Open Thread: Ferrex 14″ Cordless Lawn Mower

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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There are many things I love about the spring. The warmer air. The additional sunlight. The sound of birds. The ability to get outside while wearing fewer layers.

Mowing the lawn is not on that list.

It’s a chore, even with a self-propelled mower, which I have. The work of prepping the mower — which for some models requires considerable work — takes time. So does fighting down the grass, which seems to grow like crazy in the early warm months. I’d happily replace it with something simpler and more rational if my municipal ordinances allowed it.

I don’t have a choice though, so for now, lawn mowing remains a necessary evil.

When you think of getting a lawn mower, you likely think of your local hardware store. That’s where I purchased mine, years ago. You probably don’t think of a German grocery store … although, let’s face it, you can never count out Aldi when it comes to selling anything.

A few years back, Aldi sold a gas lawn mower under its Gardenline private label. Now the supermarket is selling a cordless electric one under the Ferrex brand.

What We Know:

Ferrex 14" Cordless Lawn Mower

The Ferrex 14″ Cordless Lawn Mower (Product Code: 706753) is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time. Each store will get a single shipment, and once it’s sold out, you won’t be able to get it until it comes back, which is likely the next year. Aldi doesn’t ship products online, so if you can’t find it in stores, you’re out of luck.

At the time of this post, the lawn mower costs $169.99. Prices for comparable 14″ electric mowers are all over the place, ranging right now from $120 to nearly $300.

According to Aldi, the lawn mower includes the following features:

  • A 6-position adjustable cutting height
  • A 13.4″ cutting width
  • The ability to cut lawns up to 1/8 acre
  • An electric motor that does not require oil or gas
  • A 1-bushel grass catcher with full bag indicator
  • A folding handle for space-saving storage
  • A carry handle for easy transport

Aldi doesn’t say one way or another, but this mower does not appear to be self-propelled. That is consistent with the price, as self-propelled mowers are much more expensive. If you want a self-propelled mower, and some people do, this is not the mower for you.

The mower is backed by a 3-year warranty, serviced by the Positec Group. The Positec group makes a number of tools and accessories, including the Worx line of products.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tried out this mower, so we don’t know how well it sets up, how effectively it cuts grass (especially tall grass), how easy the maintenance is, or how long it lasts. We’ve created this open thread for users to share their experiences.

Have you used this lawn mower? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. As always, the weakest link is the battery. It would be nice if it were interchangeable with a common type readily available, such as Worx or Ryobi. Otherwise, I’d pass, and feel that 14″ is a toy.

    • William K Williams

      I have been using mine for 2 years now, I am still trying to find a 2nd charger, and another set of batteries, so I can finish my yard trimming in one day . I have a rider I do the big stuff with, my lawn boy quit after 25 years, and no one can fix my 2stroke, or get the parts. And this little thing almost does the job…………….but if I do too much, it runs out of juice. I need a 2nd set of batteries.

  2. One thing I noticed is it doesn’t say it’s a mulching mower. I don’t know enough about mowers to know if they all are. This one says it bags the clippings. I know for me that would be inconvenient because the clippings are banned from the landfills and must be taken to the dumps for composting. I have a cordless electric mulching mower and that makes mowing about as easy as it gets.

    • My guess is that it is not a mulching mower. Most mowers are 2-in-1 (bag or side discharge) unless it explicitly says so on the box.

      • WilliamandHarry

        This mower is made by the same company that makes Worx. I do not know, however, if the batteries are compatible. The box on the Ferrex at Aldi says it contains two 20V 4Ah batteries and a charger in addition to the mower. It does not, however, say it contains a mulching plug. I cannot find an owner’s manual online for this particular Ferrex model, though the specs appear to be very close to this Worx model: Worx has five-year warranty, Ferrex a three-year warranty. The Ferrex costs $10 less than the Worx and includes two batteries and a charger; the Worx does not include the batteries and charger at $10 more than the Ferrex. If I needed a new cordless mower right now for my small flat lawn, I’d take the risk and buy the Ferrex. If it last just three years, that’s under $60 a year — a lot less than hiring someone to mow (who might use a gas-powered mower that spews pollution).

