Huntington Home Concrete Table Lamp Headed to Aldi

Last Updated on July 3, 2023

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I never quite know where trends in fashion and décor will go. Sometimes trends are cyclical. In other words, certain things go out of style and then come back again. Other times, they go in completely different directions that I’d never suspect.

I don’t know that I saw the whole concrete lamp trend coming. Concrete, as everyone knows, is a construction material. Humans have been using different formulations of concrete for at least 3,000 years, and today concrete is the second most-used substance on earth behind water. No other construction material comes close. Most of us associate concrete with buildings and roads, not lamps.

On the other hand, certain other heavy materials, like marble or stone, can be popular in décor, so maybe it’s not such a surprise after all.

Also not a surprise: Aldi jumping on an emerging home trend.

What We Know:


The Huntington Home Concrete Table Lamp (Product Code: 708487) is an Aldi Find, which means you can only find it in stores for a limited time. Each store will get a single stock of these, and when they’re sold out, you won’t see any more. Aldi doesn’t ship products online.

At the time of this post, Aldi is selling the lamp for $49.99. Concrete lamps vary widely in cost, and I was able to find models that were both more and less than this lamp on Amazon and at Target.

Here’s more information about the lamp, according to Aldi:

  • Industrial concrete table lamp with white-wash finish
  • Includes linen-textured shade
  • Comes with LED light bulb
  • Dimensions: 14.17″ L x 14.17″ W x 22.05″ H

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tested this lamp, so we don’t know how sturdy it is or how long it lasts. We’ve created this open thread for users to share experiences.

Have you purchased this lamp? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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