H2OGO! Triple Slide With Speed Ramp

Last Updated on May 23, 2024


  • In 2019, Aldi sold a Crane Triple Water Slide With Speed Ramp. This Crane version looks identical to the H2OGO! model we reviewed here, which leads us to think that the Crane may just be a rebranded version made by the same company, Bestway. Because of that, we think it’s safe to say that our thoughts below also apply to the Crane. Also worth mentioning: the 2019 Crane Triple Water Slide is slightly cheaper ($12.99) than the H2OGO! version ($14.99).
  • Aldi sold a Crane Triple Waterslide for $19.99 in May of 2024. 
  • Updated below with a May 2019 progress report.

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One of the great pastimes of a hot summer is time in the water. Over the years, we’ve tried out our share of pools and sprinklers, with mixed success. Aldi sells a generous amount of that stuff in the early summer, from things you can float on to things you can get wet in. Including slides.

H2OGO! Triple Slide With Speed Ramp

The H2OGO! Triple Slide With Speed Ramp is a Special Buy (ALDI Find). It is not an Aldi exclusive; you can get it online or at various big box stores. It retails for $14.99 at Aldi, which is, at the time of this post, less than what it costs at other retailers. The package comes with the slide, two stakes, a couple of patches, and some instructions. There is no warranty.

The instructions aren’t very good, to be honest, and it took a long bout of re-reading, coupled with trial and error, before we finally figured this thing out. Essentially, there are five key steps to putting it together.

  1. Lay it out on a level, clean grass surface. (Easy enough.)
  2. On the side where the ramp is (the part with the logo), there are two plugs on either side of the ramp, facing the ground. These plugs are used to fill two areas near the ramp with water. Once they’re filled, you cap them off.
  3. The ramp itself has an air plug on its underside. This is meant to be filled with air, and is best accomplished with an air pump, which is, unfortunately, not included. (Because step 2 involves water, we used a hand pump rather than an electric one. You can use your lungs, but it will take a while.)
  4. Stake down the slide. There are two holes on the underside of the slide near the ramp, but they are also concealed by flaps which (helpfully) keep kids from tripping over the stakes, so you may have to search a little to find the stake holes.
  5. Plug a hose into a threaded port on the side of the slide and turn on the water. We recommend starting with a little water pressure and gradually increasing it, so you don’t pop the tube. It takes a while to fill. Also, there is a drain plug on the far end of the slide under the exit end; if you don’t plug this before turning on the hose the tube won’t fill and water won’t come out on both sides of the slide.
H2OGO! Triple Slide With Speed Ramp

The slide, set up. Click to enlarge.

Once done, the slide is a pretty impressive size, with 18 feet of distance and enough width for three kids across to slide. Our two daughters, who are both grade-school aged, found it to be plenty wide and long.

Durability is something we don’t know about yet. There are a number of reviews of the slide online, and they are heavily mixed, with some people raving about it and some people complaining that it popped after only a limited amount of use. The lack of a warranty means that there is a risk here, especially if the kids using it tend to be more rough with their play.

The Verdict:

The instructions aren’t the best and we’re not sure about durability, but as backyard waterslides go this one definitely has more to do than your typical one. If you’re willing to take a chance on something without a warranty, this might be worth a look.

UPDATE (May 2019): Our water slide is entering its second season of use and appears to be holding up well. There are no leaks or tears that we can spot, and the water holes continue to do the job creating a large water slide for the kids to slide across.

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  1. Aldi is selling a Crane Triple Waterslide for $19.99 in May of 2024, while supplies last.

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