Dentiguard Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush

Last Updated on January 1, 2024

EDITOR’S NOTE 1: Aldi sold the rechargeable sonic toothbrush in January of 2024 and in August of 2023 for $19.99. The model Aldi introduced starting in 2019 is a little different than previous models. It comes with fewer brushes than older models (four instead of eight), but this version is, according to Aldi, compatible with “most Philips Sonicare brush heads.” It’s still made by Brush Buddies, though. We suspect this is a rebranded Brush Buddies Soniclean Ultra. Like the 2017 model, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Dentiguard Toothbrush

The 2019 model.

EDITOR’S NOTE 2: Updated June 2017 with information about ordering replacement brush heads as well as a durability update.

Aldi has a limited selection of toothbrush options, including a standard Regular Buy toothbrush and a cheap battery-powered Dentiguard Power Toothbrush available as a Special Buy. And then there is this $20 wonder:

The Dentiguard Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush is a rebranded Brush Buddies Soniclean 3000. It claims to be comparable to the Philips Sonicare Healthy White Toothbrush … which is, at the time of this post, four times more costly than the Dentiguard, and with only one brush head.

The Dentiguard comes with the main toothbrush, a charging stand, a plastic cap for covering extra brushes on the stand, a manual, and eight replacement brush heads. Assuming you use the generally recommended routine of changing the heads every three months, the heads will last you at least two years, or more if you stretch them out a bit. Inside the packaging is an order form as well as a link to where you can buy more brush heads; just make sure that if you use the website, that the brush head you buy is compatible with the Brush Buddies Soniclean 3000.

Dentiguard Replacement Brush Order Form

The Dentiguard Sonic Toothbrush brush head order form (click to enlarge)

To the best of our knowledge, Aldi does not sell heads separately. Perhaps not coincidentally, the toothbrush comes with a 2-year warranty.

Sonic toothbrushes feel different than a standard toothbrush — the vibration can feel weird at first, but after a little while most people get used to it. The manual also notes that, for some people, the gums can bleed for the first few days after you start using the sonic toothbrush, but adds that this is normal and will go away after awhile. The bristles feel a little different than most standard toothbrushes I’ve used, but it feels like a pretty deep clean.

The toothbrush has three modes: “whitening,” “standard,” and “sensitive.” You can select the mode with the mode select button on the toothbrush. Once you power it on, the toothbrush runs for the dentist-recommended 2 minutes and then shuts off automatically, unless you turn it off before then. During that 2-minute cycle, it pauses briefly every 30 seconds, then resumes. The idea, according to the manual, is that the user spends 30 seconds on a quadrant of the mouth (like the lower left side of the mouth) before moving onto another one, and by the time 2 minutes are up you will have brushed the lower left, lower right, upper left, and upper right.

The manual claims that: 1) the battery takes about 24 hours to charge the first time, 2) the charge light stays lit when the toothbrush is plugged in, 3) the battery should be discharged completely about every six months or so to prolong its life, and 4) the battery is not replaceable. Oddly, our experiences were a little different than what the manual claimed. The battery seemed to charge pretty quickly, for example. Also, the light went off once the battery was charged and did not come back on unless the toothbrush was turned on for a time. We’re not sure if the manual reflects a different model of the toothbrush or what the story is.

Other than that, my initial take on the toothbrush has been positive. It seems to clean well — comparable to the Dentiguard Power Toothbrush, which did a good job for me in keeping the cavities away — and looks pretty sleek to boot. After six months of use the brush continues to work like it did when I bought it.

The Verdict:

The Dentiguard Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush is a really interesting entry in the Aldi dental hygiene lineup. Boasting multiple settings, eight replaceable heads, and a feature set comparable to far more expensive toothbrushes, this $20 model is worth a look if you’re looking for a budget sonic toothbrush. We’ve used it for six months without trouble, but if you’re worried about durability, it does come with a 2-year warranty.

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  1. I bought the Dentiguard Sonic Toothbrush from Aldi roughly two years ago and most of the replacement heads cracked and broke within the first few uses. One head lasted roughly 5 months, which I just replaced 4 days ago. The first use of the new head broke in my mouth while brushing so I changed it and the current one has pieces chipping off while I’m brushing and I had a mouth full of bristles. Needless to say I’ve been disappointed with the quality of the Dentiguard replacement heads. No other issues with the toothbrush or charging it at all.

