  6. I bought a 2pack bundle of the legging. They are very comfortable and soft. While recently wearing a pair I noticed several small pin head holes along the inner leg. I bought these during the summer and I’m sure I don’ t have the receipt. Is there any way I can get a replacement pair or refund. Item #11332 M-Olive. How should I handle this issue? Thanking you in advance

  7. This comment is not so much about the jeggins itself but about the packaging. A warning to everyone about the cardboard that the jeggings are wrapped in. I bought them from Aldi and when I slid the jeggings out from the bottom, I cute my finger real good. That edge of the packaging is real sharp.

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