Belavi Adirondack Chair

Last Updated on October 4, 2021

Generally, Aldi tends to rotate outdoor furniture and accessories into its stores in the spring or summer. However, the past year and half have been anything but ordinary. Supply chain snarls and public health concerns have meant that sometimes you never know what will show up in the famous middle aisle at our favorite discount grocer.

This week, it meant that even though Aldi is stocking the shelves with Halloween candy and fall goodies, we’re still seeing some outdoor furniture, including hanging hammock chairs and stacking tables. Specifically of interest to me, the Aldi ad this week included some affordable plastic Adirondack chairs. I’ve been wanting to replace some old stained hand-me-down plastic chairs around our family’s large Aldi fire ring, and these seemed just the thing.

Belavi Adirondack Chair

The Belavi Adirondack Chair (product code 45306) cost $14.99 at the time of publication. That’s less than a lot of other resin Adirondack chairs on the market.

The Belavi chairs are an Aldi Find, which means they’re only in stores for a short time. (And Aldi doesn’t offer online ordering after a product like this sells out at your local store.)

Belavi Adirondack Chairs

Ready to make s’mores.

Here’s more info on the chairs:

  • Available in Cool Gray or Red Ochre
  • Made of weather-resistant resin
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Weight limit of 250 lbs.
  • Each chair measures 34″ x 28″ x 36.5″
  • Made in Italy
Belavi Adirondack Chairs

Details on the chair, including warranty information. (Click to enlarge.)

The chairs come with a one-year warranty. For after-sales support, call 1-800-611-4664 or email (Yes, that’s an AOL email address.)

I never know how many larger items like this will be in stock at my local store, and in order to make it work, I needed four chairs. Thankfully, my Aldi had plenty on the first day the chairs were scheduled to hit stores, and I even got four chairs in my preferred color, a deep red. I was able to easily fit all four chairs — stacked and lying on their sides — in my mid-sized SUV when I folded the seats down.

Belavi Adirondack Chairs

I brought them home and arranged them around the fire ring, and I think they look pretty good. One relative deemed them “Instagram-worthy.”

The chairs are comfortable. Like typical Adirondack chairs, they sit a little lower to the ground than traditional chairs, and the back of the chair leans back farther than a normal chair. That makes them good for lounging around a fire pit, or simply sitting and enjoying the outdoors.

Belavi Adirondack Chairs

There are thicker, more solid resin or plastic chairs than these, but they seem sturdy enough considering their low price. Because they’re plastic, I don’t expect them to last as long as a wooden Adirondack chair (which Aldi also sold not long ago for $60 a piece — the same price I paid for four plastic chairs). For now, the chairs add a touch of outdoor class to my backyard and I’m very happy with how they look. I’ll add to this post later with any updates.

Here’s to many happy outdoor evenings spent chatting with family and friends. Bring on the s’mores.

The Verdict:

Belavi Adirondack Chairs are made of a sturdy resin, hold 250 pounds each, and are available in gray or red. They’re competitively priced and are a great addition to any yard or porch.

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  1. Yesterday I went to local Aldi store to look at Belavi Adirondack chairs. I picked one up and placed it in aisle to sit in to test comfort level. I am a 76 year old female and weigh 157 pounds. When I sat down the chair literally exploded with parts flying across the aisle, the legs having broken off. I was left lying on my back. An employee came and asked if I were ok. I said I think so. She had to assist me in getting up. I continued shopping and at checkout asked to see the manager. I asked him to remove the chairs from display and he said he could not do that without approval from above. I then filled out an internal Aldi report and an accident report. I am concerned that others will be maimed by this faulty product.

  2. @Sandra Lee, did you inspect the chair before sitting or try another after the first one? I bought three of these last week after trying one in the store. While I weigh close to 200 pounds, the chair didn’t even give under me.

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