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Last Updated on September 24, 2019

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When shopping at Aldi, having a quarter near at hand is crucial … at least, if you want a cart, since you need a quarter to unlock them. We feel like keychain holders are the best option, since they fit conveniently on a key ring, eliminating the risk of having to backtrack to your car, or discovering that the one in your car was pilfered by a family member.

Aldi does sell keychain holders, but despite their price, in our experience they’re poorly constructed and hard to use, so we advise people to look elsewhere. Etsy has one of the larger selections of keychain holders, from a variety of sellers.

One of those sellers is TheWayLeather. This shop is based out of Kyiv (or Kiev), the capital and largest city in Ukraine, located in Eastern Europe. The Etsy shop has been in operation since 2017 and sells, at the time of this post, over 130 different products, from bags to office accessories. As the name suggests, everything in the shop is handmade from leather.

TheWayLeather’s quarter holders run between $8 and $10, and they’re slightly more if you want your keychain personalized. That makes them maybe a little more expensive than some of the other Etsy keychains, but this is also one of the few genuine leather options out there, so in that sense you’re paying for something you can’t get from many other places.

Our keychain holders arrived direct from Ukraine (we even signed for it) and came in simple but stylish little packages.

The Way Leather Quarter Keychain Holder 1

As you would expect, they’re all made of handmade leather, except for the button snap and keychain, which are metal.

The Way Leather Quarter Keychain Holder 2

In handling them, we were struck by a couple of things. One, they have a nice, sturdy build quality, which we expected given the materials but were still glad to see. They feel like they can take a lot of punishment in a purse or pocket and are nicely stitched together.

Two, they’re easy to use. Slipping a quarter in and out isn’t too hard, and between the natural squeeze of the leather and the button to close it, the quarter isn’t going anywhere. It’s also very soft on the inside. Overall, it’s a great blend of form and function.

TheWayLeather surprised us by sending a couple of personalized versions. If they were trying to get on our good side … well, it sorta worked.

The Way Leather Quarter Keychain Holder 4

Seriously, though, we were honestly, genuinely impressed with these keychains. They have a brilliant classic look and feel, and they operate with relatively little hassle. We’ve looked at a few other Etsy keychains and this is right up there with them.

From The Designer:

We asked the creator, Artem, what inspired him to create the keychains. Here’s what he told us:

When I go to a supermarket from a house or a car, the last thing I keep in my hand is the keys, before you start searching for “that same Quarter”. I’ve got an idea!  What if I will put “that same quarter” with the key? So the idea of the Quarter Quick Search was born, which was so needed.

The idea was so pleasant to my friend and sister that we began to make and personalize the keys, first for relatives and friends, and then for all the people who are looking for a quarter.

At the same time – our personalized keychain became a good tradition to make small personalized gifts to loved ones. Hopefully, you will also find it useful!

The Verdict:

TheWayLeather’s keychain holders look great, work great, and are a marvelous option for Aldi shoppers looking for a place to stow a quarter. While the cost is a little higher than some keychain holders, the tradeoff lies in the fact that these genuine leather holders are frankly awesome, and they look built to last a very long time. Add into that the fact that they’re well-designed to secure a quarter even in a crowded purse or pocket, and we think these are worth a strong look.

If you’re interested in some of TheWayLeather’s offerings, you can find them here.

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