When Will An Aldi Find That Is Out of Stock Be Back?

We get our share of emails and comments (some of them more interesting than others), but some of the most common questions we hear are about Aldi Finds (or Special Buys)*. The questions go something like this:

The trend among these questions, as you might guess, is that people have gone to Aldi, can’t find an Aldi Find product, and are wondering when their next opportunity will be to get that product.

First, the bad news: in most cases, you can’t expect to see the product again any time soon. While Aldi does stock certain products for stretches of time during the year — the grocer calls these Seasonal Items — anything that is an Aldi Find is stocked just once during the window it appears in the weekly ad. In other words, a store might get, say, 10-15 of a specific item, and once it’s gone, that store isn’t going to stock any more in the near future. Even if the item is really popular, Aldi doesn’t restock those products right away.

How Long Will I Have to Wait?

Assuming the product is gone from the shelves, how long will it be before it comes back?

It depends on the product, but in our experience, there are three possibilities:

Some Aldi Finds reappear more than once a year. There are some instances where certain limited-run products come back to Aldi after just a few months. This seems most common with certain food items as well as smaller products. For example, some regional or ethnic foods reappear a few times a year — or even once every couple of months — as do, on some occasions, specific car-related accessories.

Some Aldi Finds will see a variation on that product at some other time of the year. We see this happen from time to time. Perhaps Aldi will sell an air fryer earlier in the year, and then they will sell a larger or smaller air fryer later on. Or Aldi will sell a large slow cooker at one time of the year, and a smaller one later. Or maybe Aldi will sell a Belgian waffle maker at one point, and a traditional waffle maker at some other time. Or different types of flashlights, or stand mixers, or skillets, or Instant Pot clones, or lawn equipment … well, you get the idea. These aren’t identical products, but depending on your needs, you might be able to find something similar to what you’re looking for.

Some Aldi Finds are strictly a once-a-year thing. In our experience, this is the most common category for limited-run items, especially the big stuff. Most Aldi Finds that we see appear during a specific time of the year, and once they leave the store, we don’t see them again until around the same time next year. Tents and other camping supplies, for example, appear in the late spring, swimming gear pops up in the summer, while Christmas décor shows up in the late fall. Often, these annual products tend to reappear around the same time each year, although that’s not always true.

Some Aldi Finds never come back at all. We occasionally hear people complaining about how Aldi doesn’t listen to customers when it comes to what it stocks, but in our experience, Aldi shows signs of listening to customers quite a bit, both through consumer feedback and also through sales numbers. Sometimes Aldi will listen to consumers and revamp a product for the next year, but other times the grocer will decide to pull the item from the rotation permanently. As an example: Aldi US used to sell both desktop and laptop computers, but we haven’t seen either of these products since 2016. (We also miss the Belmont Strawberry Piñata Cake.)

So if you’ve missed out on an Aldi product and you’re hoping to see it again, there’s a decent chance you will. But, as far as how long you’ll have to wait … well, that depends. You can always contact Aldi and ask.

* Different Aldi divisions in different countries use different terms to describe limited-run items. For the purposes of this article, we’ll use the U.S. term Aldi Find, but in other countries those products are called Special Buys or Specialbuys.

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  1. I’m starting to believe I’m one of those people who will never see a product again! Aldi sells many Bratwurst products labeled in several different package colors (blue and brown are always available) yellow and green sometimes but the red package which is the spicy Bratwurst can never be found. I had it once many years ago and it has never returned to any store around Homestead Florida.

  2. I also experienced ‘One’ great treat of fresh pasta (unbelievable flavors) Gluten Free….! Good thing I bought several variations, as well! Never to be seen again!

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