Crofton Freeze Pop Trays

Last Updated on June 16, 2020

We’ve got a couple of traditional freeze pop molds in our kitchen cabinets. They’re the classic hard plastic molds with plastic handles, and to release the freezer pops we hold them briefly under warm running water in the sink. Sometimes they pop out easily and sometimes we have to tug on them a bit, and we’re also limited to pretty basic shapes for our freezer pops. But they do the job, and I like making our own freeze pops because I can control ingredients and use 100% fruit juice with no added sugar.

Then my kids asked me to pick up some flexible silicone freeze pop trays they noticed in a recent Aldi ad.

Crofton Freeze Pop Trays

Crofton Freeze Pop Trays come in unicorn, penguin, and polar bear varieties, plus another creature I couldn’t immediately identify, and they cost $2.99 at the time of publication for a set that makes two freeze pops. They are Aldi Finds (Special Buys), which means they are only in stores for a short time, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Crofton Freeze Pop Trays

Crofton Freeze Pop Trays

Crofton Freeze Pop Trays

These freeze pop trays are dishwasher safe and BPA free, with a flexible silicone tray that allows for easy removal of the freeze pops. They are made in China.

Each set comes with the flexible silicone tray, two hard plastic sticks/handles, and a hard clear plastic lid.

Crofton Freeze Pop Trays

Instructions for use. (Click to enlarge.)

The packaging offers these instructions for use:

  1. Insert the stick handles.
  2. Fill with your favorite beverage. Cover and freeze.
  3. To remove, push each mold up from underneath, grasp the handle, and enjoy.

We filled these molds with Nature’s Nectar Mango Passion Fruit Juice and Nature’s Nectar Grape Juice, which are both 100% juice with no added sugar.

Crofton Freeze Pop Trays

Filled with juice, just waiting for the lid to be put on and to be put in the freezer.

Crofton Freeze Pop Trays

With the plastic lid on top, ready to go in the freezer.

The freeze pops are easy to remove from the molds, and they don’t require the use of warm running water to pop them out like the old-fashioned plastic freeze pop molds. My kids were impressed by the level of detail in their freeze pops, too. You can clearly see facial features and unicorn manes. Both shapes turned out well, but I think the unicorn shows a little more detail. We’re looking forward to experimenting with freeze pops in different flavors through the summer.

Crofton Freeze Pop Trays

A mango passion fruit unicorn.

Crofton Freeze Pop Trays

A mango passion fruit penguin.

Perhaps the only downside to these molds is that they don’t make a large number of freeze pops at one time. If you’re making them for a crowd, you’ll want to buy several molds. The freeze pops also aren’t that large, so if you want giant popsicles, these trays might not be for you.

The Verdict:

Crofton Freeze Pop Trays are cute and easy to use. I bought the penguin, polar bear, and unicorn freeze pop trays. The resulting freeze pops have a good amount of detail, and it’s a cinch to pop them out of the flexible silicone molds. The only drawback is that each set only makes two freeze pops at a time, so you need several sets if you plan to make a lot of freeze pops.

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