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cowThere was a time, long ago, when the Aldi meat department — like a lot of Aldi — had a reputation for being cheap in cost but also cheap in quality. A lot has changed since then, and today a lot of Aldi meat is right up there with other, more upscale stores. Some have pointed out that some of Aldi’s more “premium” beef is also more expensive, so don’t be afraid to price shop with other places around you. Nevertheless, here are three of the big frozen hamburger patty options we’ve seen in our neck of the woods. If you have others around you, let us know in the comments.

So let’s go:

Extra Value Beef Patties

This Regular Buy is by far the cheapest of the Aldi burger options … and it is, honestly, one of the most disturbing. The ingredients list is a hodgepodge of stuff I can’t pronounce and things I wish I couldn’t, including parts of the cow that I didn’t expect to see in a burger. No one around here has taste-tested these burgers, and I’m not sure anyone plans to. If you are braver than one of us, let us know.

Beef Burgers: 100% Pure Beef

These generically named burger patties come in a plastic resealable bag. They are either 75% lean (in a yellow pouch) or 85% lean (in a blue pouch), and have only one ingredient.

Beef Burgers

And the taste? You know you’re onto something when a farmer’s daughter comes over for dinner and comments on how good they are. They occupy the midrange position in the local Aldi lineup but they are, in my view, competent for any large-scale cookout. They are our go-to burger for virtually all family events.

Cattlemen’s Ranch Angus Burgers

Cattlemen’s Ranch is one of Aldi’s more visible beef brands; some of their products are Special Buys, while others seem to be at least more frequent offerings, if not outright Regular Buys. Some of their beef is crazy-cheap; their 5 oz. bacon-wrapped filets have something of a cult status.

On the other end of the price spectrum, their Angus burgers are the most expensive we’ve seen in the Aldi frozen section. As advertised, they have one ingredient, Angus beef. I found them to be just as advertised: good burgers that cook easily. We’re not sure they’re worth the cost over Beef Burgers, but they’re good.

The Verdict:

From a cost / value position, the simply named Beef Burgers is our pick among the options in our local store. The Cattleman’s Ranch Angus Burgers are also worth a look, although you’ll pay a little more. I’ll let someone else sort out the Extra Value burgers.


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  1. Sherry Stukenbroeker

    I shop at Aldi on a regular basis. I can buy most of what is on of my weekly grocery list there. I love the special buys, because you never know what treasure you will find in the seasonal aisle!

  2. Aldi is a great place to shop however I have noticed some of their products are slipping in quality paper towels toilet paper they don’t have Dawn dishwashing soap anymore

  3. I just tried the cattlemen black Angus frozen burgers with bacon and cheddar. there was a big chunk of bone that I almost broke my tooth on and before I finished the burger there was one last piece of bone I bit into what a turn off. I still love aldis

  4. My husband & I have been happy with Aldi foods for at least 5 years.
    We bought a 2 lb box of Cattlemans Ranch Black Angus Roasted Garlic Beef Patties. There were 6 patties supposedly weighing 1/3 of a lb each. When cooked each patty weighed only 3 ounces. The waste being fat and water There were large chunks of bone in the meat which had to be removed from my mouth before swallowing.

  5. I’ve unfortunately tried the “value Beef” and it was bad enough that I returned it! I’ll eat anything but that was nasty! It has Beef tongue in there. I even really like veggie burgers and the “textured protein” burgers they served in school but those were just nasty! I’m goi g to try their cattlemens blank angus. I’ve been eating Schwan’s so we shall see! :/

    • I hear you we had a horrible surprise in our muesli. Poured it in a bowl added the milk, mixed it and about a 4cm fury rat skin floated to the top. Rang aldi they just laughed and said we cant do anything for you.

      • I don’t believe you it’s called taking pictures of evidence and ringing the manufacturer NOT the store. They don’t make the product only sell it Aldi brand or not. A smart person documents and reports so get to it otherwise you are a phony

      • Don’t know how you could ring Aldi’s. That state no phone numbers to stores to keep costs down and i tried once cuz i thought i left my credit card there. Had to physically go to store to see if it was found.

  6. I found these to be excellent!!!! Very pleased with the taste and quality.

  7. My wife and I buy the beef burgers, she frys them with cayenne and various other spices and I can honestly say I’ve never had a better burger anywhere, even in high end restaurants

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  9. Love aldi
    Hate the Cattlemans ranch black angus Beef patties.
    They are very salty, cook down to nothing, and did I say VERY SALTY!
    Sorry Aldi, it was a good try ,but this product is not a success in my book.

  10. The Extra Value Beef patties are delicious! The ingredients listed on mine were Beef, Beef Hearts, followed by a bunch of soy products and preservatives. My kids and I gobbled them down. When I told them it had beef hearts in it afterwards they said “who cares, they tasted good”. If you’re looking for a value and don’t mind cow “extras” in your patties, these are the way to go!

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  12. Me too! It was yum and then I bit into a chunk of bone. Gross. No longer yum.

  13. I looked these reviews over after buying the Extra Value Beef Patties, thinking I could save a few $$ and having burgers. Well, I cooked one up and, having no flavor, I added salt, pepper, garlic and cooked it a little more in bacon grease. To no avail – still tasted like nothing with s-p-g and bacon. So, I took back the rest of the package to my local Aldis and got the Beef Burgers: 100% Pure Beef. I’ve had these before and they are good! I was going to pay the difference after the exchange but their policy says that I got the replacement free plus my original purchase price returned – Double Price Guarantee. I didn’t expect this and YMMV – but I will be returning for all my food needs soon! Aldi’s is the best.

  14. Marilyn newcomer

    Just bought some of Aldis cattle mans frozen regular beef burgers. Now afraid to eat them for fear of biting into a bone and breaking a tooth. Can I return and get my money back

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