Easy Home Carpet Cleaner

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Aldi is known to sell a number of home appliances under the Easy Home label, including irons and vacuums (both robotic and otherwise). Among the items Aldi sells is the Easy Home Carpet Cleaner, which the grocer has faithfully sold in late February or early March for the last several years.

Easy Home Carpet Cleaner

The 2019 model of the Easy Home Carpet Cleaner retails for $59.99, which is one of the more expensive Easy Home items Aldi sells. Still, it’s a lot less than most other carpet cleaners, so if you’re looking to go budget, this definitely fits the bill.

The package comes with the following:

  • The handle
  • 2 screws for the handle (Phillips head)
  • Carpet Cleaner body with water tanks
  • Instruction manual (see link below)
Easy Home Carpet Cleaner Manual

The manual. (Click to download.)

The instructions come with a number of tips and warnings, so users will be well-advised to read them before assembly and use. This is especially true given that we’re talking about a product that uses both electricity and water together.

The features for the carpet cleaner include:

  • An “easy-to-fill” 60.8-ounce clean water tank
  • An “easy-to-empty” 59.2-ounce dirty water recovery tank
  • A viewable water level
  • The ability to clean clean both carpets and rugs
  • A process that leaves carpet dry when done
  • A solution trigger that releases the cleaning solution
  • A handle release pedal that adjusts the handle angle
  • Cord hooks to keep the power cord stored

The Carpet Cleaner is backed by a 3-year warranty. The warranty is serviced by a company called Wachsmuth & Krogmann, based out of Illinois, which is also involved in a number of other Aldi products, including the Ambiano Single Serve Coffee Maker.

The Verdict:

We haven’t gone hands-on with this thing yet, but given that it’s a longstanding item in the Aldi lineup, it’s probably worth a look. The 3-year warranty is a plus.

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  1. I bought this yesterday. I bought great value brand carpet cleaning solution for pets at Walmart. I just finished cleaning my carpets and they look great. This is lightweight and easy to use and clean. Works much better that the Pro heat I had before. Yes, you have to fill it and dump the dirty water more often, but the more water it holds the heavier it will be. If you hear a high pitched noise that makes you batty, then the filter needs to be cleaned. I did have to clean the filter often, but think of what it was pulling out of my carpet to make me have to clean it often. I used hot water from the tap and about 5oz of cleaner. I couldn’t be happier. I hope it will last for some time. The only real con I had was that there are not upholstery attachments.

  2. I read a few reviews that claim it doesn’t extract the water so well, in that, after you are finished the carpet is still quite wet. I’ve noticed that even a professional service will leave carpets damp. Do you think that, with cheap shag carpet (apartment) it will leave it upsettingly wet?

  3. I used this carpet cleaner over my whole house a couple of weeks ago. I previously owned a Bissel pro heat. This did just as good a job. Last year on my carpets I rented a rug doctor. This did a better job. I will say that I went over spots repeatedly to extract water. I did not just let the water go and then pull the machine towards me and move on. I would go over the same section a few times letting it extract all the water it would. In about 3 hours my carpets were totally dry, and looked great. I don’t know if some machines are built better than others, but I will say I had no problem with the one I bought. Yes, you do have to fill and empty a lot, but that is part of it being lightweight. The more solution the heavier it will be. Also I did have to clean the filter often. That just told me it was getting filth out of my carpet. I hope this helps you.

  4. Bought this last month. Attempted to clean the carpets twice. Both times I was highly disappointed in the fact that the front end of my machine sits too high to clean up the water. When I finish and go to dispose of the used water, there will be no more than a half cup in the disposal. Today I attempted again to clean the carpets and it worked great, only one small catch…. I have to squat down and literally push the front end down into the carpet just to get a suction. If anyone has advice on how to weigh down the front end without having to bend down and push on it while moving it across the carpet. then help!

    • I just bought the easy home carpet cleaner and I’m not happy with how it extracts the water. My carpet is soaked. Thinking about returning it.

    • I have not even opened the box for mine yet but I’m wondering if adjusting the handle angle will help. There is a pedal on the machine to adjust angle. Good luck. After I get acquainted with mine I’ll reach out again with more thoughts, suggestions…or condolences, lol.

  5. Not sure what’s going on—unit turns on, but nothing happening.

  6. My easy home rug shampooed don’t suck up any water what’s going on

  7. I have give up on this rug cleaner no matter what I do it still will not suck up the water out of my carpet. The first one I had worked great this one not worth bringing home

  8. This cleaner doesn’t extract the water. I put down about a gallon of cleaning solution and went over and over the carpet even tried pushing down on the front as someone suggested in an earlier comment..I got about 2 cups of dirty water out, which leaves 14 cups of muddy water in the rug. Piece of junk!!!

  9. The same thing happen to me after going back an forth with the company I just put it in the basement and there it sets. Will not extract the water out of the carpet. A total waste of money.

  10. It will not suck up the dirty water out of my carpet worthless…

  11. I havent used it yet what cleaning solution do you use brand name please

  12. Don’t buy it

  13. Don’t buy it just sits in basement ain’t any good

  14. I used mine for first time today. First going over produced no dirty water in the tank. Went over second time and got about a cupful. Think I will return it as it just does not suck up dirty water.

  15. How can o order a new water tank the handle that locks it broke off

  16. Marianne L Blanda

    Make sure the front tank latch is secure. The same thing happened to me and once I checked the latch no more problem.

  17. I have not even opened the box for mine yet but I’m wondering if adjusting the handle angle will help. There is a pedal on the machine to adjust angle. Good luck. After I get acquainted with mine I’ll reach out again with more thoughts, suggestions…or condolences, lol.

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