Visage Pro-Series Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

A nose trimmer is a small but significant tool in the arsenal of men’s grooming. For men — especially those getting to the more seasoned times of life — those pesky nose hairs are more likely to make themselves visible, to say nothing of the ones sprouting out of the ears. Rather unexpectedly, Aldi has decided to sell such a product for $7 as a Special Buy.

The Visage Pro-Series Nose & Hair Trimmer comes with the main trimmer, a trimmer attachment, a contour attachment, a base, a cap and a single AAA battery. It also includes a manual and a three-year warranty. Setup is basic: unscrew the bottom, install the battery, then replace the bottom. From there, it’s as simple as removing the cap, putting on the desired attachment, and using it. A small light on the trimmer helps provide a bit of illumination.

As I mentioned, it has two attachments: a trimmer and a contour attachment. The trimmer is for nose and ear hairs, while the contour attachment is designed for sideburns, eyebrows, and beards. The trimmer can be cleaned with a wet cloth, while the contour attachment can be cleaned under water. The manual advises against submerging the main piece or otherwise getting it excessively wet, however.

A few observations. One, most of the interior parts, except for the trimmer and contour blades, are plastic, some of it pretty thin. This is typical to most other trimmers I’ve used, but I’ve also found mostly-plastic trimmers don’t tend to last a long time. The manual seems to imply as much when it points out that this device is not made for commercial use. We haven’t owned it long enough to speak to durability, but it does come with a 3-year warranty.

Two, it seems reasonably powerful. The nose trimmer is solid, carving up pesky nose hairs with no problems, and it no doubt does the same to ear hairs. The contour trimmer is adequate, but not overly powerful — it does okay with sideburns, but doesn’t seem to have quite as much power as a sideburn trimmer on a conventional electric razor, and it’s nowhere near as powerful as a dedicated electric beard trimmer. Given that the trimmer is a secondary feature, this isn’t a huge issue, but it may or may not meet your needs as an everyday beard, sideburn, and eyebrow solution.

The Verdict:

The Visage Pro-Series Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer is a serviceable budget nose trimmer, and comes with the added benefit of a contour attachment that can help fine-tune some of your more substantial head hair, such as sideburns and beards. It seems better at noses than sideburns, though, and I’m not yet sure how durable it will be, although it does come with a 3-year warranty. And at $7, it’s definitely an inexpensive buy.

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  1. I want to buy the Visage Nose Trimmer can you let me know which store it is available in melbourne thanks

  2. how do i get the head off to install the shaver

  3. Anyone else having trouble changing the shaver heads?
    I even looked up a video with no avail.

  4. After detaching the full-size trimmer, I cannot attach the foil shaver, nose/ear hair trimmer and arc detailer to the groomer. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks, Paul

  5. Yes, after taking the head off I can’t get the other attachments on either. Is this a design fault? In the manual it say’s we are supposed to hear ‘a click’. Nope, nothing, except the sound of me getting frustrated trying to get it mounted!

  6. How do I write to the company to purchase replacement parts or a new trimmer?

  7. Both the heads have white plastic inserts that undoubtedly HAVE to come out as they make it impossible for the heads to go on to the trimmer itself. I worked hard to get them out with no luck. I’ve tried every little tool or instrument possible. The instruction booklet made no mention of this either. I’m going to have to take it back.

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