Fit & Active 50 Calorie Orange Juice Beverage

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Orange juice is a quintessential breakfast beverage. Its sweet-tart flavor and sunny color can be just the thing to help give you a good start in the morning when served alongside some eggs, bacon, cereal, bagels, or whatever your breakfast of choice is. OJ is also a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C.

One downside to drinking juice is that it can pack a lot of calories. One hundred percent fruit juice also contains sugar (albeit natural) without the benefits of fiber that you’d get from eating a whole piece of fruit like an orange, apple, or grapes. That doesn’t mean drinking 100% fruit juice is bad, but experts do recommend enjoying juice in moderation.

Aldi sells a variety of orange juice choices in the refrigerator case, including classic OJ and OJ with added calcium and vitamin D.

If you still want to enjoy juice but with fewer calories and total sugars, Aldi also sells some light orange juice beverage options.

Fit and Active 50 Calorie Orange Juice Beverage

Fit & Active 50 Calorie Orange Juice Beverages come in a regular variety and in a variety that includes added calcium and vitamin D. These are both Regular Buys, which means you should be able to find them at Aldi all year. These are stocked in the refrigerated aisle with all the other orange juices.

These cost $3.29 for a 52-ounce container at my local store at the time of writing. That’s about 6 cents an ounce. That’s the same price as some of the other refrigerated orange juices at Aldi.

These look like they might be imitations of Simply Light Orange Juice, with similar ingredients and nutritional profiles. A 52-ounce container of Simply Light Orange Juice from Walmart cost $3.98, or about 8 cents per ounce, at the time of writing. That makes the Aldi versions a slightly better deal.

These Aldi light juice beverages contain no pulp, and the labels state these are made partially from concentrate.

As is evident in their names, these contain 50 calories per serving. Compare that to regular Nature’s Nectar Orange Juice or Nature’s Nectar Orange Juice with Calcium & Vitamin D from Aldi, which both have 110 calories per 8-ounce serving.

These light juice beverages also have 10 total grams of sugars and no added sugars per serving, while the regular Aldi orange juices mentioned contain 25 grams of total sugars and no added sugars.

These also have 90 mg (100% DV) of vitamin C. They actually have slightly more vitamin C than the other aforementioned orange juices at Aldi, which have 84 mg (90% DV).

In addition, an 8-ounce serving of these light juice beverages has 10 mg of sodium (0% DV), 13 grams of total carbohydrates (5% DV), and less than 1 gram of protein.

Fit and Active 50 Calorie Orange Juice Beverage 2

Nutrition information and ingredients. Calcium & Vitamin D blend on the left, regular blend on the right. (Click to enlarge.)

Glancing at the ingredients lists for these, the primary ingredient is filtered water. These are sweetened with purified stevia leaf extract, and they contain natural flavors. That makes these a little more processed than traditional orange juice. They contain 42% juice rather than 100% juice, which is why they’re called orange juice beverages rather than just orange juice.

As for how these taste, I think they have a slightly thinner consistency than regular orange juice, but they have plenty of flavor and taste fine. In fact, some of our taste testers felt like they couldn’t tell much difference between these and 100% orange juice and happily drank these.

The Verdict:

Fit & Active 50 Calorie Orange Juice Beverages come in a regular version or a version with vitamin D and calcium added. Both varieties contain 42% juice. Filtered water is their primary ingredient, and they’re sweetened with stevia leaf extract. These contain about half the calories of regular orange juice, and they have fewer natural sugars. We think they have a slightly thinner consistency than regular orange juice, but the difference is minimal and these taste fine. If you want light orange juice, these are worth a look.

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  1. Best juice in the store is fresh squeezed pineapple in a carton. Luxurious.

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