Friendly Farms Tilts Greek Lowfat Yogurt

Last Updated on June 20, 2021

Aldi has a new line of yogurt products called Tilts, based on the name-brand Chobani Flip yogurts that feature Greek yogurt and toppings. The Tilts yogurt containers feature two compartments: one for yogurt and one for toppings. The container is flexible so you can fold, tilt, or flip the toppings into the yogurt compartment. Then simply stir in the toppings and eat.

While Chobani Flip yogurt comes in a variety of flavors, Aldi’s Tilt yogurt comes in just two Regular Buy flavors: Key Lime Crunch or Crazy Coconut. There also are two Special Buy (ALDI Find) flavors: Bonkers for Bananas and Lemon Shortbread. All flavors contain 12 grams of protein per serving and contain milk from cows not treated with the growth hormone rBST. Aldi’s Tilts sell for 99 cents at my local store, making them comparable to the sale price for Chobani Flip yogurt.

Friendly Farms Tilts Greek Lowaft Yogurt

Also, in Aldi stores, the Tilts yogurt features signage indicating it was “Voted Product of the Year” in a consumer survey of product innovation in 2018, winning in the Snack Cup Category.

Tilts Yogurt

Friendly Farms Tilts Key Lime Crunch Lowfat Greek Yogurt

This features key lime-flavored Greek yogurt (blended with “other natural flavor”), and the topping is a mix of white chocolate chips and graham cracker pieces. My family likes this flavor the best, preferring it over the Crazy for Coconut flavor. The lime flavor is just right, and the white chocolate and graham cracker pieces add a nice crunch.

The Key Lime Crunch yogurt is 195 calories per serving, with 4 grams (5% DV) fat. This yogurt is very sugary, with 23 grams of total sugars and 15 grams of added sugars, so I treat it as a dessert rather than a healthy snack.

Friendly Farms Tilts Crazy for Coconut Lowfat Greek Yogurt

This features coconut-flavored Greek yogurt (blended with “other natural flavors”), and the topping is a mix of almonds and chocolate chips. It depends on your personal preferences, but while my kids will eat this coconut and chocolate flavor, they usually choose the Key Lime Crunch flavor if it’s available.

The Crazy for Coconut yogurt is 210 calories per serving, with 8 grams (12% DV) fat. It contains 19 grams of sugar, so, again, this should be viewed more as a dessert than as a health food.

Friendly Farms Tilts Lemon Shortbread Lowfat Greek Yogurt

Tilts Lemon Shortbread Greek Lowfat Yogurt

This features lemon-flavored Greek yogurt (blended with other natural flavor) with shortbread topping. The shortbread topping is basically crumbled shortbread cookies. This is a pretty decent flavor that my kids and I like.

The Lemon Shortbread yogurt is 210 calories per serving, with 6 grams of fat (9% DV) and 20 grams of sugar.

Friendly Farms Tilts Bonkers for Bananas Lowfat Greek Yogurt

Friendly Farms Tilts Bonkers for Bananas Greek Yogurt

This features banana cream-flavored Greek yogurt (blended with other natural flavor) with chocolate chip and almond topping. My kids and I liked the chocolate chips in this yogurt, but the banana flavor reminded me a bit of pureed baby food. I probably won’t buy this flavor again.

The Bonkers for Bananas flavor is 200 calories per serving, with 6 grams of fat and 20 grams of sugar (with 16 grams of added sugar).

The Verdict:

Aldi’s Regular Buy Friendly Farms Tilts Lowfat Greek Yogurts are similar to name brand Chobani Flip yogurts, which feature flexible containers that allow you to dump a variety of toppings onto your yogurt. My family highly recommends the Regular Buy Tilts Key Lime Crunch flavor. The Regular Buy Tilts Crazy for Coconut flavor is decent as well. We also like the Special Buy (ALDI Find) Tilts Lemon Shortbread. The Special Buy (ALDI Find) Tilts Bonkers for Bananas is good but reminds us of pureed baby food, so that flavor may be an acquired taste. As is the case with many yogurts sold in the U.S., be warned that these are high in sugar, and you might do well to consider them solely as dessert.

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  1. Patricia Campbell

    This is a review on the Jilt’s Greek Yogurt. I bought this product a few days again. I’m very impressed . First of all, the price is about 0.15 $ cheaper than the same type of yogurt at the local competing grocery store. I could not taste a difference between that type if yogurt from another store and this yogurt from Aldi. The yogurt is creamy and thick, and has the same texture as the leading brand. The toppings are also measuring up to the leading brand. Why buy that same type if yogurt from another store, when you can buy it from Aldi for a lesser price ? I’m glad, I discovered this yogurt at Aldi. I would rate it with a 5 out of 5.

    • I disagree. There is a Hugh difference in quality and taste from the Ciobani Coco loco and the Aldi brand. I appreciate the lower cost, but there is simply no comparison between the two. The Friendly Farms yogurt is sour and does not have a coconut taste. The Ciobani Coco Loco has a sweet, full flavored coconut taste and texture that creates a balance with the almonds and chocolate chips. Bottom line, Ciobani wins this one- hands down!

  2. Well, I just fell prey to poor packaging on the Friendly Farms Non Fat Greek yogurt! I was trying my hand at homemade tzatziki. Straining the yogurt, etc… An hour later, I mixed all the ingredients together and it was sweet! Yuck! I looked at the front of the container closely, it clearly says Non fat Greek Yogurt!!! Then I see a small red band at the top that says Vanilla! All that time,money and food inedible. Ultimately it was my fault, but I would to like to see Friendly Farms include Vanilla in the front and center label. Has this happened to anyone els, or I’m the only one?

  3. I just tried the key lime and coconut yogurt Friendly Farm tilts liked the both of them , I will buy them again ! …I like my Aldi’s finds 😊 🍈 🥥

    • William hutchison

      What store sells the “friendly farms tilts low fat yogurt I really like the key lime crunch flavor but can’t find it in my nearby stores.

  4. does this product contain active cultures? Thank you.

    • At the time this post was published, the ingredients list includes “live cultures.” Pretty sure the recipe hasn’t changed since then, but you’d want to check the ingredients in the store before buying to be sure.

  5. Same question, I thought yogurt contained active cultures- been buying them, just noticed, it says ‘original’ which I thought had active cultures?????

  6. My favorite is Tilts Key Lime Crunch
    It’s great..

  7. I just tried the Tilts Friendly Farms Crazy for Coconut. The yogurt was good until I got to an almond. They were all rancid. I couldn’t finish it. Date 11/28/2021. I can’t read the other number well but this is what I can see. 128AR 13.23 This would have been really good except for the expired nuts.

  8. The tilts are great, but need more toppings. The container is not even half full & another teaspoon of them would be way better for more crunch & flavor

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