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Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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Aldi occasionally sells light fixtures. One of our favorites was the Easy Home Torchiere Floor Lamp, which has a lovely look and is still used daily in our house. But most of Aldi’s light fixtures are of the smaller sort, particularly desk lamps. For example, Aldi has sold the Easy Home Gooseneck LED Touch Desk Lamp for several years (usually in March) and has also sold the Easy Home Foldable LED Lamp (usually in May). And that doesn’t include more exotic items like the Easy Home Salt Crystal Lamp.

This is a desk lamp, although it has some bells and whistles.

Easy Home LED All in One Lamp

What We Know:

The Easy Home LED All in One Lamp (product code 50536) is an ALDI Find (Special Buy), so it’s only around for a short time. In 2019, the lamp retailed for $19.99, the same price it cost in 2018. Aldi has sold the exact same lamp — same product code and all — since 2016. (That means that the manual from 2016 or 2017 should also be applicable to later model years.)

The lamp has a 2-year warranty, serviced by, a common Aldi warranty company. The same company has serviced the lamp since 2016.

Here are the specs on the lamp:

  • A 21.5″ height
  • The tamp and arm adjust 180 degrees
  • The display shows the calendar, clock, and temperature
  • There are three lighting modes: warm, cool, and natural light
  • There are five levels of brightness
  • There is a USB port for charging a phone
  • The LED is rated for 40,000 hours of life
  • The controls are touch sensitive

What We Don’t Know:

At this point, we haven’t tested the lamp, so we can’t speak to its performance or how long it lasts. Specifically, we don’t know how bright the light is and we don’t know how responsive the touch controls are. Also, we don’t know how powerful the USB port is: we’ve found that some products don’t charge quite as fast as we’d like.

Have any experiences with this lamp? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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  1. Cindy Carlson-Fitch

    Bought the led desk light from Aldi’s just a few months ago. I really liked it until it died today. No idea what is wrong it just won’t turn on now! Bummed

  2. Bought two lamps less than 18 months ago. Even though I cannot find the purchase receipt, the dated description label under the base of the lamp shows a date of 07/2018, hence I figured at most it’s 18 months till today 01/22/2020 that I’ve owned it from the date on the label. One of the two lamps just went COMPLETELY OUT. No power, nothing. Dilemma is now to find the original receipt and obtain a replacement or repair under the 2 year warranty period.

  3. I have one lamp. I love it but the ac wall adapter died in the first week. Not a big deal it used a usb plug so I just plug the usb cable into an iPad charger (2a vs 1.5A)and it has worked fine. I have not measured the current output on the USB port but it’s good enough to charge a phone overnight. A few months ago it started turning off at random. I traced the problem with a short in the power input jack or the cable. I’m still using the original cable. I still like the lamp wish I just need to know how to get the cable and power adapter replaced.

  4. I need to know how to change the temperature from Celsius

  5. Vita A Charleston

    Won’t work with any cord or usb. Nothing happens. Bought and put away until needed. Should have tried it first. No longer have the receipt. Very unhappy!!

  6. love the lamp have had it over 3 years super bright make sure to keep the power cord completely plugged in

  7. why won’t my alarm go off on this lamp

  8. I bought two of them back in 2018 and both are still working fine. I like them.

    • Bought one of these in late 2019 so got my two years warranty period’s worth but during the time I had it, it had lots of problems like the charging port stopped working first, then it would have moments of flickering (couldn’t find the reason as it was plugged in fine) that was intermittent, then the display with temp and clock/alarm stopped working and now today April 8th 2023 the LED lamp blew out so got 3 years out of it, not the 40 to 50k hours most LED light makers claim.

    • WOW you are very lucky….but how often are you using them, how many hours a day would you say? I did use mine almost every day for probably 8 hours as it enabled me to read, and sew and do other chores while sitting in my recliner and I did like the ability to adjust the brightness.

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