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Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Aldi sold a similar Ambiano Spot Carpet Cleaner in March of 2023 for $79.99. Aldi also sold the Easy Home Carpet Cleaner again in April of 2021 for $79.99. 

Aldi is known to sell a number of home appliances under the Easy Home label, including irons and vacuums (both robotic and otherwise). Among the items Aldi sells is the Easy Home Carpet Cleaner, which the grocer has faithfully sold in late February or early March for the last several years.

Easy Home Carpet Cleaner

The 2019 model of the Easy Home Carpet Cleaner retails for $59.99, which is one of the more expensive Easy Home items Aldi sells. Still, it’s a lot less than most other carpet cleaners, so if you’re looking to go budget, this definitely fits the bill.

The package comes with the following:

  • The handle
  • 2 screws for the handle (Phillips head)
  • Carpet Cleaner body with water tanks
  • Instruction manual (see link below)
Easy Home Carpet Cleaner Manual

The manual. (Click to download.)

The instructions come with a number of tips and warnings, so users will be well-advised to read them before assembly and use. This is especially true given that we’re talking about a product that uses both electricity and water together.

The features for the carpet cleaner include:

  • An “easy-to-fill” 60.8-ounce clean water tank
  • An “easy-to-empty” 59.2-ounce dirty water recovery tank
  • A viewable water level
  • The ability to clean clean both carpets and rugs
  • A process that leaves carpet dry when done
  • A solution trigger that releases the cleaning solution
  • A handle release pedal that adjusts the handle angle
  • Cord hooks to keep the power cord stored

The Carpet Cleaner is backed by a 3-year warranty. The warranty is serviced by a company called Wachsmuth & Krogmann, based out of Illinois, which is also involved in a number of other Aldi products, including the Ambiano Single Serve Coffee Maker.

The Verdict:

We haven’t gone hands-on with this thing yet, but given that it’s a longstanding item in the Aldi lineup, it’s probably worth a look. The 3-year warranty is a plus.

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  1. I bought this yesterday. I bought great value brand carpet cleaning solution for pets at Walmart. I just finished cleaning my carpets and they look great. This is lightweight and easy to use and clean. Works much better that the Pro heat I had before. Yes, you have to fill it and dump the dirty water more often, but the more water it holds the heavier it will be. If you hear a high pitched noise that makes you batty, then the filter needs to be cleaned. I did have to clean the filter often, but think of what it was pulling out of my carpet to make me have to clean it often. I used hot water from the tap and about 5oz of cleaner. I couldn’t be happier. I hope it will last for some time. The only real con I had was that there are not upholstery attachments.

    • Diana,
      I totally agree with your comments! I pulled a lot of dirty water out of my carpet…dust from when I had lvt flooring installed.
      Yes, carpets are wet, but not saturated, we’re in control of that!! Not sure why so many are having problems!!
      Lol! I’m loving this thing!

  2. I read a few reviews that claim it doesn’t extract the water so well, in that, after you are finished the carpet is still quite wet. I’ve noticed that even a professional service will leave carpets damp. Do you think that, with cheap shag carpet (apartment) it will leave it upsettingly wet?

  3. I used this carpet cleaner over my whole house a couple of weeks ago. I previously owned a Bissel pro heat. This did just as good a job. Last year on my carpets I rented a rug doctor. This did a better job. I will say that I went over spots repeatedly to extract water. I did not just let the water go and then pull the machine towards me and move on. I would go over the same section a few times letting it extract all the water it would. In about 3 hours my carpets were totally dry, and looked great. I don’t know if some machines are built better than others, but I will say I had no problem with the one I bought. Yes, you do have to fill and empty a lot, but that is part of it being lightweight. The more solution the heavier it will be. Also I did have to clean the filter often. That just told me it was getting filth out of my carpet. I hope this helps you.

  4. Bought this last month. Attempted to clean the carpets twice. Both times I was highly disappointed in the fact that the front end of my machine sits too high to clean up the water. When I finish and go to dispose of the used water, there will be no more than a half cup in the disposal. Today I attempted again to clean the carpets and it worked great, only one small catch…. I have to squat down and literally push the front end down into the carpet just to get a suction. If anyone has advice on how to weigh down the front end without having to bend down and push on it while moving it across the carpet. then help!

    • I just bought the easy home carpet cleaner and I’m not happy with how it extracts the water. My carpet is soaked. Thinking about returning it.

    • I have not even opened the box for mine yet but I’m wondering if adjusting the handle angle will help. There is a pedal on the machine to adjust angle. Good luck. After I get acquainted with mine I’ll reach out again with more thoughts, suggestions…or condolences, lol.