  2. The Aldi toothbrush looks similar to the Saego SG-917, and the replacment head “SG-899” for the Saego toothbrushes “SG-908/SG-909/SG-917/SG-610/SG-659” is the exact replacement part for Aldi.
    Brush heads are about $1 incl. shipping from China.

  3. I cannot remove brush from dentuguard unit. Otherwise I love this unit.

  4. I am looking to replace my dentiguard sonic tooth brush heads but need a place to purchase them. If you can refer me too a place to purchase the heads I would appreciate.

  5. I purchased this toothbrush at an Aldi’s. I have had no problems with it. It cleans well and leaves your mouth refreshed. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

  6. when will Aldi carry this toothbrush again??
    Can I order it directly from Aldi which must I buy it at the Aldi store?

  7. The toothbrush is almost identical to the SEAGO SG-917
    Toothbrush heads for SG-610 SG-908 SG-917 will also fit the Aldi Dentiguard (about $1 a piece from China).

  8. I just broke my toothbrush after 5 years of fabulous service-my fault–I tried to clean with it! I always ordered the replacement heads from ebay. I have had no plaque on my teeth since I bought it. This is a cheap and fantastic toothbrush if you use it properly. I am on my way to Aldi for another one. Pray they have it.

  9. This past summer, I purchased the Dentiguard Emoji toothbrush (Age 3+) for an upcoming birthday for my grandson. The directions on the back of the package suggest to replace the toothbrush every 3 months. I could not find the replacement heads at a local grocery store. Do you know where I can find them and/or which brand that they may be compatible with? Thanks for any leads.

  10. Dentiguard Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush
    Valid Jan 16 to Jan 22 2019

    Looks like it now only has 3 replacement brushes. At least that is what the pic shows.

  11. Hi, looking at the visual of this, why are there 2 buttons?

  12. I have also had 6 replacement heads disintegrate in my mouth. I even went so far as to only use the toothbrush in standard mode to see if I could prevent this from happening. No dice; the last one came apart after 2 weeks of use. The brush heads came from another boxed new unit…. if the battery was still good and operation was normal except for the heads, why replace it.

    This is a serious quality control problem and neither I or anyone else wants nylon bristles or worse yet, the brass plugs that hold the bristles in place in their lungs.

  13. Catherine MIGLIANO

    Very annoying. Bought the Dentiguard w/8 replacement heads at Aldi in 2018, well under 2year warranty. Have receipt, box, etc. Today the post broke. Not being successful reaching any contacts listed anywhere on documentation. Store told me when it arrives at store, it’s a close out. What am I supposed to do?

  14. I love my dentiguard rechargeable sonic toothbrush. I would love to get a few more for my family

  15. Gloria Jean Shipmon

    After the reviews i’m not sure if I should buy. They are on sale in Texas for $19.99.

  16. Bought the dentigard rechargeable sonic toothbrush around xmas of 2018 and am on my 2nd brush head. Just looking around for replacement heads before I use the last one of 3 and ran across this review. I have no complaints whatsoever with my unit. It is still working great! I consider myself lucky to have found this inexpensive one because I have priced them and they can get pretty pricey.

  17. have had this brush for almost 5 years now and it works perfectly. buy a new set of 4 heads every year.

  18. Bought the model that has four modes: normal, sensitive, whitening, deep clean. TIPS: Seen several videos with sonic brushing: Put toothpaste on the brush then BEFORE turning on, smear the paste onto all of the teeth area. Insert brush in mouth then turn on and LIGHTLY repeat LIGHTLY touch a small section of the teeth quadrant and go in a small circle motion for 2 seconds then go to the next area. Stay in the quadrant (outside, top of teeth, inside) until the vibration cycle stops briefly to go to the next quadrant of teeth. After finish brushing, only spit out the toothpaste to let the fluoride soak into the teeth. Don’t rinse or eat for ten minutes. Meanwhile, rinse the toothbrush assembly then pull out the brush and towel dry the handle. Then rap the handle with the buttons down, into the palm of your hand to shake out any drops of water out of the buttons and shaft (believe me, tiny spray of water will come out) Then put brush to complete drying by placing the handle upside down in a dry cup. The “drying” expert said he has kept his brush for 5 yrs. Personal experience: had a Sonic brush die after 2 yrs & when opened, the interior was damp & rusted.

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