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Last Updated on July 3, 2023

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It seems like we can always use good lamps around the house, on nightstands, on end tables in the living room or sunroom or family room, or on desks. I’ve purchased lamps from a variety of retailers over the years, including big box stores such as Walmart and even from small dollar stores. Aldi also occasionally sells lamps, and I’ve seen everything from tall floor lamps to table lamps to small desk lamps at the discount grocer.

The latest lamp to hit Aldi shelves is a large desk lamp on a hinged arm. It has a nice contemporary look and I thought it might be a good lamp to replace an aging desk lamp, so I bought it to try.

The Huntington Home Desk Lamp

The Huntington Home Desk Lamp (Product Code: 708411) cost $34.99 at the time of publication. It seems a bit expensive for a desk lamp, but when you get this lamp out of the packaging, you realize it’s heavy and sturdy, so it feels like a quality product.

This lamp is mid-priced compared to other desk lamps on Amazon. You can find many lamps that are cheaper, as low as in the teens, but you’ll also find some desk lamps in the $50 range and even higher.

The lamp is an Aldi Find, so it’s only in stores for a short time. Each store receives one shipment, and after that sells out, they’re gone until whenever Aldi decides to bring them back, if ever. Aldi doesn’t offer online ordering for products that are not in stock at your local store.

Here’s more information about the lamp, according to Aldi:

  • Available in white metal finish with gold accents
  • Stylish design to upgrade your office or living space
  • Features an easy on/off rotary switch
  • Includes 9W light bulb
  • Lamp base dimensions: 7.09″ diameter
  • Lamp shade dimensions: 7.48″ diameter
  • Includes clear cord that is 5.25′ long
  • Input voltage and frequency: 120V, 60Hz
Huntington Home Desk Lamp

The back of the box. (Click to enlarge.)

The lamp comes with a three-year warranty serviced by Protel, which is a common Aldi warranty service provider. To receive warranty service from Protel, call 1-855-754-8297 or email

When you open the box, you’ll get the lamp (in multiple pieces you have to assemble, but it’s not hard), one light bulb in a smaller box, an instruction manual, and a warranty sheet.

Assembling the Lamp:

Huntington Home Desk Lamp

What it looks like when you open the box.

The lamp is packed in several pieces inside the box, and you’ll need to put it all together. It’s fairly intuitive, but the manual also gives detailed instructions.

  1. Screw the handle onto the arm and tighten completely.
  2. Align the top of the pole with the arm. Gently pull excess power cord through the bottom of the pole, then screw the pole onto the arm and tighten completely.
  3. Align the bottom of the pole with the base. Gently pull excess power cord through the base, then screw the pole onto the base and tighten completely.
  4. Unscrew and detach the socket ring from the bulb socket.
  5. Align the lamp shade with the bulb socket. Screw the socket ring back onto the bulb socket and tighten completely to secure the lamp shade in place.
  6. Screw the light bulb into the bulb socket and tighten completely.

Then plug in the lamp and you’re ready to use it.

Using the Lamp:

Huntington Home Desk Lamp

The assembled lamp.

The lamp has a couple of features that set it apart from a standard desk lamp or nightstand lamp. First, the lamp shade can be rotated to the right or left to aim the light where you want it.

Huntington Home Desk Lamp

The locking screw on the lamp arm. This allows you to adjust the lamp arm’s angle.

Second, the lamp arm is adjustable. To adjust the arm, turn the locking screw counterclockwise to unlock the arm. Then move the arm to your desired position and turn the locking screw clockwise to lock the arm back in place. The locking screw has an interesting appearance with two circular pieces with small interlocking teeth.

To turn on the lamp, simply turn the rotary switch on top of the lamp shade.

Huntington Home Desk Lamp

The on/off rotary switch on top of the lamp shade.

The entire lamp is fairly heavy and feels substantial, right down to the base. It’s also a large lamp with a bigger footprint that any other desk lamp or nightstand lamp I’ve owned.

I actually bought this to put on a desk in a teenager’s bedroom where it can be used as either a desk lamp or for reading in bed, since the desk is right next to the bed. I intended for this Aldi lamp to replace an old dollar store lamp that hasn’t been working well lately. However, the Aldi lamp is significantly larger than the lamp it’s replacing. The round base itself is large, but then the fact that this lamp doesn’t stand straight up — it bends and sticks out at an angle — means this has a larger overall footprint. It’s actually too large for the space and the hinged arm gets in the way of working at the desk.

I then tried putting it in our guest bedroom, but the angled arm sticks out far enough on the nightstand that I worried someone might bump it when getting up in the night. Ultimately, I put the lamp on an end table in my sunroom so we can use it as a reading lamp.

It’s a nice lamp. It’s just large. You can see how big it is sitting on my standard-sized coffee table in my sunroom below.

Huntington Home Desk Lamp

The lamp turned on.

On a positive note, this lamp is bright and provides plenty of targeted light for your workspace. I also like its contemporary appearance and how the angle of the arm and the angle of the lamp shade can be adjusted. The fact that it feels very sturdy and heavy is also a plus.

The Verdict:

The Huntington Home Desk Lamp is one of the larger desk lamps I’ve seen. It has a nice contemporary design, is heavy, and feels durable. The round base is big, and the angled arm sticks out and gives the lamp a larger footprint, so to speak. If you’re putting this on a small-to-medium-sized desk or tabletop, it might be too big for the space. If you’re in need of a large lamp, though, this might be just the thing. It gives off a bright glow, and the arm and lamp shade are both adjustable so you can aim light exactly where you need it.

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