Easy Home Pop-Up Hamper

Last Updated on December 22, 2016

For the low price, Aldi’s Easy Home Pop-Up Hamper offers a lot of storage space for dirty laundry. The hamper was advertised with an array of items that college students might need for their dorm rooms, ranging from lap desks to surge protectors to alarm clocks, but this hamper is suitable for home use as well. It comes in pink, white, or blue.

Easy Home Pop-Up Hamper
I purchased a pink one for my daughter’s room. She has a small closet and I was hopeful a collapsible mesh hamper would fit better than the large plastic laundry basket I had been using.

The first thing I noticed after purchasing the hamper is that it is big. The hamper is 18 inches in diameter and 22 inches tall. It takes up less floor space than the traditional plastic laundry basket I was using before. Still, it will easily hold all your laundry or whatever else you might want to store in it, like your child’s stuffed animal or DUPLO block collection.

The second thing I noticed about the Easy Home Pop-Up Hamper is that it feels durable. The breathable mesh is reinforced with sturdy metal wiring at the top and bottom of the hamper. The wiring does not readily bend, but the hamper does easily collapse flat for storage when not in use, with two plastic buckles that fasten to keep the hamper closed and flat.

The top of the bag closes with a drawstring, and there are two cloth handles near the top for carrying upright. If the drawstring is pulled securely shut, you also have the option of turning the hamper on its side and carrying it with a long over-the-shoulder strap.

The Verdict:

Recommended. If you need a hamper for a dorm room or child’s room, the Easy Home Pop-Up Hamper has a large capacity and seems durable.

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