Easy Home Clothes Drying Rack

I dry many of my clothes on a drying rack because conventional machine dryers shrink my clothing too much for my liking. I’m slightly taller than the average woman, which means that when shirts shrink in length in the dryer, they can become too short on my longer waist. Regardless of body type, dryers also are rough on all kinds of clothing in general. That lint you pull out of the collection trap after every load is a sign that your clothes are slowly wearing thinner and, in essence, dying a little bit each time they go through the dryer.

I bought a drying rack from Aldi a few years ago and it has served me well. I’ve started drying some of my daughters’ clothing on the rack as well, so my one rack gets overcrowded at times. I’ve been waiting for Aldi to bring its clothes drying rack back to its stores so I could purchase a second one. Aldi didn’t let me down.

Easy Home Clothes Drying Rack

The Easy Home Clothes Drying Rack sold for $9.99 at the time of publication. It’s a Special Buy (ALDI Find) product that typically appears in stores in the summer or early fall when Aldi sells a range of items for college dorm life. A drying rack is useful not just for college students but for anyone looking to use their traditional machine dryer less. My mom also bought a drying rack to keep in her camper; she sets it up outside the camper when she needs extra space to hang wet towels and swim suits.

My older Aldi clothes drying rack is dark gray. The new one I purchased is white (that was the only color available), but it otherwise seems to be identical. It has 24 feet of drying space. It measures 29.5 inches wide, 14.5 inches deep, and 41.5 inches tall. It features a heavy-duty steel frame that folds flat when not in use and claims to be rust resistant (my older rack shows no signs of rust after several years of weekly use, so I’m confident in the rust-resistant claim for the new rack as well).

Easy Home Clothes Drying Rack

Easy Home Clothes Drying Rack

The rack comes packed flat in a box, and the accordion-folding-style side pieces are already assembled. It’s an easy process to insert rods horizontally into holders on the accordion sides to assemble the rack. An enclosed manual offers simple directions for assembly and tells you how to fold the rack flat for storage when not in use.

Easy Home Clothes Drying Rack

The manual that comes with the Easy Home Clothes Drying Rack. (Click to enlarge.)

Easy Home Clothes Drying Rack

Another view of the manual. (Click to enlarge.)

The rack holds a lot of clothing considering how little floor space it takes up. I can easily hang 10 shirts on it and still have a bit of space for small items such as bras. The lowest rail is not very useful because it’s so close to the floor that there isn’t much that can hang there, other than small items like underwear, a child’s swim suit, or baby clothes. Overall, though, it’s a good clothes drying rack that holds a large number of clothes, takes up minimal space in my laundry room when it is set up, and helps save my clothes from shrinkage and rough handling in a conventional dryer.

By the way, some clothing can get stiff when air dried. I recommend placing your clothes in the dryer for about five minutes to fluff them up and soften them after they have dried on the rack. Do this, and you’ll hardly be able to tell that your clothes were not dried in a machine.

The Verdict:

Aldi’s Special Buy Easy Home Clothes Drying Rack takes up minimal floor space and holds a lot of clothing. It’s easy to assemble and is a good deal for the price. Highly recommended.

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  1. Yes!! I just unpacked mine today. 🙂 Other than color, it’s identical to one I bought at Target about 10 years ago (that has just lately started to fall apart on me). I was so excited to find a sturdy drying rack for less than $10. As always, ALDI #forthewin


    I got mine from Aldi on 8/3/19 and when I opened the box all items were included except one rod how do I get the other rod. please let me know . Thanks.

    • I could be wrong, but I don’t think the rack comes with a warranty, so your best option is probably to take it back to Aldi and exchange it for a different one.

  3. The bars of the upright clothes airer fall off – both the lower ones as well as the ones on the racks and yesterday the whole airer FELL OVER with clothes on it

    • I’ve never had that problem with my two drying racks, but they are five-plus years old, so they might be different from the most current model. Also, because you refer to it as a clothes airer, I’m guessing you’re an Aldi customer outside the U.S. I don’t know if the racks Aldi sells in the U.S. are different from what Aldi sells in other countries.

  4. Will Aldi ever sell the drying rack again? I could really use a couple of new ones.

  5. Yeah, I’ve been looking for the past few years….oh well, I’ll just keep repairing my old ones…
    Thanks for the quick reply!

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