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Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Dentiguard Powered ToothbrushIn recent years, Aldi has added an electric toothbrush to its Special Buy rotation. (This is not to be confused with the more deluxe Dentiguard Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush.) I remember being intrigued the first time I saw these on the shelves, but also a little concerned. At my last cleaning, my dentist had suggested an electric toothbrush, but the ones he tossed out were expensive, some more than $100. The Aldi electric toothbrush, meanwhile, was less than $5. The price was so low that I immediately wondered what the catch was. If I use this, am I somehow more likely to get cavities? I figured it was going to be inferior to the expensive ones in some way — it had to be — but how, exactly?

Eventually, I gave in and took the plunge. In fact, I ended up buying two of them across two years. Here is what I learned.

The Dentiguard Power Toothbrush comes with the toothbrush and four brush heads. The brush heads are very easy to swap out. The bristles, according to the package, are made by DuPont. (You can get soft or medium bristles. I went soft.) The brush heads are meant to last three months, so with what’s in the package you’re good for a year. It’s supposedly possible to order replacement heads, but I would guess it’s probably cheaper just to get a new toothbrush every year, which is what I did.

The toothbrush is powered by AA batteries. I went through the original batteries pretty quickly, as well as a second pair of batteries. For the third battery set, I used a pair of Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries, which are designed for higher power devices like digital cameras and other electronic devices. The Ultimate batteries lasted a lot longer than the others, and that would be what I would suggest if you don’t want to mess with replacing the batteries every few weeks. No matter how you slice it, though, you’ll probably pay more for batteries than you do for the toothbrush.

So … does it clean? I thought so. Between the design of the bristles and the movement of the brush head, I felt like it did a pretty thorough cleaning. You pretty much just hold the brush over your teeth and gums and let it do the work.

The true test came with my dentist. Good news there: I had no cavities or other dental problems in the time I used it, so the toothbrush appears to do what it’s supposed to do. (I could never own up to the dentist that I had entrusted my teeth to a $5 powered toothbrush, though.)

After the first year using up the heads on my first toothbrush, I liked it enough that I bought a second. However, a little over halfway into the second brush’s life, it stopped working. To be fair, the brush comes with a one-year warranty, but I didn’t go that route so I can’t speak to whether the warranty process is worth it.

The Verdict:

For an absurdly cheap price, we found the Dentiguard Power Toothbrush to be effective at keeping the cavities away, although it can drain conventional batteries quickly. We also had mixed results with reliability, although the toothbrush does come with a warranty.


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  1. My dentiguard worked until I had to change the batteries!!! Anything I can do to make it work again or please just replace it. Didn’t save receipt. Worked fine on my teeth.

    • I feel your pain. If you have the packaging you can try calling the support number, but you might have to replace it.

    • This happened to me twice. Both toothbrushes worked fine until it was time to replace the batteries. First I thought it was a fluke with the first toothbrush, but when I encountered the same issue with the second battery I got really annoyed. Is this a predetermined end-of-life product cycle? And, of course, the price of the product is such that it isn’t worth the time to pursue remediation. Frustrating!

    • I have a dentigaurd that just died. Dead. I have changed batteries twice, that ok. And new heads are inevitable. But the whole thing dead??!!
      I purchased in an effort to avoid plastic toothbrushes, one item that tons of the plastic washes on our beaches. Now I have to start over?

  2. jim eisenhower

    I bought three

    im 84 & still heve my teeth

    gave two to friends.. bought at aldi $6.99 ea. / weekly sale over

    id like to buy a few. how can I mnanage this purchace?

  3. I have purchased this every time they had it for the last several years. It is worth the price for the replacement heads alone. I have only had one toothbrush to stop working. It is a great buy and good toothbrush.

    • I clean my teeth manually with a toothbrush using toothpaste..
      Swish Rinse with water and then polish my teeth with baking soda using the Dentiguard.. rise w a mouthwash!
      Love it!!

  4. How to change brushes

  5. I just bought two and in a months time one stopped working, I changed the batteries and it still doesn’t work. I don’t have the receipt and am very disappointed. I thought this was a good buy because it came with 2 replacement heads

  6. I’ve been using my original handle for at least 4 years. I swap heads very rarely because I don’t push too hard to wear it out. My better half has hers stop working once in a while but I’m able to get it to work again by using a tweezers to manually turn the spindle with the brush head removed. I once put a tiny drop of 3 in 1 oil on the spindle and that helped a lot. (I had to remove the motor from the inside which is very simple to do with a needle nose pliers.) Mine has never seized up but I am very thorough when cleaning it. Hers has finally bit the dust and we are waiting for Aldi to get them in again since they are not always on the shelf.

  7. I have a dentiguard advanced dual motion model1714. I don’t remember when I bought. But, a couple of weeks back I found from my lost treasure. It didn’t work. I replaced with new batteries and still don’t work. Any suggestions, please.

