Belavi Solar Garden Stake (Gardenline Solar Garden Stake)

Last Updated on June 11, 2022

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aldi sold this solar garden stake again in June of 2022 for $12.99. 

Solar lighting can be useful in a garden, yard, or along a sidewalk. A row of solar lights along the edge of a walkway can help people navigate in the dark, and usually solar lights are also visually pleasing.

Through the spring and summer months, Aldi sells a variety of solar lights for outdoor use. Some of them are basic — just consisting of a stake that goes in the ground with a plain light on top. Others are fancier, sometimes shaped like a small classic street light or an old-fashioned lantern with latticed windows, or crackled glass balls in different colors. And then some of the solar lights Aldi sells are artsy and even whimsical.

Gardenline Solar Garden Stake

The garden stake prior to assembly. It comes in two pieces that need to be screwed together.

I recently picked up a solar light at Aldi that definitely falls into the whimsical category. It came in several design choices, and I got one that looks like a peacock. If some of Aldi’s other garden decorations this year are any indication, peacocks seem to be having a moment of popularity right now, similar to llamas in recent years, or owls several years ago. This summer, I’ve seen Aldi also sell peacock garden spinners and peacock metal garden statues. So I jumped on the peacock bandwagon with this solar light.

Gardenline Solar Garden Stakes cost $9.99 each at the time of publication. They’re Aldi Finds, so they’re only in stores for a short time.

These stakes are 32 inches tall and come in four designs: a peacock, flamingo, moon, or flower. The sun charges the light during the day, and the light automatically turns on when it gets dark. The packaging for these stakes states that they provide up to eight hours of light.

Gardenline Solar Garden Stake

Instructions. (Click to enlarge.)

The solar garden stakes are easy to assemble. Simply push the stake firmly into the ground. Then, securely screw the top part (the decorative portion) into the bottom stake portion. Turn the battery pack to the “on” position and face the solar cell up. The “on” and “off” switch is covered with a flexible rubber material, I assume to protect it from the elements. It feels a little awkward to toggle, but it works well enough.

Gardenline Solar Garden Stake

The bottom of the solar panel and the on/off switch. (Click to enlarge.)

The instructions say the light needs at least one day to fully charge. I set up my garden stake in the late afternoon, and the light came on that same night, so it seemed to work fine on that first night even without a full charge. The back of the solar panel states to use rechargeable batteries only in this device.

Gardenline Solar Garden Stake

The top of the solar panel. (Click to enlarge.)

The garden stake does not come with a warranty, but the instructions give a phone number for after-sales support: 1-866-231-8893. A Google search indicates this is the number for CTM International, which sells holiday decorations, lawn and garden products, and hardware at a variety of retailers such as Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, ACE Hardware, Lowe’s, Menards, and Rural King. This company also has provided warranty service for some planters and lanterns Aldi sold in the past, and it provides after-sales support for the Gardenline Lattice Planter Aldi sold earlier this summer.

Gardenline Solar Light Stake

After I brought my stake home, I noticed a small spot on the black metal portion that sticks out of the ground where some of the black paint got scraped off, either in transit to the store or perhaps when I was transporting it home or laying it on my patio to photograph it. I’m not sure. It’s not a big deal and I can’t see it unless I look very close, but you may want to carefully inspect any stakes before purchasing them. If something like this was really bothersome, it would probably be easy to fix with some black outdoor-grade spray paint.

Gardenline Solar Garden Stake

The light in action at night.


That very minor issue aside, this peacock solar light looks fantastic among the plants in one of my garden beds. It nicely complements the greenery without looking too kitschy, and my kids especially like the look of it. The round crackled glass light emits a soft glow in the evenings that my family enjoys when sitting outside, and I’m glad to have this addition to our garden.

Gardenline Solar Garden Stake

The Verdict:

Gardenline Solar Garden Stakes come in whimsical peacock, flamingo, moon, and flower designs. They add a nice artistic flair to any garden or flower bed, and the light provides a nice glow.

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  1. A few years back I bought from Aldi a glass cracked design outdoor light. When it came time to replace the rechargeable battery it was impossible to do so. There is no way to access the rechargeable battery case. I phone the number on the rear of the solar portion and got nowhere. I will have to just throw away all these garden lights and no longer buy rechargeable as that section always fails.

  2. I purchased the about 10 lighted garden stake from ALDIs 6 months ago. I placed along my sunny garden bed. They all worked for about a week. Since none of the lights have lit up. I have them all in direct sun light.It have a been a have been a waist of my money.

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