Easy Home Torchiere Floor Lamp

Around here, we often say that if you wait long enough, Aldi will eventually carry it. The grocer is known to dabble in home decor from time to time, so here we are, staring at a floor lamp. A torchiere floor lamp.

Retailing for $25, the Easy Home Torchiere Floor lamp comes packed in styrofoam packaging, and while it’s a bit of a mess when you crack it open, odds are that the lamp will be in good shape when you pull it out. It’s also backed by a two-year warranty.

The lamp does come with instructions, but if you’ve assembled one of these before, you probably won’t need them. If you haven’t, it takes all of about five minutes. The lamp consists of a base, three segments that make up the pole, a light bulb receptacle, a glass lampshade, and a ring that secures the glass lampshade to the light bulb receptacle. To assemble, you simply remove the packaging, then screw the segments together, gently pulling the cord through them as you go. Working your way up from the base, you finish things off by unscrewing the ring from the receptacle, slipping the glass lampshade over the receptacle, and screwing the ring back on. Fully assembled, the lamp is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

A couple of other assembly tips. One, the glass lampshade has a ring bigger than the receptacle, so you can unscrew the ring and shift it around a bit if it looks crooked. Two, make sure that the ring is tightened securely to the lampshade, but don’t over-tighten it; this isn’t a tire nut you’re attaching.

The first thing I noticed after putting it together is how substantial it felt. I’ve gone the cheap route with low-budget Walmart floor lamps, and while they work well enough, their poles are thin, their shades are plastic, and their bases are light and wobbly. This lamp is more deluxe, with a heavier base, a thicker pole, and a nice frosted glass lampshade.

The lamp also comes with an LED bulb. The bulb, unfortunately, is on the puny side, a 5.5 watt that equates to a 40 watt incandescent. It’s adequate, but just barely.

I went ahead and swapped out the enclosed LED bulb for a 100 watt equivalent, and the result was much better. (The original LED bulb now has a home in one of my nightstand table lamps.) According to the manual and the label on the lamp itself, the lamp is good for up to 100 watts incandescent, or an equivalent amount in a CFL or LED.

The Verdict:

The Easy Home Torchiere Floor Lamp is a sturdy, well-built lamp that is easy to assemble and should provide nice accent lighting to a room that needs it. You might want to swap out the enclosed bulb for something more robust, though.

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  1. I love the lamp (this is my second one) and after I put it together yesterday I moved a chair and knocked down the lamp shattering the shade. Where can I purchase a new shade.
    thank you

    • I’m guessing your best bet is calling the after-sales support in the manual. Hypothetically, you might also be able to find a replacement at a local hardware store, but I’d want to take careful measurements to make sure it fit.

  2. I also made this purchase but seem to have more chord than lamp. How is do you keep pushing/pulling the chord through

    • If you pull gently on the cord down at the base, it should slide out and make it easier to screw in the top lamp assembly. (It’s not fixed down there so it should move.) If you have one person hold the top of the lamp while the other gently pulls, that can make it a little easier.

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