  8. Guess I should be thrilled that my dentiguard toothbrush worked for about three years, maybe a bit more! It plugs in, though, no batteries to replace which I like. Wish I would have bought another one when they were available a few months ago. I think the price was around $25.00, not $5.00. Silly me thought that was expensive until I checked out the others (kept under lock and key @ the Ingles grocery store!).i didn’t change the brush heads as frequently as recommended and still have three left. I think six were included. Maybe I’ll try the repair method mentioned earlier. In the meantime I brush my teeth with the dentiguard and a bit of old fashioned elbow grease. Works better than a manual brush because it’s easier for my crippled hand to grasp. Perhaps I should have unplugged it while I was away for just under 14 days because it had died during that time (due to loneliness, neglect, boredom?….it won’t say…)

  9. These toothbrushes are nearly junk. They work great at first but seize after about three months. I managed to open them up and free up the motor in two of them, but they don’t work as well. One of them seized up again. I did not save the receipt. I did contact the manufacturer and never received a response. I will never buy Dentiguard again!

  10. So I read many comments about the dentiguard power toothbrush I purchased at Aldi… Love 😍 it till I had to change battery & now it’s not working… I DON’T understand why we have to wait till Aldi runs special again, why can’t we get a replacement if there r many that have same issue?!!!

    • Look down inside. There is a + and a – to tell which way to insert the batteries. You may have I settled them backwards. It won’t work if batteries aren’t in right.

  11. I have the rechargeable one that you plug into a wall outlet. I had one before which died before I ran out of brushes. Of course I didn’t have the receipt. You’d think the brushes would fit this model, but noo… that would make too much sense. Anyway, they’re cheap enough so that I bought two of them this time.

    • PS: I think I paid around $25.for the first one several years ago (more than 5, for sure) and then kept waiting and looking and looking and waiting for them to appear again. This time I think I paid less than $20 for one. Certainly II never saw one for $5.00!

  12. I purchased a dentgaurd power toothbrush a while back, i did not use it until this year. The first time i had to change the batteries ,it worked for two days . The casing became so hot , i turned off and was never able to use it again. my dentist gave me good reviews while was using it. PLEASE HELP|||||

  13. Been using this toothbrush for several years….never had a problem and my dentist was so pleased with my 6 months checkup…..need to get extra brushes soon

  14. I had the same problem when I changed the batteries on my Dentiguard electric toothbrush. I would not give up until I solved the problem.
    It appears that both batteries should go in the same way, but they don’t.
    Put one in with the positive facing up and the negative down.
    Works fine now!

    • Look down inside. There is a + and a – to tell which way to insert the batteries. You may have I settled them backwards. It won’t work if batteries aren’t in right.

  15. The Dentiguard looks a lot like the Arm & Hammer Sprinbrush. Are the brush heads the same? Anyone tried the Dentiguard brush headson a Spinbrush and vice versa?

  16. I as well bought and tried the Dentiguard electric toothbrush. What a piece of junk. I purchased it from Aldi and didn’t keep the receipt or packaging. Now with the COVID 19, I doubt Aldi would have given my money back anyway. Don’t purchase this item unless you have money to throw away.

  17. I bought a Dentiguard toothbrush about two years ago and love it. To keep from having to constantly change batteries, I use rechargeable batteries. I recharge them about once a month at night after brushing my teeth and they are charged, ready to go the next morning. They are more expensive initially, but over time they are less than constantly buying new batteries.

  18. I have been an Aldi shopper for 18 years. First in Malone, New York, and then in Toms River, New Jersey and now in Boynton Beach, Florida. When will Aldi’s have the Dentiguard power toothbrush again. I have looked all over, and cannot seem to purchase them.

  19. Love my Dentiguard toothbrush. I had one for about 3 years before it crashed so bought another one. Make sure you keep it cleaned out under the detachable brush. Mine quit working at first after about a year because it was clogged up with hardened toothpaste sludge. Hey, for $5 it is a great brush. Beforehand I had an expensive toothbrush (about $70) that the replacement brushes were $9 ea. and it only lasted 5 years. My dentist is pleased with my oral hygiene.

  20. My Dentiguard worked for 2 years. When it stopped (even after replacing the alkaline batteries) I took off the brush. Washed out some dried toothpaste, oiled the spindle, turned the body a couple of times using needle nose pliers. Now it again works well.

  21. Hello –

    I have a Aldi Dentiguard. I am looking for directions to swap brush head with new one.

    • I am looking through this feed because I too, am unable to swap the brush head. I read to twist the brush head counterclockwise while firmly holding the handle part. But my brush head will not budge.

  22. Buy an “Equate” at Walmart. Functionally & mechanically identical.
    2 soft toothbrush heads & the electric motor body for $5.
    You get 2 new interchangeable brush heads & and a spare body.

  23. brushes too hard batteries dont last a week vibrates hurts teeth do waste money

  24. I have been using the Dentiguard Rechargeable Toothbrush since many years ago and am very satisfied with the performance and price of $19.99. Besides that they both look similar except for branding.
    I got it to replace my previous Sonic Rechargeable gifted to me by my dentist and that was selling for $70.00 at the time but that conked out due to water leaking inside & rusting the motor.

    My dentiguard is over 5 years old now & still working great with no signs of quitting any time soon.
    I prefer my Dentiguard for the 5 modes that include “Deep Clean” mode which is the only mode I use.
    I have not developed cavities ever and am complimented at each dentist visit for using an electric toothbrush.
    The only drawback is knowing when it will appear on ALDI’S shelf.
    So whenever I see it available I buy it for gifts to relatives.
    I also order replacement brush heads from

    They both worked great and suggest you give it a try instead oh spending on expensive battery replacements.

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