Easy Home Essentials Extra Durable Eraser Pads

I’m a fan of Magic Erasers. Those little white sponges have removed scuffs and grime from my white refrigerator, my kitchen counters, my daughters’ dolls, and more. I don’t use Magic Erasers often, but they really come through when I do need them.

Easy Home Essentials Extra Durable Eraser Pads

Easy Home Essentials Extra Durable Eraser Pad

So I was intrigued when Aldi sold an Easy Home Essentials 2 Pack of Extra Durable Eraser Pads as a Special Buy (ALDI Find). Would they be as good as Magic Erasers?

Aldi’s Eraser Pads come in a box with two erasers. The erasers are smooth on one side and bumpy on the other side. The box claims an eraser “removes impossible soils” and is comparable to Extra Durable Magic Erasers.

The Aldi erasers are used in the same way you use Magic Erasers. Get the eraser wet, squeeze out the excess water, and then rub it (carefully) on whatever you want to clean. The directions for the Aldi eraser (similar to Magic Eraser’s advice) recommends testing on a small area before applying to the entire surface. The box warns the eraser can dull or scratch painted finished surfaces, so use caution.

My husband and I tested the Aldi eraser on a few surfaces. He used the eraser to clean some dirt and scuff marks on his tennis shoes, and he said it seemed to do the job well. I also used one of the erasers to clean the white handles on the outside of my refrigerator door. The handle surfaces are textured and tend to trap dirt and grime. The Aldi eraser did a fine job of cleaning off the dirt and making my refrigerator handles bright white again instead of dingy white. In addition, I used the eraser pad to clean some scuffed white shelving inside my refrigerator, and it did the trick nicely.

I was pleased enough with the way the Aldi eraser pads performed that I will probably pick up another box the next time I see them in stores. They are a useful cleaning tool to have around the house, and they seem to perform as well as their name brand counterpart.

The Verdict:

At first glance, Aldi’s Easy Home Essentials Extra Durable Cleaning Pads seem to work as well as name brand Magic Erasers. My husband and I tested the Aldi erasers on tennis shoes and on the inside and outside of our refrigerator, and they cleaned up grime well in both cases. Recommended.

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