    • Same issue 🤔🤨please we need answers
      What it puts out doesn’t come back

    • Honestly Ive had multiple carpet cleaners with the same problem of having less then needed weight on the front end for the machine to get a good suction onto the carpet to extract the water. So I literally press down onto the top of the dirty water tank and try and get a good suction until its got a good amount of water to be heavy enough to stay sucking but i suppose attaching something like a work out weight to the top or whatever you can think of (maybe my daughter wants to sit on it and ride around to hold it down to the floor) i dont know but you think they would take care of this issue before selling it to people. smh

  5. Not sure what’s going on—unit turns on, but nothing happening.

  6. My easy home rug shampooed don’t suck up any water what’s going on

  7. I have give up on this rug cleaner no matter what I do it still will not suck up the water out of my carpet. The first one I had worked great this one not worth bringing home

  8. This cleaner doesn’t extract the water. I put down about a gallon of cleaning solution and went over and over the carpet even tried pushing down on the front as someone suggested in an earlier comment..I got about 2 cups of dirty water out, which leaves 14 cups of muddy water in the rug. Piece of junk!!!

  9. The same thing happen to me after going back an forth with the company I just put it in the basement and there it sets. Will not extract the water out of the carpet. A total waste of money.

  10. It will not suck up the dirty water out of my carpet worthless…

  11. I havent used it yet what cleaning solution do you use brand name please

  12. Don’t buy it

  13. Don’t buy it just sits in basement ain’t any good

  14. I used mine for first time today. First going over produced no dirty water in the tank. Went over second time and got about a cupful. Think I will return it as it just does not suck up dirty water.

  15. How can o order a new water tank the handle that locks it broke off

  16. Marianne L Blanda

    Make sure the front tank latch is secure. The same thing happened to me and once I checked the latch no more problem.

    • It broke the inside tabs on the tank handle. I need to order another one how can I order one I don’t have my receipt for it so the warranty don’t apply? Correct?

    • Problem being it won’t suck up water?

      • Take off the bottom dirty water tank. Look down at the front underneath where the tank sat. You will see a little square profusion that measures about an 1 1/4″ x 3″. It is a little filter which the dirty water passes thru to go into the tank you removed. It is probably clogged up. The filter is very soft, reach down and remove the filter. Clean it off, reinstall it and you should be good to go. I have one it works great. You have to remember to vacuum your carpets well. If you look down while you are pulling the unit backwards to suck out the water and don’t see it being sucked up its always that little filter. It’s annoying, but a small price to pay for an inexpensive unit.

  17. I have not even opened the box for mine yet but I’m wondering if adjusting the handle angle will help. There is a pedal on the machine to adjust angle. Good luck. After I get acquainted with mine I’ll reach out again with more thoughts, suggestions…or condolences, lol.

  18. I have a problem with the clean water tank, I fill it put it back on cleaner and the water from the tank empties very fast next thing you know the tank is empty and where the machine is sitting has a lot of water in that spot. Has anyone else had this problem? It didn’t do this the other times I have scrubbed my carpet, it worked real good and did a good job of cleaning the carpet. What am I doing wrong, or is something wrong with the machine?

  19. I’ve just bought the latest model of this cleaner available in Australia. Wasn’t sure what shampoo to use so went looking and came across these reviews. Bit of a worry as I hadn’t used it yet.

    Seems a lot of people gave up early – mainly due to the “wet carpet” problem. Here’s some things to think about as a result of my first use. I had the same problem. The cleaner only sucked up half the water I used. I decided to persevere as the alternative is a professional carpet cleaning service. That’s a lot of extra dollars.

    I had a good look at how it’s designed, where it sucks, how it sucks, and that all looks like it should work fine. So I took a look at my carpet, and the shampoo I used.

    It’s been years since the carpet had a shampoo. We have two small dogs that have access to the yard via a dog door. The hallway carpet gets a lot of traffic. We don’t usually take outdoor shoes off until we’re in our bedrooms, unless it’s wet weather. Yep. The carpet is soiled (even if it’s not that noticeable) and the pile is flatter is high-traffic areas. There is also an underlay.

    The shampoo was a name brand for a different cleaner. The instructions didn’t give accurate measurements – “add two capfuls to the tank for Model A and three capfuls for Model B” – but I didn’t know how big the tanks were on name brand’s Model A or B – so I took a guess and splashed “a bit” into the tank.

