Kirkwood Fully Cooked Breaded Crispy Chicken

Last Updated on May 13, 2019

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve had a few readers report getting boxes that only contained a few pieces, and small pieces at that. This hasn’t happened to us (yet), but we do know that Kirkwood products are covered under Aldi’s Twice as Nice Guarantee: Aldi will replace the product and refund your money if there is a problem. We recommend taking the box back to the store if that happens. It won’t save your meal, unfortunately, but it should provide some compensation for not getting a full box. You can also contact Aldi to let them know what happened.

Fried chicken is an American favorite, but it is also expensive, especially if you buy it from a restaurant. Groceries also sell fried chicken, and it can be pretty good, but it can also be on the expensive side and it doesn’t always live up to restaurant standards.

That makes Kirkwood’s Fully Cooked Breaded Crispy Chicken — what some people might call “Aldi fried chicken” — really interesting. This Regular Buy from the store’s frozen section is not only is easy to prepare, but it comes closer to restaurants than you might expect, and for less than you’ll pay most other places.

The title doesn’t say the word “fried chicken” in it, but don’t let that fool you; the contents of this frozen box taste like fried chicken. The box gives two preparation options — microwave and oven — but recommends the oven for the simple reason that the chicken comes out more crispy. If you have the time, follow the box: the microwave only takes about 10 minutes to the oven’s 60, but those extra 50 minutes give you a much better meal.

Once it’s finished, prepare to enjoy chicken that is crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, and is not a bad imitation of KFC’s Extra Crispy Chicken. The portions in the box are decent but not huge, so don’t expect it to feed a large party — probably 2-4 people depending on appetites and what side dishes you have.

One other thing: if you prefer Southern-style fried chicken — that is, chicken with more kick like you’d get at Popeye’s or Bojangles — then you might be interested in another Aldi product, Kirkwood Southern Style Breaded Crispy Chicken. Unfortunately, the Southern Style version is a Special Buy that is most likely to show up in the summer months, so if you’re out of season, getting the normal chicken and spicing it up from your pantry is your best option.

The Verdict:

If you’re wanting to experiment on a grocery store alternative to restaurant crispy chicken, this is a worthy shot. Recommended.


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  1. Bought a box of Kirkwood chicken, and was very displeased when I opened the box and only 3 pieces of chicken was in it!!! Means somebody has to eat Bologna…

  2. I was prepared to feed my family with this chicken. Opened the box to find a breast, two thighs and a drumstick. The size of the. Ok is grossly misleading, and I’m annoyed I now have to figure a way to make this chicken stretch to feed my whole family. I’ll never buy this bulky boxed chicken again

  3. I bought this box of chicken at Aldi. Got home to bake the chicken for my family, and there was only two thighs and two drumstick in the packaged box. How many pieces and what parts are supposed to be in the package? My youngest boy had to go with out. I am really disappointed in this product. Will not buy this product again.

  4. Horrible 4 scrawny pieces huge box was thinking 2 each legs thighs breasts and wings.
    2 breasts 1 leg and 1 thigh.

    Size of a kids chicken meal.

    Feel ripped off. Unless for 2 people dont waste your time

  5. Patrick McReynolds

    I love this product, yet it seems Aldi has discontinued it or something because I have been looking for over 2 months and can not find it anymore in Aldi.. and for the record, its has ALWAYS only come with 5 pieces of chicken per box, sometimes 6 if the pieces are small.

  6. Why is this faboulas tasty southern fried chicken not available any more at aldi???

  7. I was very depressed when I opened the box and only 2 right were in the box I spent 7.99 on what I want my money back

  8. christine powell

    i wasnt happy with this product i bought 2 boxes of this chciken when i opened the first bos there was 5 pieces in it..then a week later i fixed the other box for dinner and i couldnt feed everyone there was only 3 pieces in it this isnt right why are yous only putting a few pieces in a box that big..yous need to check them they leave for shipping aldis isnt the one who packs them..this needs to being taken care of thank you

  9. Where is Kirkwood chicken grown and processed? Hopefully ALL in the USA!

  10. I’m so disappointed that I can’t find this chicken at Aldi anymore. It’s delicious. What happened to it ?

  11. I was so dissatisfied with my box of Kirkwood fried chicken. It contained 4 indescribable pieces of nominal size and a mini piece like a drummette off a wing. So disappointed that I took picture.

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