      • William K Williams

        I put 2 clothespins on the top of the opening ridge of the door, and i leave that bagger off. It fills up after 2 passes, and all you do is shut it on and off, and empty the bag, and run your battery down. THis way you can keep mowing and if the grass isn’t too high, it does a pretty good job of cutting and mulching it up. I also found if you start this this up, don’t let it shut off until you are either done, or out of juice, and the charge will last much longer!

    • The Battery operated 14″ mower has a bag and is not a mulching mower.

  3. Nicholas R Rudolph

    Does it come with the battery and charger?

  4. Does anyone know the weight of the mower with the batteries?

  5. For $85 you can’t go wrong if I get 1 year use out of it, I’ll be a happy camper!!
    it’s at a discount here in Bellville Michigan .

    • You can expect to only get a year out of this lawnmower. It’s not a quality product

      • William K Williams

        I’m on my 2nd year, I just use it to trim, don’t cut wet or damp grass with it, use electrical cleaner spray to keep your buttons clean, and take good care of it, and it will take good care of you.Best 100 bucks I ever spent on a cheap mower to trim with.

  6. Thomas C Comelli

    Just bought one. I cut my lawn front and back, and side. I also cut my neighbor’s front and side lawn, and a little of the backyard before the battery died.
    Everything worked as advertised.
    For 85 bucks, on sale, I love it.

  7. works great for cutting the grass, however doesn’t have the same kind of cutting power for thicker / weedier sections ( think fence line) it will do the job, but takes 2 or 3 passes, also, the battery life leaves something to be desired. it would be better if they had two chargers, so you could charge both batteries at the same time.. I dont mind a two hour break , but four hours kinda makes it a two day job.. also my yard is a double lot .. if it was a single I would probably be fine. and cant beat the price

  8. Used this mower for the first time. It seemed to do a decent job, think next time will lower the blade a bit more. The bag fills up quickly so you need to watch for that. The batteries still had 2 green lights after mowing my apartment sized yard. Has anyone bought a cover for this mower? If so, what size and where did you get yours? Thanks. 😊

  9. The Battery operated 14″ mower has a bag and is not a mulching mower. I have owned this mower for 2 seasons and am very impressed with it. I bought this mower because it only weighs 18 lbs. This little mower has a collection bag that is easy to remove and empty. I am a 63 y/o woman and is so easy to push and move around. The blade is extremely sharp so be careful when cleaning the mower. I clean mine with a damp cloth after each use inside and out. I have a St. Augustine lawn and the mower does a beautiful job with no left over blades standing. I cut my grass before it gets really tall except when it is extremely hot and still when it is it still performs very well. I could not be happier with this mower especially for the price I paid 89.00. I think it must have been an introductory offer. I figured if it only worked one season it would be worth it. If you keep the mower clean inside and out, charge the batteries after every use and don’t let them run down you will be happy with this mower too. Read the manual and do everything it recommends. It does have some do’s and don’t so you do not break the mower. I do keep this mower inside. I do not think it would do well outisde.

    • Sounds like the one you got was discounted, which Aldi will do when it is trying to clearance out a product.

    • William K Williams

      THe one thing I don’t like is, its narrow, and likes to tip over on an incline if you are sideways, and I never let mine shut off, because it shortens the battery charge.

  10. I owned an electric Lawn Mower from Ferrex, 3 months after I got it the Mower stop to work ! 🙁
    When it is cheap, you get what for what you pay !
    Be careful before jumping on an attractive offer like that.

  11. We are beginning to our third mowing season using this mower. Purchased at a marked down price of $45, this mower has performed perfectly. It does a satisfactory job of mulching and have not found it necessary to use the bag. Mowing time is about 50 minutes which is sufficient for the front lawn. The batteries recharge fully in just over two hours each.

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