    As it turns out “a bit” was too much. I decided to work on a test area that’s about one metre square. The suds stayed in the carpet even though the cleaner sucked up half the water. I’ve since run three tanks of plain water through the carpet and generally, the cleaner is sucking up about 70% of the water. Yes, the carpets still damp, but every tank of dirty water has been filthy. The carpet pile is now starting to stand up again. And the carpet is SIGNIFICANTLY cleaner. However, there is still a lot of suds in the carpet – it feels slippery to the touch and I’ll run a few more tanks of plain water over it to try and suck out the detergent.

    So, the main things to try out before you chuck it out:

    1. Move SLOWLY. The cleaner can’t defy the laws of physics. You’re using a high-speed airstream to suck water and dirt through a half-inch layer of semi-tangled fibres. Give it a chance to finish by moving at a rate of about six inches per second.

    2. If your carpet is very dirty, the cleaner may struggle to pull the dirty water through the pile. It’s basically trying to suck mud through hair. Run several tanks of plain water through the carpet AFTER you’ve shampooed and see if you’re still pulling dirty water out. Also take note of whether there are suds in the dirty water tank. If there is, it’s a sure sign you still have suds in the carpet. See (3).

    3. Use less detergent. Without pointing fingers at any specific supplier, an age old trick for boosting sales is to recommend using more than is required. Too much foam will stick in your carpet and you’ll need to rinse it out as described in (2) above. Start with more dilute concentrations and increase gradually until you find an optimum level for your carpets.

    4. If the pile is lying flat, it may be another reason the cleaner is struggling to suck the dirty water out of the carpet. See (1) and (2) above. As the carpet gets cleaner, the pile will start to stand up again. That will make it easier to suck cleaning fluids through the clean pile, and it’ll also make it possible to start sucking up the dirt from underneath the carpet.

    5. As already noted by previous reviewers you have to keep the filter clean.

    • Hello my name is Maria , a couple years ago i bought my shampoo carpet cleaner , it worked fine every time i used it the dirty water was vacuumed back to the tank , then we got hard wood floors and did not use the machine ,i have some area rugs , runners to be exact ,i try cleaning it today and my cleaner put the water out but does not pick it up at all , the tank is dry the vacuumed works good but nothing comes in to the tank , Im really frustrated , my runners are wet and i took them outside to dry .

  20. Purchased this last week. I’ve used it on my carpet as well as my area rugs. I didn’t have any issues with the functionality. I used Bissell cleaner. I went very slow and covered each section 3x before moving to the next. I did have to change the water out and clean the filter sponge each room and rug. But it worked none the less. My carpet/rugs were dry in about 2 hours with the help of an open window. Make sure to vacuum thoroughly before using to help reduce the need to clean the filter.

    My one issue, that thing is like a jet engine firing up. I almost put ear plugs in.

    For $80, worth it. Easy to use, lightweight, got the job done. If you have large, multiple pets, you may want something more heavy duty. I have 2 toddlers and a 5lb dog. This seemed to handle their dirty work.

  21. Just bought mine yesterday and I thoroughly pre-vacuumed my carpet twice. It is a medium height, thick pyle. I mixed 2.5 ounces of Woolite Oxy deep, concentrate to a gallon jug of water. The tank holds enough to do a 30 to 40 square foot area before it runs out. I work in 6 x 6 foot squares.. I wasn’t sure if the water trigger was variable, because is has a bit of travel , so I just squeezed it all the way while i pulled backwards. at a rate of about one foot per second.
    Went back over each strip 3 times, then wet the next strip. I got some dirt in the water, and it did pull some of the visible stains out of the heavy traffic paths. the house was built in ’74 , and I can not tell if it was replaced of just well cared for but is faded in some spots.

    Extraction was good, the nose of the machine was right down on the carpet and you could see it entering the tank.

    Only one drawback for me.

    This thing is LOUD…Whistling Jet Engine loud. I had to wear hearing protection ..

    • I used it for first time today. Shrill noise!!!! I was hoping for a solution to the noise? One place said dirty filters. Today was the first use. Can’t be dirty filters!
      Google says maybe 70db. Sound with carpet cleaners. And wear ear protection. Must be another solution!
      Hope someone has one.

  22. It is a light, easy to maneuver device. Having some problems with water pickup, but it used to work fine. I dropped it down a few stairs so perhaps something is ajar. Had to replace a part on the solution bottle after the drop and it was super easy to get the part.

    I have have used both branded cleaners, and store branded (Target, Walmart) cleaners with good results. Works as well as previous branded cleaners I’ve owned.

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