Easy Home Portable LED Air Cooler Headed to Aldi

Last Updated on June 30, 2023

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Where I live, it gets hot outside during the summer. Not hot, like, say, Las Vegas, where a normal day in July is over 100 degrees. But hot enough that most days are at or around 90 degrees. Great swimming weather, not so great if you just want to lounge outside. What’s more, my Midwest area gets plenty humid, too, making some summer days both hot and sticky.

There are a few methods to combat heat. One is obvious: air conditioning, where a unit uses refrigerant to remove heat and humidity from the air. Another option: a simple fan, which doesn’t cool the air but does blow air over the skin, helping to move hot air away and making you feel cooler. Still another is evaporative cooling: these units blow air over water to create cooler air.

Each has their pros and cons. Air conditioning is by far the most effective way to cool air, but it requires refrigerant and isn’t a particularly practical option for outdoor spaces. Fans are simple and easy, but they only have a marginal impact on cooling. Evaporative coolers can be somewhat more effective, but they are not as helpful in areas with existing high humidity.

If you’re outside and want to cool off, a fan is probably the default option. However, some people may also like a portable evaporative cooler. You can find those in different stores, but you might be surprised to know that Aldi occasionally carries them.

What We Know:

Easy Home LED Air Cooler

Easy Home Portable LED Air Cooler

The Easy Home Portable LED Air Cooler (Product Code: 822553) is an Aldi Find, which means you can only find it in stores for a limited time. Once it’s sold out, you won’t be able to get in stores again until it comes back, if or when that is. Aldi doesn’t offer online ordering if an item is out of stock at your local store.

At the time of this post, the cooler costs $19.99. That’s lower than most other coolers I can find online. It comes with a USB cable and an adapter.

  • Cools and humidifies
  • Features 3 temperature and speed settings
  • Plugs in to wall outlets or USB ports
  • 7–8 hour run time per full tank
  • Whisper quiet
  • Includes 7 LED color changing lights
  • Comes with washable and replaceable filter
  • Has a sealed tank to reduce spilling
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Large capacity, easy-fill tank (approximately 21.98 oz.)
  • Includes USB cable and adapter
  • Approximate size: 6.8″ H x 6.49″ W x 6.96″ D
  • Sold in White or White and Gray

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tried out this cooler, so we don’t know how easily it operates or how long it lasts. We also don’t know how effective it is in high humidity climates. We’ve created this post, then, for users to share their experiences.

Have you used this portable cooler? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I have had this item in my bedroom for two years and it works very well. Thinking of getting one for my patio table.

  2. I purchased the portable LED Cooler. By no means is it an air conditioner but it does work for small spaces 12×12 room. It works best when you add icy cold water to the unit

    • I just got this from Aldi, yes it’s definitely not an air conditioner. If you keep very cold water with ice cubes in the machine it will blow “cool” air not cold. For the cost, in my opinion it’s worth it.

  3. Donna Mazzitelli

    What s the white bar inside under the water tank for? Anyone? My new cooler leaks water actually pours water out the sides.

  4. I got one at Aldi today (7/15/23) for my upstairs office. We try to keep the upstairs A/C on Eco mode to keep energy costs down. This cooler is perfect to keep me comfortable while working at my desk. The current outside temperature is 100 degrees F. I’ve only used it with neutral temperature water but I’m betting its colder with the right temp water in it.

  5. I bought mine at Aldi and it worked great until I moved it. Now, it leaks and makes a big mess. Does it say anywhere that one MUST add water? You likely would get cooler air using water (evap cooler), but what if I just want to use it as a fan? Will I burn something up because it expects water?

    • I would only use it as directed Karla, I think the water is required. I think it works great with cold water right out of the freezer, I live in south Florida where the real feel is above 100 right now, I use it as a back up to my AC

      • Water is absolutely not required, in fact, this is one of the few evaporative coolers which run just fine without any water, in which case is just a “meh” desktop fan, many have water tanks on the bottom and either have really horrid performance (which is saying alot, these things only get like 10F* difference anyways) or use a pump to recirculate water and dont work unless theres a significant amount of water in the unit

  6. Just a heads up for anyone who buys this, remember to take out the water absorbing filter and let it dry…I forgot and over six months later I took the filter out and there is mold growing on it.

  7. Linda Delabruere

    I got one at a thrift store second hand and have no booklet or directions. Does anyone know how I can obtain one?
    Easy Home Air Cooler by Aldi.

  8. Aldi has one labeled Ambiano brand with LED light for $15 at my store. Has anyone purchased this latest model? Getting it for my college student who is living in apartment that has ac mainly in the lounge area so hoping this would work for their bedroom room. Should they put a plate or tray under it in case of leakage?

    • I just bought one yesterday, and it leaks water. I will be returning soon. Same issue as mentioned above in the thread chain.

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