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Last Updated on March 31, 2023

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Small things can make a big difference in quality of life sometimes. Whether it’s healthy food, or a product that makes a task easier, or something that provides physical or mental comfort or social connection, we all look for things that make life a little better or a little smoother.

Here, we’re listing (in no particular order) a few Aldi products that have improved our lives in some way, either by promoting physical health, mental wellbeing, social connection, or the ability to prepare and serve healthy foods. This list is based on our own opinions and experiences. Feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post about what Aldi products have made a difference for you personally.

Aldi Products that Make Life Better:


Crane Foldable Exercise Bike

Crane Foldable Exercise Bike

The 2022 model.

Thoughts: We bought the Aldi exercise bike back in 2019, and it’s been the best, most economical piece of exercise equipment we’ve ever bought or used. It’s practically no-maintenance other than occasionally changing the display batteries. It’s never broken down on us, which was a concern when we thought about buying other large, more expensive pieces of exercise equipment such as treadmills or ellipticals that have more complex moving parts. This bike has given us a way to exercise on the most bitterly cold winter days or on days with heavy rain when getting outside to walk or run is a lot harder. It’s low-impact and easy on the joints, and it’s fun to set a book, phone, or tablet on the included device shelf so we can read, watch, or listen to stuff while we pedal.

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Belavi Wooden Plant Ladder Stand

Our Aldi plant ladder stand with several Aldi houseplants.

Thoughts: Houseplants boost our moods, help us relax, and help add oxygen and moisture to the air in our homes. Plus, they’re nice to look at. Aldi continuously rotates various houseplants onto its shelves, including succulents, fiddle leaf figs, aloe plants, and more. What’s great about Aldi houseplants is that they’re inexpensive, so even if you don’t have a great green thumb, it doesn’t cost a lot to add a few plants to your home … even just temporarily.

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Crofton Awesome Pan

Crofton Awesome Pan

Thoughts: When it comes to being healthy, cooking more meals at home — where you can control ingredients and portion sizes — is as important to consider as getting enough physical exercise. We do a lot of home cooking, and one of our favorite pieces of cookware is this nonstick Aldi pan we purchased last year. It’s a cheaper imitation of a name brand Always Pan, and it’s one of our go-to skillets for making eggs, browning ground beef or ground turkey, or sautéing veggies. It’s definitely made cooking easier and more enjoyable.

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Belavi 36-Inch Lattice Steel Fire Ring

Belavi Fire Ring

In action.

Thoughts: We’ve tried our share of fire pits and fire rings, and this Aldi ring is by far the best one we’ve ever used. Fire rings don’t rust out on the bottom like portable fire bowls or fire pits do, and this fire ring is extra large, leaving plenty of space for wood and air flow so we can get some good blazes going. Our family has had many deep conversations — and eaten a lot of s’mores — under the stars in our backyard around this fire pit. Our fire ring promotes social connection, and you can’t beat the mental benefits of reflecting while staring deeply into the glowing flames.

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Belavi Double Glider

Belavi Double Glider

Thoughts: We purchased this glider in 2010, and it’s still going strong on our front porch. It’s a great spot to sit and watch the sun rise or set or watch a storm roll in, drink a cup of tea, or chat with family and friends. It helps us grow and maintain social ties as we wave to neighbors as they pass by, and the mental wellbeing that comes from being in the fresh air can’t be understated.

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Ambiano Air Fryer

Ambiano 6-Quart Air Fryer

Thoughts: We bought a smaller air fryer from Aldi in 2019 and liked it so much that we upgraded to a larger one in 2022. We’d previously tried a deep fryer from Aldi that involved messy cooking oil and wasn’t very healthy. An air fryer is not quite the same, but it offers much of the texture and crispiness of deep fried foods without the bad-for-you grease. Our air fryer gets regular use cooking everything from seasoned potatoes to veggies such as cauliflower and asparagus, and also plenty of breaded chicken/nuggets, egg rolls, samosas, French fries, hash brown patties, and more. Because we don’t eat out often, this is a way to still enjoy restaurant-quality food at a fraction of the price, with healthier ingredients and better portion sizes.

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Adventuridge Tents

Adventuridge 14' x 10' 8-Person 2-Room Tent

Thoughts: Some of my family members really like camping. It’s nice to get outdoors, and tent camping is an inexpensive way to travel around the country without spending a fortune on hotels. Aldi has sold a variety of camping gear over the years, from folding chairs to self-inflating sleeping mats to tents of different sizes. Aldi camping gear — and tents, specifically — have promoted family time, relaxation in nature, and even education as we travel and see new sights.

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Little Salad Bar Salad Kits

Little Salad Bar Sunflower Chopped Salad

Thoughts: I try to eat salad at least a couple of times a week for lunch. It’s a good way to get a generous serving of veggies in, and I like being able to eat a large bowl of salad and feel like I’ve eaten a satisfying amount without being overly full or overeating. Salads can require some advance planning, though, especially if you want them to be more than basic lettuce and tomatoes. Aldi sells everything you need to assemble a superb a la carte salad bar, but they also sell a good variety of bagged salads that you simply dump, mix, and serve. They contain lettuce, toppings (including crispy wontons or tortilla strips and crunchy seeds), and dressing. I like picking up their sunflower salad mix, Asian salad kit, or southwestern salad kit for lunches. They mix up quickly so I don’t have to take a lot of time out of my busy day to make lunch (no chopping or slicing needed). The Caesar salad kit at Aldi is also a great option to serve alongside family dinners, particularly if pasta is involved. Aldi’s complete bagged salad kits help us eat our veggies in fun and different ways, and that’s always good.

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Mediterranean Herb Salmon

Mediterranean Herb Atlantic Salmon

Thoughts: I’ve been trying to serve non-fried fish more often for health benefits, and a favorite my family has landed on is this well-seasoned salmon from Aldi. It’s flavorful, and it’s not fishy-tasting or smelly. I’ve found that it cooks best and most evenly when I bake it in the oven, but it’s also good in the air fryer.

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What Aldi products have improved the quality of your life? Let us know in the comments below. 

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