Open Thread: Easy Home Upright Fabric Steamer

Aldi often sells laundry-related products in the fall when students are headed off to college dorms, with the advantage being that many of those items also can be used in the average home. Items range from drying racks to detergent to irons to hampers. One of the offerings is the Easy Home Upright Fabric Steamer.

Easy Home Upright Fabric Steamer

What we know:

The Easy Home Upright Fabric Steamer sold for $39.99 in 2019. As far as we can tell, Aldi hasn’t sold a large upright fabric steamer like this one before. In 2018, Aldi sold a smaller handheld fabric steamer under the Easy Home brand for $12.99.

The Easy Home Upright Fabric Steamer is an ALDI Find (Special Buy), which means it will only be in stores for a short time.

It’s advertised as easily removing wrinkles and odors on dress shirts, suits, dresses, drapes, upholstery, pillows, bedding and more. It claims it can be used to kill germs, bedbugs, and dust mites.

Features of the 2019 model include:

  • Telescopic, adjustable pole that extends to 4′
  • 5′ long cloth-covered hose and 8′ long power cord
  • Settings for silk, wool, cotton and linen
  • Up to 1 hour of continuous steam
  • Starts to steam in 45 seconds
  • Built-in hanger for ease of use
  • Two wheels for mobility
  • See-through, 91-oz. capacity water tank
  • Includes a bristle brush and steam brush cover
  • Product Code: 56408

What we don’t know:

We have never used Aldi’s upright fabric steamer, so we don’t know how well it works. We also don’t know who manufactures it or if it comes with a warranty.

Do you have experience with Aldi’s Easy Home Upright Fabric Steamer? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. Looking to buy one. I wish there where some comments here.

  2. I can’t take off the fabric brush!!! How to??

    • me either and it snags on linen and silky items like my curtains which is why i bought it.

    • Got it! It pulls straight down and off. I got mad and was going to break it off since i don’t need the brush attachment and when i pulled sideways and down it came off.

  3. It has a 3 year warranty according to the receipt and warranty booklet.
    It gets very very hot – everywhere including the hose. Don’t wear shorts 🙂
    It is a bit flimsy but for the price it is great. Unfortunately I have decided portable would suit me better.

  4. I bought one thought the instructions were terrible. No pictures along with the steps. Aside from all that… when I poured water to fill the tank… it came out the bottom. I am like…did I fill it wrong? What am I doing wrong… anyway… going to have to return it. Loved it for the short time I used it but there is something wrong with the tank.p.S. I LOVE ALDI’s…just wish I worked😢

  5. It’s made by Easy Home. Same as most of their products .

  6. I bought one and used it this week. It is fantastic. The wrinkles on my husbands crushed jacket came out like magic. I love it.

  7. I bought this and the light comes
    On but nothing happens

  8. ronald d howser

    works well took wrinkles out out of dress and chair covers. Our tank got damaged by a friend and I cannot find a replacement water tank.

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